The Vulgar Dragons' Inn.

The Vulgar Dragons' Inn.

A Chapter by Michelle Mackenzie

Melody, Bane meet Zeal in a tavern. Zeal tells them of their quest and that they will be joined by Squall Ironlord. They are not pleased to have anyone tagging along with them, esp with each other.



Melody Veil walked down the worn path, slowly admiring the view.

The grass around her was blue and green. The tree branches was light brown, with dark crimson leaves that rustled with the wind.

She smiled, in no rush to get to the Vulgar Dragon's Inn.

Zeal didn't mention that she had to get there quickly, only to get there as soon as she can.

She smiled, watching people emerge from their stone houses to dry their wet clothes.

Even the simpler villagers, emerged from their wooden houses, up in the trees, were getting on with their chores.

She wondered how often the tree house residents would have to repair their rope ladder. The ropes looked frayed and worn.

At least they would have a pleasant view of the stoney houses with smoke rising from their chimneys, Melody thought proudly.

Finally, she saw the tavern. It was dank and small, with a thin rug outside the entrance to welcome the arriving customers.

As she neared the building, she could smell the odor of beer and stale drinks that had been left in a barrel beside the building.

Holding her breath, she walked in. She looked around in disgust, clutching at her black robes in hope that Zeal had forgotten about their

important meeting.

"We're over here," Zeal called out.

Melody looked to where the voice had come from. Groaning, she noticed him sitting in a dark corner at the far end of the Inn.

She narrowed her eyes, grimacing. Zeal was not sitting alone.

As she walked toward them, she could see Zeal was wearing his usual dark blue robes, decorated with glistening, silver and gold stars.

Melody pulled off her hood, revieling her long blonde hair.

"Glad you finally decided to turn up," a man grumbled, his face hidden beneath the hood of his dark brown robe.

Melody glared at him with her icy blue eyes, "I'm here, aren't I? Who are you to scowl at me about how long it takes me to arrive?"

Zeal sighed, "Melody, this is Bane Rainsinner. He is going to be joining our meeting."

Melody frowned, looking at the stranger in disgust. "Why? I am perfectly capable of working alone."

Zeal shook his head. "Not this time, this mission is two big. He is going to keep you out of trouble."

"Well, I will try to," Bane grunted.

Zeal rolled his eyes, waiting for his companions to listen to him.

"So what's so urgent?" Melody asked.

Zeal straightened his back. "The three fragments of truth," he replied seriously.

Bane raised an eye brow. "The three fragments of truth? Why is that so urgent?"

"It is urgent because if it falls into the wrong hands, the truth could be manipulated into lies. That could lead to disaster."

Melody fell silent, listening to the old man talk, sipping noisily at her cider.

"So where would we find the fragments?" Bane asked, ignoring Melody's slurping.

"You will need to go across the river to get to the Empire of the Springs."

Melody choked, coughing violently. "Are you serious? Outsiders aren't allowed to visit- they'd have us hung!"

Zeal nodded, "That's why I am asking for three of you to go, instead of just one of you."

Bane laughed, "Are you senile, old man? There are only two of us."

Zeal glared at him, "Three of you are going to the Springs. Yourself, Melody and Squall Ironlord."

"Who in the name of the spirits is Squall?" Melody demanded with a scowl.

"Yeah," Bane growled, "he sounds like a parrot!"

"Squall is going to meet you both in the morning, before you leave," Zeal told them firmly.

Bane sighed reluctantly, "All right," he agreed "but Squalk better not cause us any trouble- like getting himself or us killed."

"I assure you," Zeal declared "Squall will be on his best behaviour."

"He better be," Bane muttered, scratching his stubled cheek. He raised half a glass of cider to his dry lips. His robe sleeve rose up his arm, reveiling his bulky muscles.

Melody looked at him, her mouth hung open, dropping her glass. 'Wow, you could lift me with those any day,' she thought silently.

Bane glared at her, "Watch where you are spilling your drink."

Melody tore her eyes away from his muscular arms, blushing whilst she replaced her glass on to the table.

She looked around the room, avoiding his stubbled face. Through the dimly lit room, she could see the tables were nothing more than up-side-down barrels.

The seats were made from the smaller barrels, neatly lined up around the bigger barrels around the room.

"Are you coming?" Bane demanded.

Melody blinked, suddenly realising that the meeting was over and why she immediately disliked Bane.

His attitude was not to be admired.

Melody followed Bane over to the other side of the room, and out of the exit.

"If we're to travel, then we will need to buy some bread, veg and some water," Bane listed.

Melody ignored him, already walking towards the vegtable stand.

She eyed the vegtables, looking intensely at the cabbage and tomotoes and carrots.

She smiled, picking the carrots from the shelves and thrust them in to a bag. Smiling politely, she handed the shop assistant some money.

She walked around the town square, picking up some garlic bread and some water from the local well.

"I will meet you back at the tavern," Melody instructed to Bane.

She looked above her, the clouds had darkened the sky.

There was a flash of light. Thunder roared. Then it began to rain heavily upon them.

Melody squealed, running back to the tavern, hurrying for shelter.

As she re-entered the dank Inn, she ordered herself some cider and gazed out of the window.

She drained her glass in silence, then made her way over to the stairs.

With one final look behind her, she climbed the stairwell and went into a room that Zeal had pre-ordered for them.

"Thanks Zeal," she muttered, then closed the creaking wooden door.

© 2010 Michelle Mackenzie

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Michelle Mackenzie
Michelle Mackenzie

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A Chapter by Michelle Mackenzie