Chapter 2

Chapter 2

A Chapter by Ki

I looked at my sister, surprised. "Hayley, what're you doing here? How did you even know about Elizabeth?" "The principal called Mom. She told me. I figured you'd feel a little weird about it, having yours truly as the gayest sister E-VAH." His sister spoke loudly. I was still confused. Hayley rolled her eyes. "Look, kid, this place gives me the heebie-jeebies. Bad high school memories. Let's get the hell outta here. Chuck that nasty patty in the trash, and I'll take you out to eat." She said. "Um, Hayley, maybe you forgot how high school works. You have to show up for your classes. I can't just ditch." I explained. She looked at me with an exasperated look on her face. "I know you need to talk. Let's just go. Aren't you, like, required to ditch every once in awhile? You're an upperclassman now!" She said. I sighed. Hayley's knowledge has always been so impecible. "Look, maybe this is just my philosophy major talking here, but I know this is really eating at you, kid. And you need to let it out. I know you; you're more dramatic than a Kardashian." With that I sighed. What conterargument could I make to that? She was right. So I threw the McNastyPatty in a nearby garbage and followed her to her beat up Ford. As promised, she took me out to eat. We went to a sit down resteraunt a few miles away that served Mexican food. No one was surprised to see a high school student out and about on a weekday, so I guess Hayley was right. High schoolers really do skip some days. She ordered 3 burritos with extra everything. I gave her a look. "What?" She said. "You'd be hungry too if all you'd only eaten college food for four years." "You graduated in June. It's been like three months; I think you've been eating normal food for awhile now." I pointed out. She rolled her eyes. "Don't try to get off topic. Look, kid. I told Mom and Dad I was gay when I was in middle school. You were too young to really understand. Since then, it's been a slew of girlfriends, and I've never tried to hide that. But it could be hell sometimes, trust me, I know what the kids here are like. But back when I was in high school, we had a gay-lesbian support group. That's how I met other lesbians. There are gay kids at your school, Ethan, even if you don't know about them. And they don't have that support. So they feel all alone, like Elizabeth did. But don't feel responsible." At this point, I was close to tears. My sister had never been secretive about her sexuality. She has always been so proud, so happy with her life. "But Hayls, how can I not feel responsible? I feel like the only kid at school who didn't judge her. I was the one with the lesbian sister, so I knew that what the kids were doing was wrong. But I didn't want to do a damn thing. Don't you know how selfish that makes me?" I said, choking up near the end. Hayley put her hand in mine. "I know it's tough, kid. The kids who were bullying probably feel really s****y right now. And if they don't, well, they've got bigger problems. But it doesn't end here. You can do something for all the other kids like Elizabeth out there. You have that power to be the change in your school." I smiled bleakly through fresh tears. "Looks like the hundreds of thousands of dollars spent on college really paid off, sis. You really sound like a philosophy professor." She smiled and wiped the tears from my eyes. We inhaled our food, coming up occasionally for air. After we left, we decided to see a movie, one of those awful action movies where the leads are shirtless most of the time. We timed it out so that Hayley took me home just after school had ended. I had never felt closer to her.
"A WHAT?!" David looked at me strangely. "A gay straight alliance." I repeated. He still looked confused. I sighed. "It's a group where the gay kids and straight kids can meet talk about everything. You know, like the bullying that Elizabeth went through." " I dunno, man, I ain't gay." David hadn't been in the main group that contributed to Elizabeth's bullying, but he had chimed in on occasion. "I know, David, but that's what the straight part is for. We need both. Look, all we need is to go talk to Principal Arnold. He needs to know that I'm not the only one interested." I said. "And why are you interested anyway, Ethan? What do you want thing gay group thing so bad for anyway?" Dave said testily. "Um, hello? Hayley my lesbian sister? Maybe you've heard of her? And besides, we need this. Elizabeth shouldn't have had to be put in that situation. She should've felt accepted. We need something like this for other kids." David agreed to come with me reluctantly. As we were walking to Principal Arnold's office during homeroom, David said, "By the way, dude. Where did you go yesterday?" I grinned. "Just a date with the lesbian sister." He chuckled lightly. I opened the door to Principal Arnold's office. "Ah! Ethan, David! What can I do ya for?" He said. David snickered at his corny greeting and I elbowed him in the ribs. We sat down in the chairs in front of his desk. "Uh, well, we wanted to start a gay straight alliance here... Sir." I said awkwardly. A rush of emotions flooded his face. First shock, then confusion, and lastly, weariness. "Well, boys... Technically I have to let you. It's in the law and all. You'll need to find an advisor, someone whose room you can use. So, ah... Good luck with that." Principal Arnold looked flustered. I thanked him and we left his office. At my side, David groaned. "Didja see his face man? He probably thinks we're each other's boyfriends now! Ugh. And who are we gonna ask to be our advisor? Who the hell would wanna do that? And aw, d****t, now everyone's gonna think we're gay-" I cut him off. "Ms. Reynolds." I said. "What?" "Ms. Reynolds. She was Hayley's favorite teacher. She always stuck up for her. Apparently, she's like the coolest teacher ever. She teaches 12th grade psychology. David scoffed but agreed to ask her with me at the end of the day. I was practically skipping down the hall with glee. I was doing something. Something that actually mattered.
I guess that I would be considered one of the "popular kids" at school. I had plenty of friends, but David was my best friend. We'd known each other since pre-k. Sometimes he could act like kind of an a*****e, and he wasn't the brightest, bit deep down he has a big heart. Sometimes I felt like I was only cool because people assumed I was someone that I wasn't. I'm pretty tall, about 6'6", with a solid build and wide shoulder. I have shaggy brown hair and hazel eyes. Which evidently, makes the girls think I'm hot stuff. Not that I look like Justin Bieber or anything, but appearance is contemporary at best. And everyone here loves what's in style. Whatever's hard to attain. Sure, I've dated a little before. But no one's ever been able to hold my interest. Not just girls, but everyone. So everyone thought I was this big cool guy, but all I've ever felt like was me. But I was about to be different. I wasn't gonna be the guy who felt every emotion with far too much intensity. I was going to do something here that is worthwhile and meaningful.

© 2011 Ki

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Added on September 27, 2011
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