Chapter 8: I found everyone!

Chapter 8: I found everyone!

A Chapter by Viney

What is this strange new place that Silver has been rushed into?


When I woke up, it was in a place that didn't look like the area I had been staying in. I was in a cell, with white walls, and with one clear wall that looked like it might open up. I was laying on a bench at the far end of the cell. I could see a wall on the other side of what looked like a hallway. As you can imagine, I was terrified. I could see WG scientists walking around outside. If the WG is separated, how come they still used the same uniforms?

A young, lean woman with short brown hair carrying a clipboard stopped in front of the clear wall. She pressed on something that I couldn't see, and the wall slid up into something I couldn't see from the bench. “Come with me, um, Silver.” she said glancing down at the clipboard. I didn't want to do that. I kind of felt like staying right here, where it would be harder to torture me. So that's exactly what I did. The lady scowled at me. “If you don't come quietly, we can easily take you by force!” she threatened. We? Three powerful hybrids seemed to materialize behind her.

The tallest one was an adult who stood directly behind her. He seemed to loom over her. He had those yellow eyes that I hate sooo much. He also had gills. He flashed me a cruel smile, full of razor-sharp teeth. I shivered. The one to the lady's right was a small girl. She didn't seem to scary until she held up her hands, which had a three inch claw on each finger. Her eyes were a piercing green, and seemed to know more than she let on. The last one was a boy who looked a year or two older than me. He was tall, and looked to be extremely powerful, like an elephant. He had dark brown eyes that stared at me with indifference. I decided I did not want to be forced to wherever they were taking me. I got up and followed silently.

At first the three hybrids flanked me on all sides, but then they seemed to disappear. I thought I must be going insane, that this was all a bad dream, that I would wake up in my room any moment now. I tried to deny the fact that this was not a dream, but however hard I tried, I couldn't. We walked down many halls, twisting and turning like a giant maze. The lady stopped in front of a door that looked just like all the other dumb doors here. She had me go inside, then shut and locked the door once I got in!

The room just had a few hybrids in it, staring at me. The walls and floor where white. It was similar to the Main Room. I was really getting sick of white. They stopped staring and went back to whatever they were doing. Some stood in line getting breakfast at a counter, while others used the restrooms nearby.

A girl about my age with black cat ears and a black cat tail approached me. She was tall and lean, with golden straight hair that caught the light, and calm blue eyes. She seemed like a friendly person, and strangely, like a dangerous enemy. It's strange that I thought she could be lethal.

Hi,” she greeted me. “My name is Ink. Don't make fun of it.” her eyes flared momentarily. “So, what's your name?” she questioned, her eyes calm again.

“Silver. Warm welcome, by the way.” I replied.

“Sorry. People usually make fun of me, because my name isn't very tough-sounding, even though I'm part black panther, which is really just a jaguar with black fur and black spots.” she apologized, looking sort of embarrassed. “So, you're probably wondering where the heck you are. I know that because I haven't seen you in here before. This is like a waiting room. You stand around in here for a little bit, then Eastern scientists take you somewhere else for 'advanced' training.” I was taken aback.

“How do you know about WG splitting?!” I asked softly.

“Oh, that's how you end up in here. Shortly after you find out, your brought to this strange place.” I just stared at her. I wondered if Magma had found out a little bit before us, or if he had been instructed to tell us.

At that moment, a man came in and called out a name. “Dagger!” A boy with wings and feathered wrists stepped forward. I noticed that he was bare-footed.

“There goes Dagger. Off to training. He thinks he's learned everything the East can teach him.” said Ink.

“Why isn't he wearing shoes?” I inquired.

“He's got spurs on his ankles. He's part hawk, you know.” she answered.


“Good luck, Dagger!” called out Ink. Several others did the same. I guess he was well known.

Everyone else was led out eventually. Ink and I were the last ones out. We were led down another maze of halls to stop at a door that looked like all the doors. I didn't know how or ever found out how the scientists knew where the heck they're going.

Inside, it was the deadliest obstacle course ever devised. Ink whispered a word of advice to me. “Don't worry Silver, you won't get hurt. Trust me.” then she took off running.

“Wait!” I cried, but it was too late. I watched in awe as she effortlessly maneuvered through swinging scythes, leaped over spikes, and dodged lasers. I eventually could only see her through a screen on the wall. She motioned for me to do the same. I glanced toward the door, even though I already knew it would be locked. I gulped.

With no other choice, I started slowly walking toward the first part of course. The scythes. It felt like something out of a bad movie. The one right in front of me was swinging slowly. I was reminded of a game I had played at school, where you dodge between the swings. You had to time it just right to avoid getting hit in the head. I put that knowledge to use, and I got past the first one. I didn't time it right with the second one, and it swung toward me in a deadly arch. Just as it hit me, the room glowed blue, and the course disappeared. An illusion. I should have guessed.

A lady said I was excused for the day, and it was good too. I was stressed out after that incident. I was led back to the room where I met Ink. I briefly wondered if she was still training. Probably. I entered the room, and was overjoyed at what I saw there. I was thrilled to see Magma, Lark, Blaze, and Remora waiting for me in the room. Is it strange that I was mostly relieved to see Remora?

“Silver!” they cried in unison, rushing up to meet me in the door-frame. It was a happy reunion.

© 2013 Viney

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