Chapter 11: I Made A Very Bad Mistake(I Think)

Chapter 11: I Made A Very Bad Mistake(I Think)

A Chapter by Viney

The tension builds, and even more of the dark world arises.


I did something daring in training today. Stupid, too. I'd ruined everything. I had now estimated that our pack been here for about two weeks since we made our plans. We didn't have a clock in the advanced training quarters, like we did in the old Main Room. I hated not being able to know how long I've been here.

Anyways, back to the story about what I did in training. I turned into my kahl while running through the demonic course. You wouldn't believe how much that helps. I completed the course almost flawlessly. I was amazed at the power that surged through me as I used my kahl for something useful. But it wasn't all amazing. In fact, it wrecked all of our plans. When I reached the end of the course, I turned back to my normal half-human stage. I was grinning from ear to ear, thrilled with my accomplishment. Not even Ink was that good.

I was so happy with myself, I didn't hear the people approaching behind me. I was shocked when my arms were seized, and even tried to claw my captors. The result: I was flipped through the air, and crash landed on my back. I tried to brace the impact, and I think I broke my wrist in doing so. The pain was intense, but dulled as adrenaline pulsed through me.

I pulled myself back up with one hand, the other useless. When I stood up, I couldn't see anyone. Even when I turned around, there was no evidence of anyone being there. What was going on? I was knocked to my right when someone I couldn't see punched me in the face, knocking me backwards. I tasted the metallic tang of blood in my mouth, and felt it oozing out of the corners of my mouth. Still fueled by the adrenaline, I just felt a faint tingling where it should hurt. Something slashed my tail, and I shrieked. I took an unseen blow to the back of my skull, and pitched forward, passing out before I hit the ground.


When I awoke, my vision was blurred and I had the mother of all headaches. My right wrist hurt horribly, and my jaw throbbed with a dull ache. Even my tail hurt. I lay on a bed, on top of a blanket. I bet it was white. My mind was to messed up to really tell. Seriously, I was in bad condition. I tried to sit up, but nearly blacked out again. I would have, too, if strong hands hadn't pushed me back down. I moaned. That's about all I could do at the moment. I couldn't even think straight. My mind felt like muddy water.

I saw a blurred silhouette standing over me. A female voice spoke, entering the edge of my thoughts.

“She seems stable to me, sir. Her vitals are good. The effects of the drug haven't wore off yet. Refrain communication for about...six hours.” drug? The thought seemed to take forever to process. My brain felt like alphabet soup. All the letters were there, but they didn't say anything.

I have no clue how long I lay there. Things slowly were brought into focus. I was laing on a hospital bed. It and the sheets were white. The room was white, too. Go figure. Let's make everything white to drive all of our specially designed creatures insane! What fun! Good grief. I sat up. The room was empty, except for a scientist reading a clipboard. My ears flattened, and straightened out again so I could listen for something. I was nervous, and this was probably a bad spot to be, and definitely a bad condition to be in. I turned my head toward my wrist. It was in a cast. It itched really bad. And hurt. And was sweaty. Stupid cast. I felt the back of my head, and found a lump crusted in dry blood. I noticed what soon bugged me more than everything else.

“I'm thirsty.” I said. My voice didn't even sound like my own. The scientist looked at me, but just continued scribbling something down on her clipboard. I hated being ignored. I lifted my left wrist, unsheathed my claws, and dragged them down the metal bed rail. The woman cringed. I would've laughed if I wasn't parched. “I said, I'm thirsty!” I yelled. She glared daggers at me. If looks could kill, I'd be chopped into tiny pieces. She stomped out of the room.

I used my time alone to investigate my tail. The top was bandaged, and stained dark red. It hurt to lay on, so I curled it around my right arm. When the woman brought me the water I so badly wanted, she brought a stranger with her. He wasn't wearing the WG uniforms, and it made me very uneasy. He was tall with broad shoulders and a buzz cut. His eyes scared me the most. The were black. No white or anything. The light didn't even reflect off them, as if it just absorbed all the light. Just as if I was staring into the eyes of a soulless creature, a demon. I flattened my ears again.

“Congratulations. You've passed the training. You just passed it using the course. You are now an official soldier.” he said in a flat, toneless voice.

I barely suppressed a shudder and asked, “Passed? I-I didn't do anything. Did I?” my voice was weak, and I was amazed it didn't crack.

“You've successfully figured out the way to beat the test before your comrades.” there was that odd robot voice again. I was speechless. Was this good or bad? And how come I passed? You think Magma would've passed first! And what, in the name of God, was wrong with this guy!? I felt like I was talking to the devil himself. Then I realized it. He was nearly as bad as the devil. He was a once a WG official, now an EG official.

He left abruptly, and the lady was the only one in the room with me. Good. I could tolerate her. She wasn't a demon. I enjoyed the water in peace. I was thinking about the pack. Would someone tell them? What would they think?

Don't tell me that I'm so nervous, that I think I can still hear Silver. That surprised me. I didn't think that.

What's in my head!? I thought.

I must be going crazy, the other voice said. It wasn't really a voice, it was more like I felt it. I can still hear her. First, Silver doesn't show up, then Magma, Ink, Shatter, and everyone else disappears. I bet I'm next. I'm going crazy. I try speaking back to the voice.

Who are you? I ask.

Who are you? Came the reply.

Uh... I'm your, uh, conscience. Hi. I attempt. I knew that it's lame, but it was worth a shot.

Oh. Shouldn't you know my name? Oh well. It's Blaze. You sound like Silver. I was shocked. I was mind-speaking! Could he hear my voice? I kind of felt, shaped into words. I can't believe he fell for my conscience trick though, if he could hear my voice. Boys. Always being morons.

I am Silver you moron! I mind shouted.


Yes, really.

Oh. Okay. Where are you?

No clue. Broke my wrist, gave myself a bad lump on the back of my head, and got my tail slashed.

Are you alright?

Yes, the injuries were all a joke, and I'm in a magical candy world, having the time of my life.

That sounds like fun! Can I come?

I was kidding.

Oh. Darn.

FYI, I'm rolling my eyes.

How do we turn this off?


The mind connection.

Oh, that. No clue.

That was an interesting question. I realized I wanted if off, and then I couldn't feel Blaze's presence anymore. That's a relief. The experience left me strangely exhausted, and I lied back and fell into a deep, dreamless sleep.

© 2013 Viney

Author's Note

Has to be my favorite chapter, next to chapter 12.

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