Survival Of The Fittest In Love

Survival Of The Fittest In Love

A Poem by Mahmoud Hadhoud

How to adapt and move on with your heart whether shattered or not ...


Will I make a fool of myself when I step up and tell her?, it sounds too easy but for me it sounds like terror, what if I finally faced her and accidentally made an error, this puts an end to years wasted training in front of the mirror, How can I face her golden eyes that always shimmer?, that always make all the stars in the sky look dimmer, should I just keep my lips sealed but will that make an impress?, and keep all my words buried deep down across my chest?, what if I tell her and accidentally made a mess?, this puts an end to my life and air entering with every breath!, consider my life ended and its a fresh start to my reign of death, what if the meeting didn't go as I forever planned?, All my love and plans will go with just a move from her hand, But what's life if you are not able to survive?, through the best and worst through all our lives!, being able to adapt with all the truth and lies, being able not to be deceived by a wink from her eyes!, Being able to think and concentrate or otherwise, you will keep feeling dead and disappointed in an unbearable size!, Just always think twice and remember that hope never dies, one day you will meet the right girl and the sooner you will realize, That all unlikely events occurred were just a blessing in disguise , Remember how to adapt always and that its not through the experience from age , Its your way of thinking and the ability to adapt with any change!, so go ahead face the girl of your dreams , it may not look difficult as it may seem.

© 2013 Mahmoud Hadhoud

Author's Note

Mahmoud Hadhoud
A lyrical kinda song, ignore any vocabulary or grammar error if any.

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Added on July 27, 2013
Last Updated on July 27, 2013
Tags: Survival, Love, Fittest, Shatter, Heart, Experience, Past, Mirror, Eyes, Face, Romance, Romantic


Mahmoud Hadhoud
Mahmoud Hadhoud

Giza, Egypt

Egyptian and proud. No Arabic accents. From the lands of the pyramids, from the deserts which ruled poetry thousands of years ago. more..