gruesome projects

gruesome projects

A Poem by Maglia Weaver Twill

anyone you welcome to read this but it may not be worth your time


Ghazal Customs Officer God, Twelve Documentaries
Irritability, consultant, young collaborator

Depressed her palm into her side, she did;   
Outlining her eyes in black kohl, her cards    

Decorously placed on the coffee table.                                               
Irritable, she places the used ones in the discard.      

Caving into social pressures.  She sees Jackie Chan
Intense in his roundhouse kicking.  Jerky charred,

Decreases the fat, for the Chicken in a marinade.
Outlasts the absence of smoke, and the hero scarred.

Ceases the memory for a lofty moment, talking trash,                      
Unprovoked, the hero goes nutty for Chestnuts,  a guard

Misguided by a host of paramours and every lame title for a woman.
Exceptional at billiards, he becomes a pink flamingo, not a retard,

Nightingale of the dark knight flying above the tree tops, elms, a
Terrestrial boundary no higher than 200 feet high.  Sunset boulevard

Allusion to some Hollywood names no one had ever heard of
Rehearsals, the bright young people in their twenties avant-garde
_________________________WAIT, START OVER________________________
Interface.  That is what’s happening here.  The old woman collects shoe boxes.
Outlet stores which carry the brand names make Alice dizzy.  Let’s disregard

Deprivation for a minute, now let’s start over.  There’s a nice telephone wire,
Old-fashioned, that Sherlock Holmes would have been certain to use to call Scotland yard.

Glaze your pottery.  What is the point of the pottery but to form the clay into something?
Allowances will always be made for the gentry, now son, looking for the St. Bernard.

Nickeled and dimed cities raved about dollars, then up popped the Five or Below.
Intermarry young lords and ladies, there are too many boys and knights eating lard.

Embankments look nice beside the babbling brook.  It talked to him, the fisherman.
Reincarnation turned the vampires into wooden stakes and bulbs of garlic, jarred

Exuberantly beside cucumbers and tomatoes.  These tyrannous adolescent youths find
Discrepancies between aesthetics and writing styles, making them quite sick and tired,

Intransitive jealousies and misunderstandings, crossed paths and unfounded convictions.
Observances séance like throw up, vomiting hospitals, blocked from our view the owl barred

© 2014 Maglia Weaver Twill

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Some very heavy at times existential observations here … very abstract and also very entertaining.

Posted 6 Years Ago

Whoa this really cool. I was wondering though what this refers to "Ghazal Customs Officer God, Twelve Documentaries Irritability, consultant, young collaborator?" It seems like there are a lot of layers to this. I've reread it a few times and am noticing different things which is really cool and I really like the 13th stanza but it kind of stood out to me in a way that I was sure how it worked with the rest of it, more so the first sentence than the second. All your descriptions are really good and unique "observances seance like throw up, vomiting hospitals" and "Intransitive jealousies" is such a strong phrase.

Posted 6 Years Ago

Maglia Weaver Twill

6 Years Ago

Thanks Madison, so you like from the point,
Embankments look nice beside the babbling brook. .. read more
Madison Janae

6 Years Ago

Ok I'm so sorry I wrote part of my comment wrong. I meant that I really liked the 13th stanza but wa.. read more

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