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What a waste

What a waste

A Story by Mad Dog Wilson

The story about a once proud site that lost it's way .


It is so sad to watch the slow agonizing death of a once promising writer's site. Not very long ago, it was vibrant, with a  huge pool of very talented writers co-existing in harmony, with a few exceptions (Baby Rectangles and a few other problem, which were resolved).

Once Chuckie decided to take away the forums, the voice and the soul of this place, and did not authorize the moderators to clean up the place, eventually replacing the ones who tried to maintain order with yes men, things went down hill quickly, sinking to the point where most of the decent writers left, leaving mostly hacks, drama queens and emos who cry or retaliate if someone tells the truth.

The ONLY reason I came back was to defend a friend against being harassed because she had he courage to stand up to a plaguarist (Yes, Dale, I mean YOU) and yet she was the one who received a "warning".

I spoke out against this and had my work deleted in a blatant case of censorship. I of course pointed  this out on numerous other sites, disuading people to avoid this place  - unless they ENJOY being censored, ridiculed or plagurized .

I spoke to Chuckie and came to an accord, figuring he was FINALLY going to do the right thing and put an admin team together to get rid of the cyber punks and plaguarists, but alas things have not improved.

I run a site called The Independent Writer's Network and NONE of the bullshit that goes on here is tolerated, I have no qualms about banning someone who tries to cyber bully, plaguarize or try any other sort of crap to disrupt the harmony (Again Dale, I'm talking about you)

So as dysfunctional and disjointedas the 'Cafe has become, one of two things must happen:

1) Chuckie has to either take charge of the place or appoint a team that will

2) pull the plug on the thing and let it die with some dignity.

© 2009 Mad Dog Wilson

Author's Note

Mad Dog Wilson
don't care about ratings, just expressing the truth

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Added on September 7, 2009
Last Updated on September 8, 2009


Mad Dog Wilson
Mad Dog Wilson


Thanks for coming to your senses and re-instating the fourms and giving the community their voice back, dude more..