Chapter 6: Werewolves Return....

Chapter 6: Werewolves Return....

A Chapter by Thetrueartistinme2021

The werewolves at the beginning of the story returned to take Maddison and Ash down....

    Ash had me outside right after me and Jacob had been fighting. I had animal powers and many others to discover. I looked at Ash but he growled very sharply. I looked at the forest where I saw a group of glowing eyes staring back at us. I grew very nervous and I got behind his back. 
Ash are they the group we fought with when i was human? I asked nervously.
They are.... he growled under his breathe.
I'm scared... What do they want with us? I told Ash.
The werewolf leader wanted you to be dead. And now they want the both of us to go down and surrender. But we're not going to do as their leader asked, Ash whispered to me. 
How are we going to stop them? I asked him nervously.
We need backup, Ash gripped my wrist. And fast...
    I was starting to get a vision in my head. My entire body went still under Ash's grasp. In my vision, I saw the Cullens and us fighting the wolves with Sam and the other werewolves. But 2 of the vampires went down and got severely hurt. The two vampires that went down were me and Ash. My vision ended and Ash looked at me. 
What happened? he asked sharply but calmly. 
I had a vision about the wolves fighting us. and two of us went down.... I whispered painfully. 
Who were the ones to go down? Ash asked me.
You and Me.... I whispered to him. 
    As soon as I said that, the Cullens came out of the house and walked to our sides. Alice must have gotten a vision too because Edward growled towards the wolves. Jasper and Emmett were growling also but really deeply. As the Cullens came together by Ash and me, the wolves came out of the bushes with their leader as a human. His eyes were different from the other wolves. His eyes were a deep shade of grey almost a black.
We meet again Ash and.....Maddison, he growled sharply towards us.
You don't belong in the Cullens territory, Ash stood protectively by my side.
Oh... really? Why don't we have a little talk together. Just me, you and her. There would be no one else except us. the leader of the wolves says with caution. 
No, Jackson! We fight or you leave, Ash snapped so sharp.
Fine... but how about a deal? Jackson says. The girl shows me one of her powers and 
I'll leave but if she refuses, i'll kill you and her.....
I'll accept the deal... but promise me you'll leave right after I show you one of my powers, I stood by Ash.
I'll keep my promise young one, Jackson took a few steps towards me.
I took a few steps towards him, Come at me!
Ok then, he picked up his pace running towards me.
    I stood very still watching Jackson come towards me. Then quickly in one move, I grabbed his wrist dragging him down to the ground. He yelped out painfully as I crouched by his body still grasping his wrist. 
If you EVER mess with us again.... you'll be sorry. I whispered in his ear. AND you promised that you would leave if I showed you one of my powers...

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Added on January 18, 2019
Last Updated on November 22, 2019
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