Talk to Annie

Talk to Annie

A Chapter by Jobyn

Why does Annie keep looking at Taly that way...?

You approach Annie.

Annie: What do you want, Rook? 

You: Oh, uh... I was just wondering why you kept looking over at Taly like that. 

Annie: Meh...

You: Do you... hate her, or something? 

Annie: No. I'm just wondering why Vero didn't hang her off the side of the airship for what she did. 

You: Uh... Maybe because she's a girl? 

Annie: Nah. That's not it. Believe me...

You: Well, Taly's an odd girl... Plus, she's got a pretty powerful father with a high status. Maybe that's why? 

Annie: Maybe... But why didn't he eat my ginger bread cookie?

You: Did you say something? 

Annie: What? No! What did you think I said? 

You: I-I think I heard something about a cookie? 

Annie: Cookies? Wh-- Really? Just get out of here, Rook! Stop talking to me. Nobody asked you to come over here anyway! Hmph!

You: Fine, jeez... 

© 2012 Jobyn

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lolololol I love my character so much :D she's totally like me :D! other than being mean that is >_

Posted 11 Years Ago

hahahaha! aaww :( Fierce Annie ;)

Posted 11 Years Ago

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