Gas Station

Gas Station

A Story by Micgronoldshtien

Two teens are tasked with keeping a Gas Station intact Nuff'said


Gas Station 

The night sky was almost upon them, a moody darkness that encompassed the land with a slow air and a slower cold. You could probably make it the cover of a music album it was so dank. The pines themselves moving freely in the wind. They stood upright, unshackled, but they allowed the wind to carry their little spears to the ends of the globe, and standing just by a highway lay a quaint little gas station. Red with vigor and blue with grace,  but the inside was terrible. The lighting made everything look like the inside of an asylum. The snacks, movies, and road games all looked like bootlegs. And don’t get me started with the plumbing, dear god don’t get me started. Moving onwards to the counter you’ll find two teens clad in red and blue. The first, a girl no older than seventeen. Reading a magazine on the counter, her back, hunched over like a  slim gargoyle sitting over a stool. Her long broad hair acted as a veil between her and the clerk next to her. A boy, sixteen years of age and about as tall as the girl but lacking in the “I go to Hot Topic and I don’t give a ****” energy. He was a kind young lad, Blonde hair, red eyes with hints of copper, and a smile that could penetrate the heart of a demon. He was relatively new to the position of store clerk. It was his first long night on the job and the naivety of his life choices was starting to catch up with him. He knew he needed something to do - less his soul becomes a sack of dried up prunes, so he decided that it would be a good idea to swap stories with the clerk next to him, after all she’s worked at this place for almost two years now, there’s gotta be some interesting story hidden in her cortex. And with a twitch in his eye, he finally talked.

“Soooo...Sarah”. “Yeah Claus?”. Sarah said, her eyes still glued to the magazine. “I was just wondering, has there been anything…strange that happened here, like ya’ know, A hobo walks in and starts to do magic tricks?”  “I killed a man in cold blood” Sarah Said

The Expression on Claus’ face was precious. His eyes were as big as turtle shells and his mouth sank low, While Sarah kept on reading her magazine, humble in her own little gothic way. 

“Ye-... you’re joking, right?” Sarah turned her head away from the magazine and towards Claus. Her eyes were like little brown mirrors “You wanna see?”. With a quick gulp, Claus felt like he had no other options, And so agreed.  Sarah put on a little smirk and beckoned Claus to follow her into the stockroom, There- everything was covered in a light darkness, It was a bit more bearable than the counter if you ignore the sub-zero degree temperatures. There were rows and rows of boxes on metal shelves. Sandwiched in between the end of one of the rows and a cardboard cut-out of a clown with a “black friday deals” sign underneath, was a white wooden door, it had no ornate designs, only the gas station’s logo. Two triangles intersecting horizontally with three words in blue also going horizontally, G.S.N., Gas Station National. Sarah rested her back next to the clown “Ya know what’s behind this door Claus?” “Uhh… N-no-” 

“WRONG” She Yelled, Fiercely opening the door and revealing the horror that lay ahead. That’s right, five skeletons, their jaws tight, their eye sockets empty except for one eye, as well as a single, sharp golden tooth, planted in each jaw. The Black winter jackets and scarlet red undershirts they wore had become faded and almost blended in with the dark void behind them. And just above them was a title that had compressed to the lowest possible setting for the  JPEG format. The Title read “the AssNazis' '. The middle skeleton was holding a vibrant vinyl album, the title read “Stefan Unicore: Power of the gems' ', It had a collage of vaguely familiar cartoon characters with a very muscular, bare-chested swedish man in the middle. His hand extended outwards, grasping some invisible force as his blood shot eyes stared vacantly into the horizon, Yelling out in a speech bubble “HELVETE!”. The AssNazis’ logo can be seen in the corner. It was at this point that Claus knew- he wasn’t going to be sleeping after this. 

Sarah was given the album shortly after the initial shock “Thanks Vic, I’ll make sure the credits are transferred for your next tour.” Before Sarah could close the door, Claus rushed in, holding it open with one hand “W-wh-Wait,” Claus took a moment to pull himself together before asking “What is this?”   “You Didn’t watch the instructional video?” Claus paused, looked to his left, then looked back and said “...Yeah.” Sarah’s eyes slumped, only allowing for a small crescent section to be seen. “Here just… let me show you” with calmness and a Slight frustration. She closed the door and then opened it again. And instead of a black void with some funky, anti-semetic skeletons. It was something marvelous. A grand outback of red rocks and wheat-like tall grass. There seemed to be a herd of… something in the distance. creatures with orange and black spots abstracted by the heat and contrasting themselves perfectly with the sapphire sky. The few trees in view had this strange spiraling curve in the middle section that eventually ended at the top like a normal tree. Claus had almost become hypnotized by the vastness of it all. It was only until Sarah spoke did he manage to regain control  “It’s a dimensional gateway, It’s how we get a hold on some of the more exotic items here.”    “A-...Are there more?” Claus questioned.

Sarah gave off a mild shrug and said “Yeah, there's more. They’re not everywhere, so we use supply chains to smuggle the dimensional goods to our stations and trade with each other. We’re sanctioned by the government so-” Claus could not find the brainpower to care about the words Sarah was spilling out. Instead, he kept focusing on the never-ending horizon, once again entranced by it’s holographic scale. Then, he felt a small rub against his leg, and saw that there was a small yellow pyramid looking directly at him. It had a single eye and two skinny little legs. It spoke out in a chilling tone “When you eat the rat, but the man from the man you says grombgak” and instantly Sarah snapped out of expository limbo, and looked down at the small cretin before her. She almost had a heart attack “Claus, get the gun”   “w-wh-wait what”  “GET THE GUN NOW!” as soon as she screamed the scrupulous triangle booked it, and started running towards the entrance.  “I’ll try to cut him off,  get the gun from the gun box while I stall him!” Sarah commanded While Sarah was distracting the   SMALL  MAN, Claus had found the gun box directly behind him. The sheer amount of guns made the small box seem endless. He pulled out a revolver from it’s void. He soon entered the main room and witnessed torn bags and spilled energy drinks on the floor. The trail leads to the drinks section, lined bottles of pristine copyrighted beverages serve as the background for a battle of the ages. A small, triangular being vs a teenaged gas station clerk with a metal baseball bat. “Never unga bunga you’re* ” said the  TINY TRIANGULAR  MAN.  A swing of Sarah's bat fell down like a mighty hammer, the gremlin squished two feet back and started to dance side to side at hyper-sonic speeds. Claus cocked the revolver and got into view. With a searing bang, a holy bullet riddled through the air. The wind dancing in the face of its own immolation. The martyr’s purpose was not in vain, for the cretin was now dead. It’s brain pierced and body lopsided. Sarah, now relaxed with a bat on her shoulder, walked up to claus. His hand was shaking, the innocent face he wore soon turned dim with questions. “What was that” He questioned “A goblin, the little devils get in every once and awhile, Don’t feel bad for killin’m, they're like little raccoons that feed on cryptids and other mistakes of the universe”   “w-Wouldn’t that be a good thing?” Claus said, still shaking. “The GSN doesn't think so, they “interfere with research” or so they say”. Claus didn’t know what to say but he knew that he would understand soon enough. “Now c’mon let’s get this stuff cleaned up” Sarah said before putting her bat somewhere safe. Claus stared at the mess that awaited him, Not much else could be done about it. So he got to work that night, his suffering, legendary.

But at least he’s not going to be alone on the job.

© 2021 Micgronoldshtien

Author's Note

This is my first real story that I ever made. I've always questioned the quality of it so I'm putting it up here to see how it holds.

I really do need the feedback for my other work, Specifically stuff like dialogue, characters, the ending, really anything and everything that could help me improve.
Overall, my main hope is that someone finds this and has fun with it, even only for a bit

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Added on November 25, 2021
Last Updated on November 25, 2021
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