Talk to Flint

Talk to Flint

A Chapter by Jobyn

Whoa, look at all of the parts that go into Flint's gun...

You approach Flint.

You: Hey there, Flint. 

Flint: Yo, Rook! What's up? 

You: That's a lot of parts to go into a single gun...

Flint: Yep. When you're into using the big guns like me, there's plenty more room for upgrades than there is with handguns. 

You: Really? Like what?

Flint: Well, you've got pieces that can add certain elemental properties to your rounds, for starters. But if you really wanna get into it, you can even enhance things like increasing or reducing the velocity of your bullets, or add a part that divides them and spreads them out. 

You: That sounds awesome! 

Flint: Doesn't it? If you ever get your hands on some bigger toys, you know who to see. (Wink) 

You: Sounds good! So, how come you weren't at the party when Stiff came back? That night on the headquarters' roof... 

Flint: Ah, you noticed I was gone! Well, I was having a scheduled interview with our friendly neighborhood journalist at a local bar. 

You: You mean, Nael? 

Flint: Uh-huh. Now that you reminded me, he was actually asking about you!

You: What did he say? I feel like I haven't seen him in forever...

Flint: Oh, nothing important. He just wanted to know how "Fledge" was doing. Says his job has gotten a little boring without his "outside voice", and that both he and Nanaa wish ya the best of luck. 

You: (Chuckle) I see. 

Flint: Yeah, he said that aside from his mellowed out articles, he's been having some pretty crazy nightmares himself. He's thinking of writing a story on them-- that's how obscure they are...

You: Really? Poor guy. They must be the giant rooster nightmares again!

Flint: (Laugh) Probably.

You: Well, anyway, if you see Nael again, tell him thanks for me. 

Flint: Sure thing, Rook!

© 2012 Jobyn

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Added on July 28, 2012
Last Updated on July 28, 2012
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