Chapter 1

Chapter 1

A Chapter by Rose Tyler

    Our journey begins in the Appalachians on some of the untouchable peaks.  Our pack has set up home here so that we are not found and hunted down like our brethren.  We are one of the few surviving full packs in the world and wish to keep it that way.  Once we found out the pack that used to live by us while we were down in the forests was hunted down and all were killed, we moved up here in fear of our own lives.
    The year is 2092 and the date is December 27.  The blood moon will occur in 1 month, on the 27th of January 2093.  Myself, Aden and Amergin will be leaving our pack shortly.  Our quest is not an easy one, but one that must be done.

    We live off of the land and never draw near to those humans places unless it's an absolute necessity.  Even then we loathe to have to go near them. I, myself, especially hate to have to speak with them if I need to.  They are such a primitive species still, and shall never know what it truly means to be free in this world.

    To be free to be able to do what one wishes at any given time and to have the freedom to do what they want when they want and how they want to do whatever it is they wish to do. Humans are stupid and have not achieved that understanding. Yet. They may find what they are looking for in the future though.

    "Lily! You must come quickly!" I hear my high voice ring out above the mountaintops, calling with an urgency I haven't heard since Jack lay dying in front of my father.  That is a day I shall never soon forget...


    "Jaaaaack! Come play with me!" I giggled as I called for my older brother a third time. He's always too busy to play with me anymore. He's always out with Mother or Father hunting or learning to be our next Alpha male. He's already been deemed the best one in our pack, perhaps out of them all.

    Jack tuned his head and looked at me disdainfully, wishing I would just go away and find something else to do.

    "Lily, I can't play with you now. I'm sorry. I have to go with Father. He wants me to go out and hunt for the first time. Alone. I'm srry. I do love you though." And with that, he was gone.

    I romped around in the snow for a little while, occasionally falling down or just falling for the fun of it. The day passes uneventfully and it draws near dark. The next thing I know, though, my father is calling my name with great fear and urgency.

    "Lily! Lilly? Where are you my dughter? Come quickly to my side, please!" At the sound of his urgency, I ran as fast as I could with my short little legs. When I arrived, I found my mother and father standing over my only brother. My only brother, who is now covered in blood and has deep wounds like no other on his body. One look at him and I knew he was a goner.

    I whimpered at the sight of my beloved brother's magled body: scratches across his flank and his tail broken. His left ear was half bitten off and he had three scratches on his right eye; I could only guess that eye was blind now. All of his bones were either broken or fractured from the result of... Whatever happened to him. I hid behind my father's leg and started to tremble.

    "Son. You know your mother and I love you very much. Lily does as well. The fact that I love you so means that I will end your suffering right here, right now. Do you have anything left to say to your mother, Lily or I?" my father asked.

    He coughed up a ton of blood before he was finally able to say a few words.

    "Father... I love you and the rest of our family... Our pack-" He coughed again a few times, spasms wracking his body. "I love our pack and the rest of us. Please. Just put me out of my misery right now. The pain-" He gets cut off again but another bout of coughing. By now he can barely breathe and I know for a fact he is close to death. "Father, please... Kill me."

    With that final request, my father sends me away. I hear Jack yelp once and then nothing. A painful silence ensued, and I could only guess my father had granted Jack his final wish...

© 2010 Rose Tyler

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I like the storyline, totally my thing. Your writing style, not so much. It seems very, erm, I want to say childish, the scene with the dying brother should be totally heart-wrenching but I cant take it seriously from the way its written. You've introduced an interesting world though, in the recent future so that makes it kind of interesting and I like the point of view from the wolf that humans are the priitive species.

Posted 10 Years Ago

Kills his own sun? Great ending to a chapter that leaves you hanging!

Posted 10 Years Ago

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