Monotetra for November

Monotetra for November

A Poem by Maglia Weaver Twill

form by Michael Walker: stanzas: 4-lines, 8 syllables per line; final line repeats the same 4 syllables; rhyme aaaa, bbbb, cccc etc.


Don’t love the dry autumn, winter.

Outrage and heat at the center.
Catchy phrases, wordsmith painter,
Unique grunter, unique grantor.

Miles of floorboards have I to wash.
Eating the molecules of squash,
Not a pumpkin for riding posh
The mud shall slosh, the mud shall slosh.

Accepting this spurned invention,
Rex’s rhetoric subversion,
Eats those, pats those, cares to listen.
Dear religion: faulty pigeon.

Outright imagination beats
Category of things complete,
Union of cottages, drumbeats
Mountainous street, mountainous street

Expression finds us warily
Nimble scribes seeking clarity;
The time will end like currency.
Outrun tyranny, outrun heresy.

Don’t tell us you love little Roo,
Outset, from it, begin anew.
Catepillars don’t deja vu
Unlike babu, unlike bamboo

Mountaineering brings us hither
Extradition makes a giver
Nonentity Infinite figure
The road bitter, the rose quitter

A darkening sky is forming
Rooks in the castle forwarning
Solitary glances for morning,
Ink absorbing, ink informing.

© 2014 Maglia Weaver Twill

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I think it's really great how you experiment with form and style you don't limit yourself; you're not afraid to work with rhyme which you pull of and I think that's hard to do now. I'm not good adhering to form because I think it can be so restricting but the content of this poem still shines through. There is a progression of thoughts here I feel like I'm in the speakers head as they go through a quick succession of thiking

Posted 6 Years Ago

we absorb your ink....we are informed by your ink...and what is here is so true...religion is faulty...that crutch we really can't depend on...expression lasts, time wears out its currency...
imagination beats...yes, the road is bitter, and the rose might be a quitter, but the poet doesnt' quit on the words, and the words don't quit on the poet....tyranny and heresay outrun by the words.

a very interesting piece this is.
thank you for the read...

i like the introspection in your work, even though i am not a big fan of sticking too much to form...i like to see the content outweigh that...but that is editorial taste....i like the way you use words.

Posted 6 Years Ago

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Added on November 21, 2014
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