Chapter 10: Escape Plans

Chapter 10: Escape Plans

A Chapter by Viney

More kids, and some arising ideas come.


The rest of the pack agreed with me on the issue that we needed to escape. We sat quietly in a corner of what we thought of as the New Main Room. Our voices were hushed as we knit together our clever plan. A while later, three other girls joined us, because they heard all our plans. They wanted in on it, too.

The first was named Spark. She was short, and didn't appreciate it when you pointed it out. Trust me. I got a bruise on each shin when I said that. She had shiny auburn hair, laced with a dark brown, with a few light freckles upon a sweet face, with dark brown eyes, taking in everything with an intense curiosity, topped off with sharp red fox ears and a bushy wagging fox tail. She was full of energy, and was pretty funny. Her Link was Ink. Link. Ink. Ha. I just crack myself up, don't I?

One of the others was a girl named Mist. I was slightly taller than her, but only just. She had fiery orange hair, wide gray-blue eyes atop a happy freckled face, with grayish-white cat ears and a tail, topped off with tiny black spots. Her ears and tail, not her hair, that is. She was very chatty, sometimes saying stuff that was totally off topic. She told us she was part snow leopard.

The last was a girl with the rich, shiny brown hair, with natural, thin ringlets of hair. Her eyes were a lush green, courtesy of the hybrid medicine. She was lean, and my height, with glasses upon a thin face. She had beautiful golden cat ears, with a long equally beautiful tail reflecting the light from the light bulbs on the ceiling. She was part lioness. Her name was Thunderbolt, a good name for her.

I started to wonder if it was unusual to have a large pack like this. “Ink,” I started. “Is it uncommon to have so many of us hanging around together?”

“No,” she replied. “We have hybrid packs all the time. Most bigger than this. Eastern Government records these kinds of things for training. Aren't they screwy?” I nodded my head in agreement.

Here's the plan we made after arguing for a while: We've decided to stay and learn all the East can teach us. Learn all the secrets we can. We'll be ready. Then we escape. We'll work that out when we get there.

© 2013 Viney

Author's Note

Not my favorite chapter.

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Added on March 17, 2013
Last Updated on March 17, 2013
Tags: hybrids, hybrid, halflings, science fiction



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