Out of the way

Out of the way

A Poem by Michelle Mackenzie

feeling like Im wanted out the way.


Out of the way


Last night I had a bad dream,

I dreamt of the coming day,

That my lovers ex will make my fiance choose,

To get me out of the way.


She threatens to stop contact,

So that he can't see his kid no more,

Less he gets rid of me,

And show me to the door.


If his daughter comes to stay,

I must disappear during the day,

Then creep back to home at night,

Disappearing again to keep out of the way.


You see, she doesn't like me,

She thinks Im a troll who must go,

She says I always frown and scowl,

But I don't you know.


I can imagine the mother,

smearing lies across my name,

So now the daughter too,

Glares at me the same.


I am not nasty or rude,

I do not spoil the kids all day,

Yet the mother and daughter hate me,

And demand to have me out the way.


So when she will come to visit,

What must I do all day,

Leave the flat at sun rise until sun down,

and remain out the way?


Should I stay home,

and listen to the lies anyway?

I think I will venture out and return at night fall,

And get out of the way.


So when the spoilt child arrives,

I will bid farewell for the day,

Im all right I suppose,

Im won't be in anyones way.


I could go for a long walk,

Searching for a muse,

I could write all day long,

I have nothing else to lose.


I am sure my fiance will not miss me,

He bows to the mother's every command,

I will not cost him his daughter,

I will not make a stand.


I will be forgotten,

Then one day he will see,

When he grows his spine,

Maybe he will search for me.


The day will come that I foresee,

That he will be taken,

I hope that he wont bow down,

That I will not be forsaken.


Now I must leave,

Get on with the chores of the day,

Waiting for the day to come,

When I get told to get out of the way.

© 2010 Michelle Mackenzie

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Added on July 25, 2010
Last Updated on July 25, 2010


Michelle Mackenzie
Michelle Mackenzie

Essex, United Kingdom

I am 24 years old. I have a daughter called Natasha-Rose. I have a gorgeous fiance called Gavin. I spend my day taking care of Natasha, and then I spend my evening doing my writing. more..


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