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Chapter 4: Meeting with The Cullens and Werewolves

Chapter 4: Meeting with The Cullens and Werewolves

A Chapter by Maddisonthefox2019

This part is about how Maddison meets Ash's friends The Cullens. The Cullens are part of Twilight.

    Ash got up quietly and held out his hand to me. I took his hand and he helped me up. I felt very protected with him by my side. I hadn't told him about the time where a vampire named Zack took me in a ballet studio and tried to hurt me. My wrist still had the mark where Zack tried to put his vemon into my blood system.
I have a few friends for you to meet, Ash stared to walk with me.
Oh cool who are they? I asked with wonder. 
You're going to see. he insisted. 
    Once we got back to Ash's house, I was starting to feel excited about meeting the Cullens. I wanted to know who they were and what they were like. Will they like me or treat me with disrespect?  I didn't want to feel bad in front of them at all. Ash got the car ready and I entered the passenger's seat. Then we drove off to see the Cullens.
        ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
    The Cullens' house was really cool. Ash stopped the car right by another car. We both got out and walked quickly to the door. We were greeted by a vampire. 
Ash welcome, he said. Come on in if you would please.
Come with me, Ash whispered to me. Don't be scared.
    We were greeted by many other vampires and werewolves too. I felt really surprised to see that Ash has other friends that were like him. One of the werewolves looked at me with confusion. 
Guys I want you to meet Maddison, he took a step from me to my side. 
Oh hi there. My name is Bella and this is Edward. Bella said with pleasure.
Hi Bella and Edward it's so nice to see you. I say with small voice.
And this is Rosalie, Jacob, Carlisle, Esme, Alice, Jasper, and Emmett. Bella pointed to each vampire and the only werewolf. And lastly this is Renesmee. 
It's really glad to meet you all, I say with polite.
So this is what you brought with you? A HUMAN?! Jacob says with disgust.
JAKE!! That's really rude of you... Sorry about that Ash. Bella said. 
That's okay. I think that I want to be a vampire.. I say to Ash.
You sure? Ash says with confusion.
Yes. I say to him. 
Okay let's do this! Bella got supported for me.
    We went up to the 2nd floor to a room where a big metal table was sitting there. 
As i layed on the metal table, I started to feel uncomfortable and easily scared of my vampire form. What will I look like when I'm full vampire and not human? Ash was up here with Edward and Bella. Edward had to wrap my arms and legs with leather buckles against the table so I wouldn't try to break free. I felt pretty nervous to become a vampire. 
You ready Maddie? Ash asked with concern in his eyes. 
Yes.. I muttered to him.
We're ready Edward. Ash said with worry.
Ok now Maddison take a deep breath, Edward assisted.  Ash is going to put his venom in your blood system. 
   I took deep breaths as Ash started to put his venom in my system. I clutched my teeth as the burn feeling started to show through my skin. 
That's enough venom Ash. Edward says.
You okay? he asked with worries on his mind.
    I couldn't respond to his answer. I was in darkness remembering my last human moments with Ash. My new mind was going to make my human memories blurry once I opened my eyes. But for now darkness controlled me.....
to be continued....

© 2019 Maddisonthefox2019

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Added on December 13, 2018
Last Updated on January 9, 2019



Smyrna, GA

My life with a vampire is a book i got inspired by reading the entire series of twilight. I hope you guys enjoy my book and make sure to leave reviews if you like it ~ Thanks .. more..