A Poem by Madeleine Rose

I don't even know any more
Am I Mary or am I W***e?
Who am I really?
Should I be a prude or more touchy feely?

Should I be her, or me?
The voices can't even agree
I am obviously a girl
But seriously my mind is in a whirl

And what will the future bring?
Will I ever find the the right ring?
I mean I love them both
I don't know if ill be able to keep the oath

Why don't they understand?
Why doesn't anyone lend a helping hand?
I want to help you, seriously I really do
But it's kinda hard when my mind is a zoo

If you only knew what went on in my head
Everything I do makes me feel mislead
An angel and a devil, I'm always deaf in the wrong ear
Godammit what will it take you idiots to hear

Marcel, don't take over me again
I just want to be sane
Please, someone notice and do something
This shouldn't even being happening

Happy or sad, I don't even know
I'm not doing this just for show
I know I'm weird, I like gore
But seriously, whatever it's like my mind is at war

Everything I say may be a lie
But honestly I don't think that means I ought to die
Yes I do forget things
And I drink enough to give me wings

You people forget I'm Still a person
And if you continue ignoring ill only worsen
I'm not perfect nor will only I ever be
So why don't you stop trying to kill me

© 2016 Madeleine Rose

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Added on June 6, 2016
Last Updated on June 6, 2016


Madeleine Rose
Madeleine Rose

Somewhere, KY

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