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A New Hero Of Time

A New Hero Of Time

A Chapter by Maddy

The weather is warm and the expectations are high as a new year starts at Chapel Hill. Best friends reunite and begin what they think is a normal year. But for Mike and Maddy it will be so much more.


 The sun was shining brightly as the students of Chapel Hill were rolling in from their summer break. Students from all over the country came to attend this prestigious college. Nothing too terrible every happened their. The campus was beautiful, the programs were filled with incredibly intelligent people. Hate was low, as were parties. Chapel Hill was a place that most of everyone got along and most of everyone lived a normal life. Two students however, were about to meet a different fate.

Both from the Empire state, although you would never be able to tell. The two of them acted as though they were from separate planets. From opposite sides of New York. Maddy was a light skinned, dark haired, bright blue eyed, Italian girl from the upper east side of Manhattan. Mike was a light skinned, blonde haired, blue eyed, Irish boy from Buffalo. One thing other then their state connected them. Theater.

Both were accepted into the Dramatic Arts program at Chapel Hill the year before, Mike had received a full scholarship with his grades, Maddy's parents happily paid for it. The two connected almost immediately.

Maddy was a little outspoken. Very loud and free with her thoughts. Her life was an open book. From her greatest roles in shows to her abusive past relationships, she would tell all if asked. And be honest with everything. If something didn't seem right to her she would say it flat out. She wasn't mean on purpose, she just saw absolutely no reason to lie. It would never benefit her, so why do it?

Mike was Maddy's polar opposite, which is probably why they became so close so quickly. Mike kept his life to himself. He didn't talk about himself or his life to very many people. He occasionally opened up to Maddy, who was his best friend at Chapel Hill, but even this was very rare. He would however, mentally manipulate people. He was very good at mind games. Maddy knew this. Mike knew Maddy knew this. Therefore, even though she was not the brightest crayon in the box, he wouldn't mess with her.

Mike got to campus first. He moved his minimal boxes into his single room in the Old West residence hall. He hated the name of his building, but was relieved to have a single room this year. He saved all the money he had from the year before and the money he made over the summer to pay the extra for the single room. He let out a sigh of relief unpacking the last box, and laid on his bed. He would set the TV, that looked like it was from the 80s up later. He picked up his cellphone that he had carelessly thrown on the desk before unpacking to see two new messages:

Come hook my TV up? =]

He smiled at the text from Maddy before going right to the next message. She was so technologically impaired it was cute. The next text was from his girlfriend, Phoebe.

Hope move-in went well. I have a surprise for you when I see you this weekend.

Phoebe was no more then a convenient girlfriend. She wasn’t that pretty, she wasn't that smart, she wasn't that nice... She was just an average girl, who just happened to put out. She went to High Point University which was only about an hour from Chapel Hill. She was a native to North Carolina. The two met at a party the year before and, almost by accident got together.

Mike, not being able to hold his liquor very well ran into her without realizing she was there. She got cranberry juice and vodka all over her. Pissed, she ran into the bathroom, and he stumbled after her... Feeling overly sorry for ruining her outfit. One thing lead to another and Mike felt the need to ask her out. He didn't mind. It wasn't like his love-life was flourishing or anything in North Carolina, and she was alright enough to keep around.

The only thing was Phoebe and Maddy did not like each other. Phoebe was incredibly jealous of Maddy. From her looks to her talent. She was always afraid Maddy would steal her beloved boyfriend away from her, rightfully so too. So she bombarded Mike with pointless gifts to try to keep him interested in her. Mike didn't mind this. For Christmas she gave him a brand new iPod touch, he wondered what the next present might be.

Even though the second text sparked his interest he called Maddy before answering it.

“Hello?” She answered on the second ring. Her voice was not too high, but not too low. You could tell by the way she spoke she was what the people of theater would call a belter.

“Too impaired to hook up your TV?” He answered smugly. The two had a beautiful love-hate relationship and were perfectly okay with abusing each other verbally.

“Shut up stupid, you know I can't function properly in society.” She answered back cooly. “Please come help me?”

“Is Erika there?” He asked. Erika was one of Maddy's home friends, she was a freshman who had requested (and got granted) to live in the upperclassman dorms. She was in Mike's opinion, unbearably annoying. Loud, like Maddy but in an obnoxious way. But the two were friends for a long time, so he figured he would just have to live with it.

“Well duh, it is her room too. Not all of us can be cool like you and have a single.”

“Tell her to leave and I'll come over.”

“No you a*****e its her room too.”

“Well then I guess no TV for you.”

There was no answer to that. He heard her muttering something to her roommate.

“Sweetheart I haven't even set my TV up yet.” He answered sweetly.

“Please Mike? We're so stupid-”

“Alright, alright I'll be right over.”

He hung up the phone before she could answer and headed towards the door. Right before he opened it he had remembered his girlfriend's text.

Thanks baby, I love you =]

Was his reply. Smiling and figuring it would be good enough he sent it and headed over to Maddy's room.

Maddy lived in the Old East building which was directly across from Old West. The two planned this on purpose so they could walk together to most of their classes together in the mornings. Old East was set up just as Old West was. Corridor styled rooms, two people per room unless you paid the extra money to get a single.

Maddy and Erika awaited Mike's arrival on the second floor in room 207. The two had set up their room and it was easily the best decorated. Colorful Christmas lights were strung across the walls all around the room and were the only source of light other then the one window and the girl's desk lamps. The two girls had coordinated their color schemes to blend together. Erika's color was bright green and Maddy's was pink. Both hung a ton of pictures of past shows on their respected sides of the room, and actually put a huge area rug on their floor. The closets were already neatly stuffed with clothes, as were the dressers. There were only a few stray bins and boxes still waiting to be unpacked.

Mike walked in half expecting a war zone. He knew Maddy was less then neat 90% of the time. And to his surprise the room was pretty clean. Maddy and Mike hugged when he made it into the room, Erika waved awkwardly at him.

“Hi Mike.” She said, pulling her long blond hair back. She was a tall, blond beauty. Erika was a strict dancer who loved Maddy like a sister, which is why she followed her to North Carolina.

“Hey.” He said, not looking at her. “So, TV?”

Maddy pointed to a monstrosity of a TV. It was 32 inch, flatscreen TV. It looked like it cost more then everything in Mike's room. In front of it sat an old VCR Maddy had bought with Mike at a thrift store the year before for $15. There were times Mike forgot Maddy had money, she acted like she was poor most of the time.

“Mommy and Daddy wouldn't let you take the big TV?” He joked with her as he examined the back of it. He didn't know how the hell the VCR would plug into this thing. She had brought a much simpler TV the year before.

“Oh please, this is Erika's TV.” She replied. “Her graduation gift from my parents.”

“So your parents basically bought it for you since they knew the two of you would be roommate?”

“No!” She protested. “If Erika wants to room with someone else she gets to keep the TV and I get to bring up my old one.”

The three in the room knew Erika wouldn't want to room with anyone else. No one said it, but they were all thinking it. The three of them sat in an awkward silence as Mike went through some cable's Maddy and Erika had brought.

“I'm going to go get a drink.” Erika stated suddenly. “Want anything?”

“No thanks girl, I'm good.” Maddy answered.

“I want an iced coffee with a double shot of hazelnut flavor in it.” Mike replied smiling. Maddy gave him a cross look.

“She just got on campus do you really think she knows where Starbucks is?” she replied.

“It's okay I got it.” Erika said quickly, grabbing her key she left the room.

“You're an a*****e.” Maddy stated when the door shut behind her friend. Mike just smiled back at her, took out a cord and started hook things up.

“You love me.” He replied.

“Nope, not even a little bit.”

“Thats a lie.”

There was a little bit of silence, Maddy collapsed on her bed and watched as Mike started playing with wires.

“So you're back with Phoebe?” she asked. Mike's heart skipped a beat when she said it. It sounded sort of bitter to him.

“Yeah.” He replied, not really sure what else to say. He and Phoebe did break up over the summer briefly because of distance, but that eventually blew over. “You and Max broke up I see.”

Maddy had dated a boy named Max from back home for the majority of the summer. He was the pinocle of attractive and seemed like the perfect guy. But unfortunately he went to NYU so the distance was a problem.

“Yup.” She replied. “But unlike Phoebe he wasn't a b***h.”

Mike rolled his eyes and dropped the cable.

“Oh here we go-”

“Oh come on Mike! You and I both know the girl is a f*****g nutcase!” Maddy exclaimed, rolling onto her stomach facing her friend.

“She is not-”

“Yes she is! She stalks your Facebook, obsessively buys you s**t to basically buy you, and hates me for no reason!”

“Its not for no reason.”

“Then why? She has never met me and yet she openly talks about how much she hates me.”

This was true. Maddy had become used to getting messages on Facebook or seeing statuses related to how much Phoebe disliked her. Mike tried to keep peace between the two but knew it was no use.

“She just gets a little jealous of how close we are.” Mike replied. “Thats all.”

She mumbled something under her breath but Mike ignored it. He knew better then to fight with her, especially when it came to Phoebe. The two of them didn't talk much until the TV was completely hooked up to all the devices, including the worn out VCR.

“Thank you.” Maddy said as Mike twisted in the last cable. “It really means a lot to me that you did this.”

“No problem.” He replied. “Now you can watch your... Glee... Or whatever crappy TV you watch.”

She tried her best not to smile at her friend.

“Or maybe the Smurfs, it'd be nice to see your family every once in a while?” He said and grinned as he said it. He often made fun of her height considering she barely missed the 5' mark.

“You're such a dick!” She said punching him in the arm playfully. He grabbed her wrists and they wrestled to the ground until Erika came in.

“Oh God!” she yelled almost spilling Mike's coffee all over the place.

The two of them quickly got up off the floor and composed themselves.

“Aw come on Erika we were just messing around.” Maddy said as Mike quickly took his drink from her.

“Well he has a single you guys could do that there!” She said disgusted in the both of them.

“Hey! The rule is we don't use each other's beds!” Maddy stated as though it was common knowledge. “Floor is fair game.”

“EW!” Erika shrieked, she put Mike's coffee down on the floor and ran out of the room. Maddy and Mike couldn't help but laugh at Erika's innocence. Neither of them could wait for the year to start. To really begin.

The laughing slowly came to an end and Mike looked up at Maddy, who was still sort of on top of him. Their eyes met, maybe they lingered for a bit too long before Mike spoke.

“She's um-coming... This weekend.” He said. It took a second for Maddy to register who 'she' was.

“Oh.” Was all she could respond to it. She broke the eye contact and moved back to her bed.

“You two should hang out.” He stated, even though he knew it would never happen.

“I'd rather give myself a root canal.”

“Couldn't you just give her a chance?”

“No.” Maddy now flipped onto her side facing her wall. Mike climbed into bed next to her and put his arm around her. His head rested on her shoulder.

“Why not?” He asked quietly.

“Because...” Maddy said. He voice trailed off. Her mind was wondering, but she didn't know to where.

“Because why?” He asked noticing her thoughts drifting away from the topic.

“Just because...”

“Not a good enough answer.” He was desperately trying to get her to give him a straight answer. Yes, Phoebe didn't like her. But it wasn't like Maddy made any effort to try to be friends with her. It was a mutual hatred that wasn't called for... Well, for the most part.

“I don't need to explain myself to you.” She snapped back at him and pulled away. It was no longer a far away answer, but a much colder one then before. Maddy's face had changed from spaced out to defensive. Her invisible wall to protect her feelings was up and that wasn't coming down anytime soon. Annoyed, Mike rolled out of the bed and headed for the door. Without turning around Maddy decided it was time to ask the questions. She also didn't like when he walked away from her mad. She cared about his opinion of her. They were best friends after all.

“Why her?” She said, eyes now fixated on the picture in front of her that just happened to be of her and Mike from Halloween the year before. He was Voldemort from A Very Potter Musical, Maddy went as a sexy sailor. She felt herself choking up, and she wasn't sure why/

“What do you mean?” He asked, turning around facing her.

“What makes her so special?”

Mike had no answer. There was nothing spectacular about Phoebe. She was just kind of there and just kind of easy and convenient to have around.

“I don't know.” He said after what felt like an eternity. “But she's here and she's not going anywhere so get used to it.”

Before Maddy could say anything he quickly left and shut the door behind him. Without warning tears flooded from her eyes. She didn't know what was going on with her emotions but she suddenly felt something he had never made her feel before. She was sad, she was angry, she was... Jealous? Of Phoebe?

She shook that idea right away. She couldn't possibly be jealous of her. Her and Mike were just friends. Friend zone. Nothing less, nothing more. And thats how it was. It was not meant to change. Mike was sort of nerdy and scrawny anyway. Not even close to her 'type'. With a sigh she reluctantly turned on her TV and tried to focus on something else.

Hours went by. Erika had come back to the room but didn't talk too much. Maddy can tell she didn't like Mike all that much, and knowing Mike the feelings were mutual. This is going to be a long f*****g year, she thought to herself as she took her phone and scrolled through the messages. There was nothing new. Not that it mattered, she hated texting with a passion. Mike was the last person she texted. Looking at the name she felt guilty. She really didn't have the right to say anything mean about Phoebe.

Hey. I am a b***h. I'm sorry. =[ Still love me?

Back in Old West Mike's phone vibrated. Everything in his room was pretty much finished with the exception of hanging up a few posters and stuff on the walls. He was half passed out on his bed when he heard the violent vibration from his cellphone on the hard wooden desk.

He rubbed his eyes and slowly walked over to the desk. He smiled at the message from his friend and typed back:


That was all that needed to be said. Mike was not the only nerdy one of the two. Maddy had her moments. She knew a little too much about Harry Potter for her own good, which is why Mike only had to type one word before passing out again in his bed for the rest of the night.

Maddy was knocking on his door early the next morning.

“Michael!” She shouted, still knocking. Confused as to how she got let into the building in the first place he slowly rolled out of bed and walked across the room to the door.

Maddy looked more awake then she ever did most mornings. Her hair was straight, she had makeup on, and she wore decent clothes for how hot it was outside. Mike just looked at her, still dressed in the clothes from the night before, not showered, and still in a sleepy daze; confused about how she even got into his building.

“How the hell-” He started. Maddy didn't let him finish his sentence. She strode into the room like she owned it and sat on his half-made bed.

“You are so slow.” She stated. “We don't have a lot of time-”

“What? Time for what?” He looked at her confused. “How did you even get into the building?”

“Monologue hunting stupid!” She yelled, ignoring his second question. “You said you needed one more for Main Stage auditions and the library is open today so I promised to help you.”

“Maddy,” He said slowly and calmly, putting his hands on her shoulders. “How the f**k did you get in here?”

“Andrew let me in.” She said shrugging him off of her.

“Andrew?” he asked sitting down beside her.

“From acting last year? Dating Katie. You two were partners-”

“Oh right!” He exclaimed. “He's still dating Katie?”

“From what I understand.”

“They always did make a cute couple.”

This was true, Andrew and Katie were virtually always together. Both theater majors like Mike and Maddy, they had been dating since their freshman year of high school. The two were either going to break up really soon or get engaged really soon. Being a hopeless romantic, Maddy bet on the engagement whereas Mike swore they would get sick of each other any day now.

“Come on darling, the sun is shining its a lovely day!” She shouted pulling him off the bed.

“Will you let me shower and get ready first?”

“Well you better hurry up. Erika's orientation only lasts so long and she's going to want to come along-”

“You know I could shower later.”

With a sudden burst of energy Mike headed for his closet and pulled out a can of Axe. Her drenched himself in the spray until the entire room reeked of cologne.

“You're disgusting.” Maddy said smiling and laughing as she headed towards the door.

“You love it, don't lie.” He replied spritzing himself a few more times.

“I can't believe I am going out in public with you.” She said with a little hint of a smile.

“You love me.”

“Only in secret.”

“Its still love, I'll take it.”

They both headed out the door and across campus to the library. They spend hours reading plays and looking at monologue books trying to find the perfect monologues for auditions for the better part of the year before. Both of them had been casted in shows the year before, but they were student run. The dream of both of theirs was to get cast in the Main Stage musical, which was Beauty and the Beast. One of Maddy's favorite musicals.

“I don't understand why I need to audition for this show.” He whispered. An avid hater of Disney, and anything that brings happiness to people according to Maddy.

“Because you're a theater major you dumbass.” She replied, “It's required.”

Which was true. Getting accepted to the theater program at Chapel Hill meant you had to audition for all of the Main Stage shows. Whether they wanted too or not. This meant at least four monologues had to be memorized and one song. Michael only had a few days to figure out what he was doing since the two had signed up for the same audition time, Friday night right after Pheobe was supposed to arrive.

They were on the second floor of the six story library, it was the play section. There were play books far and wide. Some in entirely different languages. The two of them had spent hours in the library studying plays and monologues for auditions. Today however, was beautiful and Maddy hardly wanted to spend it in the library looking at male monologues. After reading through three plays she was getting restless.

“Have you found anything you like?” She asked, looking at him, then the window.

“Nope.” He replied, his eyes still focused on the book.

“Come on Michael, Erika is going to get out of her thing soon and I want to go out.”

He slowly set the book down and looked at her. Their blue eyes met in a way they had before. He was going to speak to her like she was a child, which was called for sometimes. She did have the heart of a four year old. Beauty and the Beast still being her favorite movie.

“You're going to tell me you want to play outside?” He said slowly and calmly.

“Yes.” She stated. “Yes I am.”

“Playing outside like a six year old is more important then us finally acting in a Main Stage show together?” he kept the calm tone to his voice. Maddy could see a slight smile appear on his face, but it wasn't a friendly one. It was a smile she had seen a lot of the year before. The smile a father would give to a child when the child said something stupid.

“Well, unlike you I came prepared to school and found my monologues for all the auditions months ago.”

“And they're probably way overworked aren't they?” He smiled and turned back to the book, knowing that he had won this argument.

“They may be overworked but at least they're in my repertoire!” She slammed the play book on the table and started for the stairwell.

“Seems I have struck a nerve. Sorry honey, just pointing out a note you have yet to adjust to.”

She stopped this time. She couldn't speak. What he did and said to get her to do what he wanted made her so angry. At the last Main Stage audition one of the directors told Maddy in her notes that her monologue seemed 'stale' and 'overworked'. She told Mike this in confidence, and here he was using it against her. This was a trait of Mike's she usually didn't notice, but this was him just being mean.

He looked up from the playbook again, smiled with his mouth and eyes closed and went right back to reading. She just looked at him, face getting redder by the second. He looked up again, with a face of fake surprise.

“Honey if you're just going to stand there you may as well help me.”

“My monologue may be 'overworked',” She started quietly approaching the table. “but at least I care enough about my future to work at it. And I'll be damned if you get into a show and I don't!”

Her voice slowly crescendo as she went on. Each line spoken with more intensity then the last. Her face was red and voice too loud for a library, but they were the only two on this floor... They were always the only two on this floor. Normal library rules didn't apply.

“I'm a boy sweetheart,” He said without looking up. “Odds are against you.”

“F**k you.” She said quietly, and walked out the door. Mike sighed. That didn't go according to plan. Normally Maddy would just sit down and shut up. She knew she couldn't out wit him, but she never walked away. Ever. Let alone mad. He put the playbook down and started to go after her.

“Maddy,” He called out, a little quieter then usual. They were heading out of their section of the library. “Maddy, please stop.”

But she didn't. She kept walking. Right through the double door entrance of the library, and back to her room where she could be alone. He watched her leave and sighed again. He hadn't bothered walking all the way down the stairs just to walk back up again. Something told him no matter what he said right now she wouldn't stop. So he went back to look for the perfect monologue as his best friend stormed back to Old East by herself.

“You're better then him” Erika stated, handing Maddy a spoon to use for her Ben and Jerry's. Erika had come back from her meeting to meet a crying roommate. They had readily supplied ice cream in the fridge. Maddy explained to Erika, in short bursts of breaths, everything that had happened in that morning. Erika had listened intently and gave the best advice she could.

“First of all, he isn't all the good-looking. Second of all, he is weird. And third of all, you are beautiful and the most talented person I know.”

Stuffing her face with the chocolatey goodness that is Phish Food, Maddy looked up at her friend with puffy red eyes and smiled.

“You're going to get into this show and he won't. You know it.” Erika ended smiling back and wiping a tear that had escaped Maddy's eye.

“Yourrigh.” Maddy replied, mouth full of ice cream. She swallowed and ignored the incoming brain freeze. “You're right. I am prepared, and I am talented, and I am going to get in this time god damnit!”

She threw her spoon into the empty carton and dived under her bed to find her binder of audition music and monologues. For the rest of the night she and Erika studied every movement and word of their monologues for the auditions to come.

© 2012 Maddy

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i love it... i am already hooked

Posted 10 Years Ago

I love the legend of zelda.. (: and i love this story.. want to read more! -s

Posted 10 Years Ago

Fun, light, easy, adventurous. I never play video games, only heard of Zelda, but that was a nice read. :P

Posted 11 Years Ago

Wow--I read this whole thing because I noticed the title--the Legend of Zelda--and I remembered the game. I don't see what the this has to do with the game (at least this chapter), but even so it was still fun to read. Writing and acting--much the same thing, really :)

Posted 11 Years Ago

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