Chapter 1: Escape Attempt

Chapter 1: Escape Attempt

A Chapter by Viney

And the story starts.



(I am)

Running running running.


Dead end!

Yellow eyes.

(always yellow)

Can't move.



Yellow eyes come closer.

(always yellow)

Grabs and arm.

A scream.

A terrible pain.

(all mine)



Claws coming.

Another scream.

“Aaaghh!” I sat up straight in bed, in a cold sweat. The nightmare again. It had been haunting me the last month. I heard something. A slight rustle. You're imagining it. I listened for a little while longer. No sound. I think. A shadow flitted across my bed. “Who's there?” I managed to whisper. The image of yellow eyes flashed back to me.

“Gabby, it's me.” came an all too familiar voice.

I barely kept from yelling, “Katie, what are you doing in my house, at midnight!”

“We're going to escape. I don't want to become hybrid and neither does the rest of the sixth grade.”

Let me tell you what a hybrid is. A hybrid is a person who's crossed with an animal's DNA. Every other year World Government takes all kids in a certain grade, makes them hybrids, and sends them off to colonize some God-forsaken planet on the edge of the galaxy. It's the law because they say it's to spread humankind throughout the universe for a higher chance of survival(but they want to keep population down so there won't be enough people to cause and uprising. We all know that.). This year the grade they chose was sixth grade.

My best friend Katie and I were in sixth grade. Katie was a little shorter than me, had straight light brown hair that was constantly in a ponytail, pale blue eyes that shone with energy, persistence unknown to anyone else on the planet, and was my best friend. She tended to be a trickster, so listen carefully when she tells you to do something. I found that out the hard way.

My name was Gabby. Short for Gabrielle. Gabrielle has been misread more times than I can count. It's said like this: Gab-Rie-El. How can that be misread? I had heard(pronounced like this) Gae-Brie-El, Gab-Rie-Ella, Gae-Brie-Ella, and worst of all, Gab-Rie-Ellie. Believe it or not, a high-schooler called me that one. I had brownish-blond wavy hair, that NEVER did what I wanted it to, startling bright turquoise blue eyes that could only focus on one thing at a time, and really focused on those particular things, was skinny, and very smart, at least according to everyone else. I was extremely sarcastic, and kind of paranoid. In this world, and the fate awaiting me, it wasn't always a bad thing.

“Katie, we'll never escape alone!”

“We're not going alone.”

“Oh my gosh Katie, you aren't goi-”

“The rest of our class is coming!”

“ KATIE!” I knew I didn't have much say in whether or not I was going. When Katie decides something, her decision is final.

Katie and I sneaked out the window and went around to the back of the house. It was pretty nice, considering the Earth was so crammed. Only lucky people got houses now. Most lived in apartments. There was about six billion people in 2000, so imagine how many there would be by 2031! So much went wrong in such a short time. Technology hadn't improved much, at least not for normal people like me to see. We hopped over the fence. To my surprise the rest of my class was already waiting there! Katie started making a small speech.

“I know we are all going to try to escape tonight,” she started. “But we will probably fail.” I heard some startled gasps around me. “But we must try, and we will go down kicking and screaming!”

I wasn't as surprised as everyone else. Katie was my best friend, and I knew this was just like her. To never give up, ever. All of us nervously made our way to the town gates. We got to the gate, ready to fight the town guards, and- there was nobody was there. “This doesn't feel right.” I muttered under my breath. “The guards never abandon there posts.” Nobody else seemed to find it strange.

A sense of panic built up in me as we passed the town gates. I heard shrieks all around me. Something stung my arm. I looked down and saw a tranquilizer dart in my arm! “AAAGGHH!!!” I screamed even louder than I had in my nightmare. I tried to run, but I don't know if anyone was chasing me. The dart sapped my energy, so I moved slow and sluggish. Eventually, I could run no more.

I sat and turned around to see if anyone was following me. I couldn't see anybody. But wait! There! As I lapsed into unconsciousness, the last thing I saw was a big pair of yellow eyes.

© 2013 Viney

Author's Note

The first is the worst, as they say. This part isn't very good. I'm not thrilled with it, but I never knew how to redo it. Don't be so critical here, I've gotten better since this. It's over a year old. Oh, and the nightmare? Again, I wasn't a very good writer. I practically copied how someone else did a nightmare, with atrocious results. Again though, I'm not sure how to redo it.

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