Talk to Taly

Talk to Taly

A Chapter by Jobyn

I wonder what it's like for Taly; living with a guy like Sekai.

You approach Taly.

You: See anything interesting out there?

Taly: No, just water. 

You: You know what I've been wondering? What's it like living with your father? I mean, an ex-world's most wanted man...? He's gotta be pretty damn interesting. 

Taly: When I was a little girl, my father was hardly at home. I never got to know much about him, as he was always out taking care of new "business prospects". I never knew my real mother, and since then I had various mothers. 

You: Uh, various mothers? Sounds like he made his way around, Taly... Didn't that bother you? 

Taly: No. He didn't care much for other women, but I could tell he loved me. He took very good care of me, and was surprisingly delicate with issues that concerned my safety. 

You: Really? A guy like Sekai, huh? 

Taly: Yes. There was a saying among the other sky pirates who resided in our hometown. 

"Those who so much as gaze at Sekai's rarest treasure of them all, soon find themselves gazing endlessly at the fish of the sea..." 

You: Yikes... I think I see just how much he cared about you. So with no mother, and Sekai constantly out on business trips, how did you spend your time? 

Taly: Lion played with me. She was the daughter of the sky pirates' leader, who was close with my father. She liked to call me her "little sister". 

You: Is that so? I... Wait, Lion? 

Taly: Yes. We... grew distant as she began to take to her own adult matters. 

You: I understand. It's good to know you at least had someone to grow up with. I was feeling a bit terrible that you had to spend twenty whole years after you know what

Taly: Don't worry. I did not remember that until recently. 

You: Ah. I gotcha. 

Taly: I learned much of Steffan the Immaculate from my father. He told me stories of him-- prophecies

You: Prophecies, huh? Sounds like some good bedtime stories...

Taly: Yes, Many of those prophecies have come true. 

You: O-Oh. 

© 2012 Jobyn

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Added on July 28, 2012
Last Updated on July 28, 2012
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