Tame Mane & the Timetable Constable, Part II

Tame Mane & the Timetable Constable, Part II

A Chapter by Maglia Weaver Twill

And still the minute waits and still the hour, or now the hour! You make up your rules and I’ll make up mine
Down in the Everglades, and if ever there is a crossing of paths, that’s where our rules a-greet.  The last card.
Down in the valley where the green grass grows, the last card is a 10 of Denari.  I didn’t rule it out.  Scoperta di
Of treasures. 
Mirabelle’s joy must be profound.
Elizabeth’s is a tame chicken, it’s a sort of riddle,
Silly as sign, as sin.  Don’t play around with me
Talking reasons.  The deduction is in the seasons.
In this coming season, somewhere the riddle will
Continue.  Tropical in a dear isle, where our dreams take flight.
A wreck of seas and where the river runs into it,
(Through it of course) but into it.
Oh sweet stepsister, where is your canine?

Oracles will wish you hence, I send this blessing, but ieri have
Roasted my radishes and eaten them, sharing them, every last one.
Accept this promise, from me.  I give you my word but you have to give me three.
Real soon we’ll have the discovery of what treasure means, and outrageous the gem.
In three hours time, the pirates take the booty, no feeling too funny or acting too snooty.
Oh, don’t call it a harbinger of torture, call it a dove and a bird of paradise, which is no bird at all…

© 2014 Maglia Weaver Twill

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Ohhhhh such good book. Should continue it.

Posted 6 Years Ago

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Added on November 15, 2014
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