Chapter 13: A New Perspective

Chapter 13: A New Perspective

A Chapter by Viney

As Silver's spirit begins to fade from the lack of power they have against WG, everyone else begins to show there stuff.


Time passed. I didn't even try to keep track of it. I trained hard, it was the only place to empty out my emotions. I had began to accept my life, began to forget the outside world. Our pack began to grow more and more distant. After all, we were formed on the promise of the freedom that hadn't came. The sun became a distant dream, the sky a fuzzy memory. Even Silver, the one so immersed in escape, didn't do much in her free time besides sit on her bed silently and think. Hopelessness filled us. That might have been the end of us, if it hadn't been for one lucky moment. One seemingly normal day.

I was on my way back from training, in a group. We weren't with our links, after all, they wouldn't be with us every step of the way. We marched down the hallway, eyes focused on the straightforward path. It's a good thing I was always curious. I decided to look around, rather bored with the beat of footsteps in sync. I just noticed a crack, a little sliver of darkness that didn't belong in the bright halls.

I looked at the guards flanking our group. I wanted to look at it so, so badly. However, if guards were within a twenty yard radius, I didn't stand a chance if I stepped out of line. I just would have to wait a while. Some would've given up, or dismissed it. However, things like that are exactly what I love to explore. I wouldn't forget about it, or dismiss it. The thoughts whirled in my head all the way back to the dorm.

I looked around when I got back to the dorm, looking for someone good to talk to. Remora wasn't there, unfortunately. She would've been the best to talk to.Silver was there, but talking to her would be pointless. She hardly talked to anyone nowadays. She just kinda... sat there. Thinking, I guess. She always was off daydreaming before we were captured, why would that have changed afterwards?

Shatter and Shadow were there, but talking to them meant I would've been talking to a couple of egomaniacs. Both were alpha wolves, and it makes them think that they're great, special. Why have a conversation where your only part in it was the first sentence? Ink and Spark were there, and they might have been good despite Spark's silliness. I had been feeling strange around Ink, though. I'm not sure why I didn't, after all, she was clever, honest, and on top of all of that, helpful. Something inside of me, something in some small corner of my brain, protested that for some reason.

Lightning was there, but Mist wasn't. She would be good to talk to, if only she had the spirit to go adventuring, and the energy left to contemplate it. I would've loved to talk to Mist. She was still very energetic, and was always an eager participant in activities.

At last, I saw someone who might listen well. Magma was there, and he was always dependable in these situations. He was sitting on the floor, tapping his fingers on the ground. He was usually doing that, tapping out a melody that only he heard. I ran up to him, and leaped up and down.

“Magma!” I shouted. He looked up, looking rather uninterested. Oh, he wouldn't be soon!

“What? I was busy!” he snapped, ears flattened to his head.

“Yeah, busy!” I said, rolling my eyes as obviously as possible. “Besides, this is waaay more important!” I said excitedly, tail swishing back and forth.

Magma's ears perk up. “Yeah? What is it, Lark?” he said skeptically. “Did you find a door labeled exit?” he couldn't have been any more sarcastic, but his eyes, alight with excitement, betrayed his words.

“Nah, nothing that obvious, but I did see something. Like a door.” I said, nearly bursting with energy as the other possibilities about the door begin to surface.

“A door?” he asked, raising one eyebrow. “Lark, I hope you notice that there seems to be a lot of those here.” he says. The light died then. I'm serious, he nearly started ignoring me altogether. Geez, no one listens to me.

“No no, it looked like they were trying to hide it.” I said, frustrated with his skepticism.

He rolled his eyes. “You do know how easy it is to just conceal something in a wall right? If they can do all of this, they can hide a door.” he said. He was right, too. They'd make sure any openings were hidden. I couldn't accept that, though. I just couldn't. I thought I had found something. A new hope. Anything. I hung my head, and walked away, almost expecting Magma to call after me. He didn't though. Nothing ever goes my way here.

A tear rolled down my cheeks. Then, a familiar presence entered my head.

Lark! Hiya! Spoke a happy voice in my head. Remora was back. We couldn't talk like some of the others did. Our connection wasn't as powerful, and we had to be closer to each other for it to work. I didn't respond. I didn't feel like it. I laid down on my bed, eyes blurred with tears, fingers clutching the thin sheets. Out of the corner of my distorted vision, I thought I had seen a cat tail.

© 2013 Viney

Author's Note

Does the perspective change work?
Also, something that's been bothering me: Silver's fade from the picture. Does it make sense that she would lose hope? Or was it not enough?

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