Further adventures with baby Finn


Now although the caravan Finns' Grandad had hired was large, there were just two actual bedrooms. A larger room with double bed and a smaller room with two single beds. The third sleeping area was made from seating in the living room.
  Baby Finn still needed a cot and one had been provided by the Caravan hire firm. Finns' Mummy and Daddy installed Finns' cot in the smaller of the two bedrooms and removed one of the two single beds. Finns' Grandad decided he would also sleep in the single bed in the small room beside Baby Finn. 
  Between the bed and Finns' cot was a small brown wooden unit with two drawers. The top was quickly covered with toy cars, baby wipes, a drink cup, a plastic fish with a little room left over for Finns' Grandad to put his watch and keys and anything else he had in his pockets.
  Baby Finn always had an assortment of soft toys to sleep with and these had also made the journey to have a holiday with the family in Devon. The soft toys took their usual place around Finns favorite pillow in the cot. 
  The day had been busy, a visit to the beach wjich was windy and little cold, a drive to the local town for a not very nice lunch in one of the many tourist cafes,home and playing with grandad outside while mummy prepared the evening meal. Baby Finn was very tired. While his Mummy and Grandad finished preparing the evening meal, Finns' Daddy played cars on the table with Baby Finn.
  "Brmmmm brmmmm." said Finns' daddy as he pushed the little red car around and around.
  "Bum bum." Said Baby Finn as he pushed the little blue car fast and let go of it. The car disappeared over the edge of the table and bounced on the floor. "Bang." Said Baby Finn, and he chuckled happily.
  "Yes. Bang." said Baby Finns' daddy as he bent down to try and retrieve the car. As he did so Baby Finn grabbed the red car and with a vigorous 'Bummm' the red car disappeared over the edge of the table just as Finns' daddy came back up.
  "Gone." Said Baby Finn.
  Soon the tea was ready and everyone sat down at the table. Baby Finn had a special high chair and a special plate. Baby Finn likes Baked Beans.
Later it was time for baby Finn to go to bed. Baby Finns Grandad kissed him good night and Finns mummy put Baby Finn into his cot. Baby Finn was soon fast sleep.
Later Baby Finns' grandad went to bed and made sure he was very quiet so as not to disturb Baby Finn.
"Oww." Said Finns Grandad early the next morning. "Oww, what's going on." He said again as a second toy car bounced off Finns Grandads head.
"Ache up." Said a tiny voice. "Gwanda, ache up, morning."
Finns Grandad opened his second eye and could see his tiny Grandson peeking over the top of the cot rails. Baby Finn had reached through the cot and picked up his toy cars to throw at his Grandad.
"You little monkey." Said Finns Grandad.
"Car gone." Said Baby Finn. Finns Grandad looked at his watch. 6:20 am. Then, standing up, Finns Grandad bent over and gave Baby Finn a nice kiss and tried to lay him down again, but baby Finn had other ideas.
"It's too early. Go to sleep little man." Said Finns Grandad.
"Pray. " Said baby Finn.


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A wonderful chapter my friend. I enjoy my family trips with my three grand-boys. We do mystery trips. Go north or South and seek places we never saw. Best days are with the family and the grandchildren. Thank you for sharing the excellent chapter.

Posted 6 Months Ago


6 Months Ago

Thank you dear friend. He's growing so fast.

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