Chapter 2: The Voice

Chapter 2: The Voice

A Chapter by Macy A. Brown

   "Citizens of England.  Your queen and king have been captured, I have my henchmen all over the country and if they see one bit of cheerfulness you will be captured and killed just like your leaders!"

  A cackeld laugh came over the intercome that made me fall to the ground covering my ears. When I stood up I saw fifteen of the same man I just saw. The all had slimy, tellow, toothy grins across their faces and daggers in their hands.

            Just down the street their was a little boy jumping with joy because he got a new yo-yo. His mother had a terrified look on her face as one of the henchmen came over to her. The man tied her arms and legs and then grabbed the boy.

           He laid the boy across the ground and took out his dagger.  The yound kid was screaming and kicking as his mother was yelling for help, tears streaming down her face. 

          The henchman took the boy's hand and sliced off each and every finger very, very slowly.  Then he took the boy's other hand and did the same. He did this to the boy's feet as well. Then he cut of the boy's ears and put them and the toes in a plastic bag and put that on the ground. 

          He then cut of the boys head.  To this he tied a rope around it and tied on the mailbox.  He took the bag of limbs and walked off.

            Screams of terror filled the air.

© 2011 Macy A. Brown

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oh wow, that's horrible! it's a really good chapter though.

Posted 11 Years Ago

Eewww! Ok two things: One: Fifteen not fifthteen. Two: daggers not dagers. Still, good and scary. I would hate these henchmen... Actually, I would probably end up trying to kill the guys... :) (innocent) I really enjoyed this!! I am excited for the next chapter.

Posted 11 Years Ago

its not a disturbing mind its a creativly vicious mind;)

Posted 11 Years Ago

omg u have a disterbing mind, good chapter though. once again very descriptive. though u did have some grammar issues in this chapter. good work!! keep on writing!!

Posted 11 Years Ago

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Macy A. Brown
Macy A. Brown


I love to write of course! That's why I am on here. I am writing a new book named, "Christmas Morning" It's my first one and I come out with about two to three chapters a day. I love to play baseba.. more..