Chapter (3) THE LAZY GNU

Chapter (3) THE LAZY GNU


The Lazy GNU


The wildebeest, is very strange, of course,

with the body of a cow, and the head of a horse.

He has horns on his head and legs quite thin,

With large floppy ears and hairs on his chin.


Gnus need lots of grass so they follow the rains,

As they walk for three months across the African plains.

And when they arrive at the end of track,

They turn right around and walk all the way back.


Now, our little Gnu didn’t like this long walk

So went to mum and said, “ I think we should talk.”

He explained that the walk hurt his feet quite a lot,

And walking all day in the sun made him hot.


So in a second hoof shop he’d found an old bike

Which he could ride while the others would hike

His mum said “ Son, I know it is hard and I know it is long,

But I’m worried about you if something goes wrong.”


But Gnu was quite sure and he said, “Have no fear,

I’ll ride my new bike there and back this year."

So his mum kissed his cheek and wished him good luck

And gave him some drinks and some maps in a book.


As he rode, the bike squeaked and rattled quite loud,

then Gnu fell off as he waved to the crowd.

A Gnu on a bike was not normal you see,

then he fell off again as he went round a tree.


Gnu peddled his bike for the rest of the day

But he wasn’t quite sure if he’d gone the right way.

He found some green grass so he stopped for his tea

Then found a nice place to sleep by a tree.


In the morning the sun shone warm on his face

as he searched on the maps to find his right place.

He looked out on the plains, to find his herd was a must,

But all he could see was a large cloud of dust.


“I’ll soon catch them up for my bike is quite quick.”

Said Gnu, then fell off again as he hit a big stick.

He followed the cloud of dust all that day,

But the cloud just seemed to move further away.


“I think this old bike isn’t good on the plain.”

Thought Gnu, as he wobbled, and fell off again.

The sun went down and Gnu stopped to eat

And he knew he’d be quicker if he used his four feet.


In the morning Gnu woke to a pleasant surprise,

To see the whole herd in front of his eyes.

“Oh mum you came back, I’m really so glad.”

“Well I hope you learned something.” Said the gruff voice of his dad.


Gnu jumped to his feet and said, “Yes dad I was wrong.”

I much prefer walking although it is long.

Then, admitting defeat, Gnu made a frown,

And said. “And riding’s no fun when you keep falling down.”



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Added on August 30, 2017
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