Feeling Somewhat Foolish Feels Alright To Me

Feeling Somewhat Foolish Feels Alright To Me

A Poem by MachinaWriter

A long poem with a long title about a long-awaited love.

i am so far from perfect 
but i feel closer 
when seen through you 
and I'm honestly 
thinly clinging on to the 
poetry in this, but it's worth it; 
or it's gonna be, eventually, 
when these words somehow chaotically 
and somehow unexpectedly reflect 
all the best aspects 
of you 
a subject, i expect 
i'll never tire of 
(it's true) 
because in the fires of your love 
    every word glows bright 
to light up the dark when i miss you 
and that laugh 
and the love in your eyes 
the way you smile 
when i've been speechlessly staring for a while 
not saying a thing 
while inside 
my heart just desperately sings 
i wish i could tell you everything i think 
sometimes it's nothing 
more than this...peace; 
like i'm sharing a moment 
of respite 
with all the future me's 
i'd like to think that's more than an idle late-night fantasy 
logically i know that to think there's some sort of  inexplicability or destiny or that we're meant to be a family is maybe kind of silly 
but when i look at you 
feeling foolish 
seems the wisest thing to do.

© 2019 MachinaWriter

Author's Note

Forgive my lack of any logical rhythm or meter in this. Hopefully it conveyed what I wanted to convey.

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Added on January 1, 2019
Last Updated on January 1, 2019



Springfield, IL

My original passion has always been in writing stories. Most of them were fantasy stories, because I always wanted to escape. That's what it was. An escape from the troubles of life. Joining this site.. more..