Almost Perfect

Almost Perfect

A Story by Rose Tyler

My first Doctor Who story; less-than-1,000-word assignment for class.

               Rose walked up behind him quietly and gently hugged him around his shoulders.  His suit fit him perfectly, not too tight nor too loose. He was still deciding on whether to wear his grandfather's silk red tie or a black bowtie.

               "You will be wearing a bowtie with that dashing suit, right Doctor?" she asked.

               She smiled at his reflection, laughed quietly and kissed him on the cheek. She moved to stand beside him.

               "Of course I will, my dear. What else would I wear to one of the most special nights in a human girl's life?" he chuckled and smiled tenderly back at Rose's reflection.

               Rose thought about this for a moment, and shrugged.

               "I suppose what you see fit. Though your choice would be to wear a bowtie, yes?"

               The Doctor just looked at her reflection, and put his bowtie on.


--Later that evening--


               "Rose, our song is on. Would you dance this final dance with me?"

               The Doctor extended his hand to his partner, and led her to the floor. Rose laid her head on his shoulder, and they danced.

               "Thank you for being my prom date, Doctor. I couldn't have enjoyed tonight any more than if I had gone with someone else." She smiled and pressed her face gently against his neck.

               "Of course I came with you. We've done nearly everything else together, so why not tonight?" he asked.  She thought for a moment and started to speak, when suddenly, the DJ cut the music. Rose looked up at the Doctor, opened her mouth to speak but thought better of it.  The Doctor’s face told her the whole story.

               The DJ’s skin was stretching, moving and rearranging itself, and the body itself was mutating into a new form entirely.  At first, Rose could only look on in horror, but the Doctor seemed to know exactly what was going on. 

               All the teenagers and adults alike started screaming, and chaos was inevitable.

               “Prisoner Zero is back,” he stated with a grave calm to his companion.  He reached for his sonic screwdriver in the inner pocket of his jacket, all the while never taking his eyes off of Prisoner Zero.  He then noticed, behind Prisoner Zero, was a Weeping Angel, looking peaceful.  He knew what both were capable of, and, without taking his eyes off of the Angel specifically, he gathered everyone’s attention very quickly.

               “Oi, everybody!” The Doctor called out.  Silence was immediate, and every person in the room turned to stare at the Doctor.  Besides Prisoner Zero’s barely audible white noise, you could have heard a pin drop in the complete absence of sound in the room.

               “Much better.  Now, I need you all to quietly and quickly leave the building.  Do NOT look at the two… Things at the front of the room, and just get out,” he half shouted, half spoke.  Each person did as they were told, but it was still deathly quiet because they were shocked that someone could make that many people listen to them, and that he was able to make everyone get out without a fuss.

               He then re-shifted his attention back at the Angel and Prisoner Zero, though he had never looked away.

               “All right, you lot, why are you here?  The humans don’t know how to defend themselves from you,” he snarled.  Just then, he took out his Sonic Screwdriver and pointed it at the monsters, pressed the button and then brought it back to find out if they were really there.  Indeed, they were.

               Now, how to get them out of here without either Rose or I getting caught by the Angel… The Doctor thought.  He started mumbling to himself, growing more and more agitated every second.

               He scratched the back of his head, when he came upon an idea.  The scratching slowed, and then stopped as a smile grew on his face.  He backed up slowly, and reached for Rose’s hand.

               "When I tell you to, I need you to run towards the Weeping Angel, and when I tell you to stop, I need you to drop to the floor as fast as you can."  Rose squeezed his hand as if to say, You're completely mental, but I'll do as you say.

               "Run!" he yelled.  This caught both monsters off guard, and when Rose was directly between Prisoner Zero and the Weeping Angel, The Doctor yelled for her to stop.  Rose dropped like a stone, and the Doctor froze Prisoner Zero with a fire extinguisher he had grabbed while the monsters were distracted by Rose.

               Prisoner Zero's eyes were frozen open, and it was facing towards the Angel, who was caught looking back at Prisoner Zero.  So now, the Angel could not move because it was seen, and Prisoner Zero could only move its eyes, which had no leeway whatsoever.

               "Now, Rose," the Doctor began.  "I need you to crawl backwards until I tell you to get up."  Rose did so, and when the Doctor told her to get up, she ran over to him and just looked him in the eye.

               "How did you know Prisoner Zero would not attack me, and that it would end up facing the Weeping Angel?" she ventured. The Doctor opened his mouth to speak, but Rose spoke again.

               "For that matter, how did you know the fire extinguisher would freeze Prisoner Zero?"  She looked at the Doctor expectantly.

               The Doctor waited a beat, two, then three, and answered as calmly and nonchalantly as possible.

               "I didn't know any of that would happen. I counted on it, my plan worked, and you trusted me. Isn't that answer enough for you?" He smiled. He extended his hand to Rose.

               "Come along, dear. We never got to finish our dance," he whispered. Rose took his hand, and they danced the night away alone, together.

© 2011 Rose Tyler

Author's Note

Rose Tyler
My first Doctor Who story, what do you think?

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First of all, there's some continuity problems, but they can be overlooked :3
Second, umm, Rose is, like, in her TWENTIES. She already had prom.
Thirdly, they sound a bit two formal until the Doctor shouts "OI!", which is a bit more natural.
Overall, I quite liked it :D

Posted 7 Years Ago

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