Chapter 5: My New Vampire Form

Chapter 5: My New Vampire Form

A Chapter by Thetrueartistinme2021

Maddison was turned into a vampire with help from Ash.

    I wasn't feeling like myself and I didn't like it. The burn feeling in my body was heating me up and I felt like I was on fire. Ash's venom was in my system now. A few hours later, I was woken up by a startled jerk. I felt different after what Ash just did. My new vampire form was complete. I looked just like Ash except for one thing. My eyes were still blue. But everything else was like brand new. My clothes were still the same also but I didn't mind at all. Ash was by my side when I woke up and so was everybody else. 
How do you feel? Ash assured me.
Different but I like it. I say to him.
Ash sighed, I thought you were going to hate your form as a vampire.
Nope as long as I'm with you, I replied quietly.
    Jacob was in the room also. He growled at me lightly. Bella must have noticed because she looked at him a with a glare that meant anger. Jacob came up to me and I instantly got off the table landing by Ash's legs. My landing was soft and I noticed it too. My eyes blazed blue when he was close to me. 
Now we got another vampire that we have to deal with, Jacob snapped towards me.
Yeah you do. And you don't know what type of vampire I am. I say back to him. 
Ouch that's gonna hurt...oh wait it's not. You're just a vampire. Jacob says with sarcasm. 
Just a vampire? Ash stood up by me. She's more than just a vampire. 
Why are you standing up for her Ash? Huh? You afraid I might hurt her or something? Jacob got closer to us. 
JAKE?! That's enough! Bella screamed out. 
Jake if you take one more step towards us i will kill you. Ash hissed with warning.
Jake took another step towards us, Fight me Ash!
No Ash, I gripped his wrist. 
    Jake turned into a wolf in front of my eyes. I walked away from Ash and Jake. This wasn't going to be good. I had to stop them before anyone got hurt. Ash growled an Jake as he jumped towards him. I pushed Ash away from Jacob. Jacob got on top of me instead of Ash. He growled towards me so loudly. Ash looked at me in shock. And so did the others. I put my hand on Jake's muzzle and he phased back into a human. So I guess I had a special ability to turn wolves back into humans but i guess i have more powers than the other vampires.
How did you do that? Edward says amazed.
I just put my hand on Jacob's muzzle and he turned back into a human. I explained.
You must have a special power that connects you with animals Carlisle says to me. 
Kind of like an animal power? I looked at him confused.
You have other powers too, Ash tells me. I just can't wait to see them.
Me too Ash! I just hope no one will notice how I changed at school... I started to worry a little. 
Don't worry. Bells and I will help you out. Edward says to me in a whisper.
Thanks. My blood is staring to crave blood but not human blood though. I say to them.
Jacob looked at me in shock. Wow a vampire who does crave HUMAN blood.  
I said I don't crave human blood at all thank you very much JACOB... My voice growled at him.
Yeah like you need that blood anyways. Jake taunts me.
Stop please Jake before you get hurt by me, Ash warned him sharply. 
Oh really Ash you can't even fight me without your GIRLFRIEND protecting you!! Jake shouts towards me loudly.
You need to leave her alone Jacob. She's a newborn vampire. So just deal with it! Ash looked angry at him.
Boys stop arguing with each other!!! Ash look you take Maddison hunting and I'll take care of... Edward growled at Jacob. Jacob....
Thanks Edward.... Ash says with a sigh. Let's go Maddison.
Ok. I walked with Ash but looked at Bella.
to be continued.....

© 2019 Thetrueartistinme2021

Author's Note

I won't be on that much during my second semester of school but stay tuned to the story and watch how it can lead maddison into danger

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I'm excited to see what happens next

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Thanks then stay tuned then....

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