Baby Finn was on holiday at the seaside with his Mummy and Daddy and his Granddad. They were all staying in a BIG caravan near the sea in place called Devon.

         One morning Finn and his Mummy and Daddy and Granddad had just finished breakfast. Finns’ Mummy said. “We need to go to the supermarket and buy some more food.” Everyone agreed it was a good idea.

         At the supermarket Finns’ Mummy placed him into the special seat on the shopping trolley. Finn liked the shopping trolley. Finns’ Granddad pushed him around and made car noises. “Brmmm brmmm brmmm.” Finn liked the car noises.

When Finn and his Mummy and Daddy and Granddad had been shopping for some time, Finns’ Mummy said, “Finn are you hungry?”

         Finn nodded his head and said “Yah.”

         Finns’ Mummy said, “Let me see if I can find you something nice.”

Finns’ Mummy soon came back with a chicken pasty. Finn likes pasties.

Finns’ Mummy broke a big piece off and gave it to baby Finn. Finn was excited and held tightly to the pasty. Then he took a big bite and said “Mmmmm” Finn liked chicken pasty.

Finn ate his pasty and Finns’ granddad pushed him up and down the supermarket aisles.

         Baby Finns’ Mummy said. “I wonder where your Daddy went?”

Baby Finn looked puzzled. “I nont know.” He said and shook his head from side to side. Baby Finns’ Granddad laughed. Finns’ Mummy laughed too. Finn was learning to talk and he knew how to say, “I don’t know.”

Finns’ Daddy had found some Hot Wheels cars in the toy section. Finns Daddy likes toy cars.  Finns’ Daddy placed several toy cars in the shopping trolley.

         “I hope Finn will like these.” He said. Finns’ granddad pushed the shopping trolley quickly around and Finn giggled, he liked going around and around.

Baby Finn finished eating his big piece of pasty and held up the last piece of his pasty for his granddad to take. “Don’t you want it anymore” Asked Finns’ Granddad. “Nah” said Finn.

Finns’ granddad took the piece of wet pasty. There was nowhere to throw it away so Finns’ Granddad put the wet pasty in his pocket, because that’s what Granddads do.

Finns’ Mummy didn’t know Finns’ granddad had wet pasty in his pocket and asked Finn. “Do you want some more.”

         “Nah” said Finn and turned his head away. Then Finn and his Granddad went driving off around the supermarket again. “Brrrrmmmmm” Said Finns’ Granddad.

 Finn laughed.

         Baby Finn and his Mummy and Daddy and Granddad had been in the supermarket for a long time. When they had paid for all their shopping they all returned to the car. All the shopping was packed into the car boot.

         Finns’ daddy said. “Oh I wanted to get some nice smelling candles too.”

         Finns’ Mummy said. “Oh I wanted to get some new socks.”

         Finns’ Granddad said “Oh I wanted to get some chocolate cakes.”

         Finn said. “Neenaaa” which meant he needed a drink.

Every one returned to the supermarket once again. Finn held tightly to his drinking cup.

Finns’ Daddy went off to find some nice candles.

Finns’ Mummy went off to find some new socks.

Finn and his Granddad went to look for chocolate cakes. Finns Granddad likes Chocolate Tea cakes. Soon Finns’ Mummy and Daddy came back and they all looked for Chocolate Tea cakes.

“Are these the ones you want?” Said Finns’ Mummy, holding a pack of lovely looking chocolate cakes.

“No.” Said Finns’ Granddad. “But they look delicious let’s put them in the shopping trolley.”

Finns Daddy held up another packet of Chocolate cakes. “Are these the ones you wanted.” He said.

“No.” Said Finns’ Granddad. “But they look delicious let’s put them in the shopping trolley.”

Then Finns’ Granddad found the Chocolate Tea cakes he was looking for.

“Here they are.” Said Finns’ Granddad. “I’ll put them in the shopping trolley.”

Soon there were three packets of cakes in the shopping trolley.

Finns’ Mummy and Daddy and Granddad paid for the cakes and returned to their car. Finns’ Mummy gave Finn a chocolate cake. “Mmmmmmm.” Said Finn.

Finns Mummy lifted him out of the shopping trolley. Finn had chocolate and bits of cake all over his hands.

“Do you have a tissue Granddad? I need to wipe Finns' fingers.” She said. Finns’ Granddad put his hand in his pocket.

“Eurrrrrrr” Said Finns’ Granddad as he pulled his hand out of his pocket. Finns’ Granddad had bits of sticky wet pasty all over his fingers.

“What on earth is that.” Said Finns’ Mummy.

“Chicken pasty.” Said Finns’ Granddad. “I’d forgotten it was in there.” 

"You need a tissue too." said Finns' Mummy.

Everyone laughed.



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I enjoyed the story my friend. I had my four grandchild, a baby girl in September. They keep me young, the children. I love the adventure with the grandchildren. In their eyes. They allow us to see the world with better eyes. Thank you for sharing the excellent chapter.

Posted 7 Months Ago


7 Months Ago

I enjoyed my own children but I'm enjoying my grandson so much. Sometimes I feel guilty.
Coyote Poetry

6 Months Ago

I am a better grandfather than father. I learn too late for my children. They can grow so fast.

6 Months Ago

Yes. One day they are little kids the next they're presenting you with a grandchild. Where did all t.. read more

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