Chapter 7: Powers of a Werewolf

Chapter 7: Powers of a Werewolf

A Chapter by Thetrueartistinme2021

Maddison gets the powers of a werewolf.

    I felt my entire body burst into flames. My body had a pink glow but it was so bright that everyone had to back away from me. Ash stayed by my side as he had a silver glow around his own body. 
"Ash what are you doing?" I glanced at him.  

"I need to show you something about my old life", Ash hugged me tightly. 
    We both fused into something from both our past lives. I kinda regretted what my old body had become but with Ash it was so much better. We had been through worse haven’t we? Our glow went away and everybody was shocked. 
 "What are you guys doing?" Jackson yelled towards us. 

"We need to show the vampires what we really are!!" Ash yelled loudly towards Jackson. 

"You have betrayed the wolf treaty!!!!" Jackson screamed out.  

"The treaty....was made by me Jackson!" I yelped out loud, "Didn’t you know that I was the princess?"

"Wait.....What? That’s impossible?! You can’t even be the one to be the princess!" Jackson moaned then growled under his breathe. 

 "I’m the princess and you could care about this! Haven’t you noticed that you and your clan haven’t been attacked all throughout this year?" I asked him. 

Ash smiled at me and says, "Jackson we can talk about how you and your dad left marks on the princess and she was a human at the time of your silly attempt to attack her!"  

"Look, I don't care what you do to me. I don't want to go back and get into a fight with my dad about the past few hours ago. The fact is I can't get my life together without my family members or friends." Jackson turned his back to us. 

"Jackson just leave okay?! Nobody wants you here anyways...." Ash huffed out loud. 

    Soon after realizing the threat, Jackson left with his pack behind him. He glanced back at me, muttered something under his breathe and walked away. Ash placed his heated hand on my should and nodded ever so slightly. I wanted to go after Jackson but in my mind I knew I would be putting myself in danger. Jackson's howl told me that he would be returning for his ritual. I shook my head returning to my fellow vampire friends. They looked different from my point of view. Edward stepped forward and examined me and Ash very closely. Once he came back around to face us, his eyes were like narrowed cat eyes.

"You two have anything to explain to us?" Edward's voice turned cold as ice.

© 2020 Thetrueartistinme2021

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Added on November 22, 2019
Last Updated on November 19, 2020
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