Tides of Twilight - Chapter 14(Continued): Jedrek

Tides of Twilight - Chapter 14(Continued): Jedrek

A Chapter by Jobyn

After falling asleep during the airship ride, you wake up at your destination...

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You have arrived at your destination.

Libertine Harbor

Vero: It's about f*****g time.

Everybody was getting off board the airship upon arrival to the small harbor city of Libertine. It was really more of a coastal hamlet catering to tourists who made their way here by air or water. You could tell many of the people working around the pier were surprised to see a military presence in such a place. 

Annie: Ugh. My a*s is killing me... 

Flint: MSN Onion Icon Want me to rub it down for ya? (Grabby hands) 

Annie promptly drop kicks Flint into the water.

Flint: Agh! You could have just said NO! 

Annie: You'll never learn that way. Loser.

She dusts her hands and walks off in Vero's direction with her chin up, rather pompously. 

You: Yikes. She handles Flint's perversion with a grain of salt. Must be a recurring thing between the two... 

Taly shakes her head.

Taly: No. I've seen him do it to the other girls too. 

You: What a perv...

Flint emerges from the water and watches you, betrayed.

Flint: Onion Emoticon Set Not you too, Rook... (Spits water) 

Vero walks up to one of the men registering boats and aircraft at the pier and nods his head towards the airship. 

Vero: Is Jedrek in? I got a bird here for him. 

Man: Er... A bird? F-For Jedrek? Let me just, er, check with my manager. 

Vero: Hurry it up. I got many more to deliver. 

Man: I-I'll be a minute. 

The man was acting rather suspicious upon hearing the name "Jedrek". 

Without saying a word, Vero gave Annie a slight nod, who inconspicuously followed after the man until he reached the door of a building not too far from the pier. She went in after he did. Two minutes later, she came back out gripping a heavy set middle-aged man by the collar, who tried to resist her in vain. 

Manager: Hey! Let me go, crazy b***h! What the hell is the meaning of this!? 

Annie releases the man's collar and shoves him hard towards Vero, who catches him in his arm and holds the large jagged edge of his axe to the man's throat. 

Vero: So here's the deal. You take me to Jedrek, and you get to keep your ugly a*s head. Sound good? Playing dumb is not an option. 

Manager: H-Hey! Are you screwing with me? I-I don't know any Jedrek!

Annie: Sigh, wrong answer. 

Vero narrows his eyes and grasps the man's neck from the back. He yanks him in your direction fiercely and brandishes his two-handed axe. 

The manager stumbles into you hard, huffing and sweating nervously.

Vero: Apprentice, make yourself useful and hold the b*****d's head over the edge. I'll let the fishes deal with his dirty, lying face then. 

You: Wh-What!? Me? But I--

Manager: Look! Alright, d****t, alright! I'll take you to Jedrek, j-just please don't kill me! 

Annie: That's a good boy. (Smirk)

Vero: Give him here, Apprentice. 

You purse your lips anxiously and guide the frightened manager back in Vero's grasp, feeling your heartbeat return to normal. Vero looks down at the man, taking hold of his neck once more while hanging his axe back behind him. 

Vero: You got a ride? We'd rather travel low. 

Manager: Y-Yeah, I got a cargo truck out back... I'll take you there, wh-whatever you want...

Vero: I know you will.

Vero pats the manager's back and shoves him over to Annie as if they were tossing around some backpack. 

Vero: Cuff him up. I'll take the Apprentice here and another to get the truck. 

Annie: Yeah, yeah. 

Everybody else continues minding their own business, not wanting to get involved. Flint makes his way over to you and Vero as you accompany him to a small hangar behind the building the manager had emerged from. 

Flint: Damn, you've been using that scare tactic for years and it hasn't failed ya yet. 

You: "Scare tactic...?"

Vero: It has. You weren't there during the coliseum suspect's interrogation... Nothing we said or did got to that freak. As much as I hate to admit, that girl Sekai brought with him is the only reason we're here now. She dug s**t-deep in that f****r's head... Never saw anything like it. 

Flint: Whoa, that's not admiration coming from you, is it?

Vero lifts a hand up suddenly, causing Flint to flinch and jump away by reflex. 

Vero: Dipshit... And what the f**k are you looking so stupid for? 

He was referring to you, since you had been watching him curiously. You quickly fix your gaze forward. 

You: Oh, nothing, sir! So he wasn't really going to kill the guy? Sure had me fooled...

Upon opening the hangar door, the three of you are met with a bit of a surprise. 

Stiff's group; himself, Okina, Lion and three other Apprentices were laying low in one of the cargo trucks. Okina still appeared to be nervous around Stiff, though had her attention to your group now.

Vero: Gah, what the f**k is this?

Stiff: Oh? Onion Head Emoticons 24 Well, if it ain't our partner team. We thought you were the patrol, heh. Didn't wanna cause a scene... The heck kept you guys? 

Stiff's group eases off, sitting back up normally. 

Vero: Forget that, what the hell are YOU guys doing in here?

Stiff: We snuck in and found some notes here belonging to Jedrek, and what looks like coordinates to his little hangout. 

He holds up some notes and grins at Vero. 

Lion: We were about to comm in the details before we heard you three coming. 

Okina: Hi Rook, hi Flint! And, um... Vero, too, I guess. 

Flint: Stiff, my man! Lion, hot mama! Okina, what's good baby!? 

You: Heya. 

Stiff: Heh, how's it going buddy?

Lion: Did he just call me "hot mama"? 

Okina: (Giggle) 

Vero: Alright, enough with the god damn chatter. We got work to do. And we don't need your notes, we got what we need straight out of the pig's mouth. 

Stiff: Is that so? Then, how about we make it a race? Your "pig" versus our sound data! 

Vero: No! Shut up. 

Okina: What's the matter, Vero? You scared of losing? 

Stiff: I wouldn't doubt it, heh!

Okina and Stiff grin at one another, but then quickly look away as their cheeks go pink. 

Flint: Yeah, Vewo, you scawed of losing? 


Flint: GYAAAAAAAAH!  MSN Onion Emoticons

Lion: Wow, look at him fly. Nice shot, Vero! 

Okina: Jeez! Poor Flint! 

You: Yeesh...

Vero: Shut up! Fine, you b*****s are on! You think you can beat my group? 

Stiff: Now that's what I'm talking about! Let's get this show on the road!

Before you know it, Vero's got his whole team boarding the other truck next to the one Stiff's group was in, revving up their engines. The manager, while confused, remained paralyzed with fear by Vero and followed his every order. Especially since Vero threatened to castrate him with his axe if he lost to Stiff. 

Annie: Sigh. Figures that Stiff still turns on his brat mentality during important missions. Only a guy like him could lull Vero into a competitive race...

Flint: Well, you know Vero... He hates losing. Remember that time Stiff had Vero and us chasing after him across the jungle after taking Okina from his grasp? 

Annie: Well, I wasn't there, but I remember the scuffle that ensued  when Vero finally reached him at the old headquarters... 

Flint: (Laugh) Damn, I never seen Vero so pissed off before in my life... He looked like he was about to kill Stiff! 

You: Uh, if you don't mind me asking, what did you mean when you said Stiff took Okina from Vero's grasp? Were Vero and Okina, like--

Annie: No, they weren't! Hell would freeze over before you saw a pair like Vero and Okina together... Don't be stupid. 

You: Alright, alright, jeez... I was just curious. 

Flint: (Chuckle) It's not that. Haven't you noticed that Okina is like, the only hybrid of her kind? 

You thought about it for a moment. It was certainly true. Up until now, you had only come across feline hybrids like Mel, and rabbit hybrids like Naaj...

You had yet to run into any other monkey hybrids besides Okina! 

You: Funny, I never realized it... Why's that?

Flint: Well, you see, about three years ago when Stiff first joined the Brigade back in the old city, he went on his first mission to locate and retrieve a target-- like you are now. Except our target at the time was Okina. While we hadn't known what she'd look like then, we were sent out to the jungles to find an underground laboratory hidden inside an ancient temple. We expected no less than a freak, really...  

Annie: Stiff hardly got far when we got there. He was quickly taken out by a teeny little shrieking plant that puts you to sleep if it screams hard enough. We had to tie the idiot up in a tree where he wouldn't alert anyone of our presence, and left him there while we proceeded. 

You: Wow... How embarrassing. You're telling me this is the same Stiff as him?

You point at Stiff, who was laughing at Vero and giving him a fake salute as he drove his team's cargo truck into their own little detour. 

Stiff: See ya at the finish line, biyatch! 

You: Er... I guess I'm not surprised. 

Flint: Yep, but let me get to the part about Okina. So, it turns out the enemy was waiting for us in the temple, though neither of us got to Okina first. She had broke out of the laboratory herself and escaped into the jungles. That's when we assumed she met with Stiff... And when we got back to them, all hell had already gone loose. While the enemy got to those two first, Stiff managed to fight them off with the darkness-- which at the time we were unaware of, nor had we seen it. 

Anyway, Vero wanted to "dispose" of Okina, since the enemy was planning to use her for their own benefit... And that's when Stiff became Vero's biggest nuisance. He refused to let Vero kill Okina, and ran off with her across the jungle, taking a communal airship under our noses back to headquarters to confront our leader; Vincent, about it himself. 

You: Ah, and thus Okina joined the Brigade, huh? 

Annie: Mhm. She's got amazing reflexes, if I do say so myself; sure got some benefits from those experiments. So anyway, thus Stiff got his a*s whooped by Vero. 

Flint: I dunno! It was quite a fight-- you jumped in to stop them before a winner could be decided...

Annie: I wasn't "jumping in". I was just pissed about all the noise those two idiots kept making... They wouldn't let me sleep! 

You: Interesting... Looks like they still got a bit of a rivalry going on. 

You watch Vero, who appears fired up for winning while forcing the quickest route out of his squealing "pig". 

Before long, you arrive at a vast clearing from the green hills of this region to a stretch of land made up of dried dirt. In the center of it all, you see a large metallic building with what appeared to be some kind of wide track spanning around it-- kind of like a race track. Many other vehicles; particularly large ones, are set up there not too far from the building. You could hear the rumbling of various engines sparking up as Vero drives the cargo truck closer. 

Stiff's group was driving up right next to yours, having caught up at about the same time Vero did. Even so, the two appeared to have forgotten about their little race and nodded as they acknowledged the location up ahead. The two stopped the cargo trucks near the other vehicles. 

Vero grabbed the manager by the back of the neck and narrowed his eyes. 

Vero: So, this is Jedrek's place? 

Manaer: Y-Yes, d****t! I already told you, he hangs out at this Mek Circuit! It's how he gets his parts... You letting me go now!? 

Vero: No, I think I'm gonna hang onto you a little while longer; keep you as collateral if anything comes up.

Manaer: Urgh...

You: What's a "Mek Circuit"? 

Flint: Meks are custom-made mechanical armor-- Manned robots, if you will. As for the Mek Circuit, I have a feeling we're about to find out... 

Flint points ahead as both groups approach the track, mingling in with the crowd of cheering onlookers and Mek enthusiasts. There, on the starting line of the track, stood an array of large Meks, all of them manned by a single pilot. All of the Meks looked different in appearance; some looked big and scary and others looked small and sleek. Same thing could be said of the pilots. The machines were absolutely blaring. 

Vero shook the manager again.

Vero: So, where the f**k is Jedrek? 

Manager: H-He's over there man! 

The nervous manager pointed over at one Mek that stood out the most. It was shoddily put together, and appeared to harness large versions of elemental crystals-- like some of the Fire Crystals that Nael had given you a few days back. Riding on the pilot's seat, was a young, slender man who looked to be in his late twenties. 

The man had short and spiky black hair that matched the dark stubble across his chin and jaw. He bore a focused look on his sun burnt face-- which was darkened with oil from his Mek. He also wore a jump suit that was designed with the same insignia on his machine. It was impossible to see his eyes over the blackened goggles he wore over them for protection while piloting the Mek. 

A young, beautiful woman wearing a high cut leather top and some dangerously small leather shorts strutted across the track, smiling as the pilots whistled to her. She stopped mid-track and turned to face them, pulling out a gun from a holster strapped to her thigh. Pulling a pair of shades from her eyes and whipping her lengthy purple hair away from her face, she chucks the glasses high up into the air and aims her pistol at them without looking. 

She then shoots and nabs the shades dead on, shattering them to pieces as she shouts:

Woman: START!

The Meks suddenly haul their weight forward, racing past the woman and gaining crazy velocity with each step. The pilots, of course, were controlling them. 

The man named Jedrek had all but lost the focus in his face, and was now bellowing wildly in amusement. 

Vero: That's Jedrek? You trying to pull my leg, a*****e? 

Manager: I swear, d****t! It's him! He makes his game participating in these circuits! 

Vero: Bullshit. 

Manager: I-It's true...! These guys race for their Meks, nothing else! Jedrek takes his rewards apart and makes a bunch of s**t out of them! 

Vero: What kind of s**t?

Manager: Er-- Battle Meks, Weapons, Airships-- stuff like that! H-He created Libertine Steel Co. and makes a fortune out of his work! He also owns the harbor you came in from and-- Oh, come on, that's all I know! I just work for the guy, man... 

Annie: Calm down. If you're telling the truth, then there's nothing to be afraid of. I'd only start worrying about us if you were lying...

Annie puts a hand on her hips and watches the race. 

Annie: Looks like a normal punk with a fetish for machinery to me. What the hell could Exodus want with him? 

Stiff: Well, if he makes special machinery like that... I can see why he'd gain some interest by certain groups. Hmm... Weapons and airships? 

Stiff glances at Lion, who glances back at him. 

Annie: What is it? 

Stiff: Hm? Oh, I was just thinking. This race is pretty sweet, though! 

The crowd was cheering louder and louder as the Meks began to use what looked like dirty tactics at first. But when they kept doing it without penalty, it was easy to assume that it was part of the race. The Meks even started making use of built in weapons at one point. It didn't seem to matter if you had a fast or slow Mek, so long as you could tear the other pilots' machine apart before they reached the finish line... 

Jedrek's Mek was absolutely destroying the others. 

You: Wow... This looks so dangerous. No wonder they give up those Meks so easily as rewards. They don't seem to last long at all!

Taly: My father; Sekai, told me he used to participate in such events when he was younger. 

Stiff: Really? Well, he would do stuff like this, wouldn't he... 

Taly: Yes. This is very interesting to me. 

You: (Chuckle) Why don't you tell Sekai to teach you how to ride one? 

Taly: I became proficient at riding Mek Armor when I was ten years old. 

You: Whoa... really? 

Taly: Yes. 

Flint's eyes go wide as he sees one Mek go up in flames, causing an emergency team to run out into the track and extinguish it before the pilot burned to death. 

Flint: Damn! You mean you were riding these things in circuits when you were a little girl!?

Taly: Yes.

Lion: And that idiot Sekai let you...?

Taly: No. My father was not aware. He simply gave me the Mek Armor as a birthday present. I customized it under his nose, and went to Mek Circuits on my own. 

Okina: How scary... Why would a ten year old girl do something like that!? 

Taly: (Blinks) It was... Fun. 

They all looked at each other, baffled. Especially since she described such "fun" times with a rather neutral look on her face, as usual. 

Lion: What the hell... I can't even comprehend how they'd let a little girl join something like this.

Taly: I bribed the Mek Circuit owners. It was a secret. Nobody else knew. My father was a wealthy man; as such, money was not an issue. 

Flint: Uh, heh... So, uh, which part was the funnest for you, Taly? Not the, uh, blowing up other piloted Meks part, I hope? 

Taly: ...Yes.

Vero was overhearing the conversation, but shook his head and grunted. 

Vero: Will you fools focus on the mission for once? We're not here to enjoy the race or discuss our fondest childhood pastimes. We're here to capture that b*****d. 

Listening to Vero, everyone got back on focus. It didn't take long for Jedrek to win the race, and that included taking out every other Mek; not just the ones he needed to. As if it was common routine, he hopped off his machine towards the end and had his group of lesser engineers pick up the "rewards". 

Any of the pilots that were seriously injured were tended to by on-scene medics. Jedrek made his way into the metallic building and was quickly out of sight. That was when Vero ordered his group to move in, taking the manager with him while Stiff's group waited outside. On the way inside, the manager explained that Jedrek also owned the track that this particular circuit took part in. 

The building was like one large reinforced warehouse full of inoperable Meks and all sorts of other machinery. There were countless tools strewn about all over the place, as if they were picked up and dropped whenever whoever was done using them felt like it. 

Lying on a lifted "stage" area which was used as a large working station was Jedrek. He appeared to be taking a rest, waiting for his boys to bring his parts in. He held some pointy tool in his hand and idly traced the air in front of him with it, keeping the back of his head rested on his folded arm. He had slipped off the upper part of his jump suit and tied the long sleeves to his waist, now only in a white undershirt. While his face remained somewhat oily, one thing that really stood out from his rugged appearance were his exceptionally warm brown eyes, which were now visible. 

He didn't seem bothered at all by the Brigade's unexpected appearance, and kept to his random idling. 

Manager: I'm s-sorry to intrude like this boss, but these guys here were gonna f****n' decapitate me unless I brought them to you...! 

Jedrek: Well that sucks... (Uninterested)

Manager: H-Hey boss, I think you should listen to them... These guys are special forces from Eden!

Jedrek: What the hell is taking those guys so long? I need those parts... 

Vero: Jedrek. You're coming with us. So pack your s**t and get the f**k over here. Failure to comply will result in death.

Jedrek: (Yawn) Kiss my a*s... 

Vero licks his bottom lip and gives a light scoff, approaching Jedrek slowly.

Vero: Listen, I don't think you understand... You don't answer like that. 

Jedrek: Tweet, tweet, tweet, tweet.... 

Flint: (Whispers) Man, this guy is screwed...

Vero completely loses interest in the manager and shoves him away, drawing his axe as he approaches Jedrek. 

Just then, a large door begins to open on the left, letting in the daylight from outside. Three large men walked in hauling some hefty looking bags around. 

Jedrek: About f****n' time... You guys can go ahead and lay that s**t around there in the middle. 

Muscular Man: Sure thing bo-- Huh? These punks causing trouble?

The man was referring to you all. 

Jedrek: Nah, don't mind them. They're just a couple of birds who wandered in. 

Husky Man: I don't like the way they're looking at us. I'm not sure I can keep myself from shooing them away... 

Annie giggles, finding that way too funny. Her laugh triggers a negative response.

Tall Man: Check it out. This b***h thinks we're funny! 

Husky Man: Come on, boss, I've been meaning to let some steam out lately...

Muscular Man: Yeah, come on, I wouldn't mind bashing in a few heads... 

Jedrek turns his back towards everyone and sighs, irritated. 

Jedrek: Ahhh... Do what you want. 

The three men laugh in delight, picking their scrap weapon of choice and approaching Vero, who was closest. 

Five seconds later, all three of them were strewn about the warehouse, unconscious. However, even then Jedrek appeared to show no interest, nor did he even turn back in your direction. 

Vero: I flew across the ocean to get to you. Now unless you get the F**K up right now, and listen to me like a good little b***h, I'm going to lock you inside a little box and carry you off myself. 

Vero reaches for a random little box about the size of his palm and holds it out. 

Vero: This one will do just nicely. 

Jedrek: Tweet, tweet, tweet...

Vero draws his axe and promptly charges at the man. He leaps into the air upon reaching the stage and holds his axe forward, ready to slice the b*****d in two. The target didn't necessarily have to be alive for a successful retrieval mission... 

You: Wait... At that speed-- He's really going to kill him!? 

Flint: Vero, what the hell, man!? 

Indeed, he was going to kill him, but at the very last second, the exact same Mek that Jedrek had been racing in activated its large fire crystal and launched a steady stream of fire at Vero. It was so dense that it actually knocked him off course and sent him spiraling towards the wall. 

While it hurt like hell, the flames quickly died down, leaving only a bruised Vero. 

Vero: (Spits out blood) Son of a b***h... He saw it coming. 

Annie: What the? Flint, I thought you said these things were manned machines? 

Flint: Uh... They are! It shouldn't be possible for them to move on their own, let alone react...

The active Mek turns to the rest of you and begins revving up its other crystals, ready to attack. However, Jedrek sits up and hops off the "stage", stopping the machine and shoving his hands into his pockets to pull out a cigarette and match. He lights the match with the surface if his Mek and brings it to his cigarette, huffing out a cloud of smoke. Sliding his hands back into his pockets, he makes his way past you all while his Mek follows behind. 

He doesn't even bother with the rest of you. 

Just outside, Jedrek stops suddenly as his attention is caught by Okina, who was idling out there with the other group. He tucks his cigarette between his fingers and smirks at her, leaning against the building's doorway. 

Jedrek: Well, hey there... You come to watch me race? 

Okina: (Blinks) Um, wh-what? 

Jedrek: Damn, you're f*****g cute. How about you take a ride with me on my Mek? Let me show you how fast I can go... 

Okina: EH!? Free Animal Smileys

Stiff quickly finds his face turning beet red as he fumes and makes his way over to Jedrek. He grasps the man's shoulder and growls at him. 

Stiff: Hey, what gives budd--

Jedrek smirks as his Mek quickly reacts to Stiff's hostility. However...

Stiff reacted just a bit quicker, leaping up and away from the iron machine's swipe and landing inside the c**k pit. Surprised as he hears his machine going wild, Jedrek turns and pulls back, completely stupefied. 

Jedrek: What the f**k!?

Stiff: Huh, look at all these wires! I wonder what they all do? It's all so complicated, I think I'll just pull em' out one by one and see what wire does what function...! 

Jedrek: Don't do that!

Grinning wide, Stiff dusts his hands together and lowers himself out of sight, messing around with the machine. A few snaps could be heard, followed by a few sparks which is met with the convulsing of the Mek. It thrashes about all over the place, shooting out streams of fire and ice from its active crystals and causing everyone to move as far away as possible. 

Jedrek is the only one who remains nearby, throwing his arms up frantically and pleading Stiff to stop. 

Jedrek: Hey, come on, man! Will you cut that s**t out already!? You're not supposed to mess with that!!

Stiff: Yeah, not so slick-s**t now, eh? Ha~ha!

Stiff laughs in merriment, grabbing as many wires as he possibly could. This caused Jedrek's eyes to widen. 

Jedrek: Stop it! STOP it! 

Stiff: Do you reeeeeaaaally want me to stop? (Snaps one wire)

Jedrek: Agh! Yeah! I do!

Stiff: Are you suuuuuuure? (Snaps another)

Jedrek: I AM!

Stiff: Will you listen to us? (Starts biting down on another)


Stiff: Hmphmise? (Mouth full of wire)

Jedrek: Pinky f****n' promise!

Stiff: Well, alright I guess. I believe ya. (Wink) 

Stiff hops off the Mek, which briefly falls to the floor and deactivates itself. Jedrek then runs over to it, groaning in despair. 

Jedrek: F****n-A, man... This thing is going to take me days to fix!

Stiff: Too bad. You shoulda' thought of that before messing with another man's girl... Code of Bros, don't you know? 

Jedrek: Fuhuhuhuuuck... 

Stiff smiles at Okina and gives her a little peck on the cheek before joining the others, leaving her face to turn completely pink.

Stiff: You guys can go ahead and grab him. I don't think he's gonna be doing anymore resisting without his adorable little pet robot protecting him. 

Lion: Nice going. Did you have fun there?

Stiff: Hm... A little bit, yeah! 

Lion: Good to hear, kid. 

You walk out of the building with the rest of Vero's group, surprised to see the Mek already taken out with a groveling Jedrek. Without giving it a second thought, Vero runs forward and tackles the b*****d from behind with all his weight, shoving his face into the dirt and handcuffing him. 

Jedrek: Ough! Get the f**k off me! (Coughs out dirt)

Okina: Jeez, Vero's being exceptionally mean with this target...

Flint: Hehe, his robot there was giving us some hefty hell... Vero would have sliced the guy in half were it not for that scrap metal. 

Stiff: Really? He gave Vero a hard time? 

Vero: Will you shut up about it already? That f*****g piece of junk caught me off guard due to false data. 

Lion: False data?

Annie: Flint said those Meks aren't normally programmed to move around on their own... They need to be piloted from inside. Boy was he wrong. 

Okina: Then we should take that Mek with us while we're at it. 

Annie: Yep. That was the plan. It's different than the others...

Jedrek: You guys are signing your own death warrants picking me off like this... 

Vero presses Jedrek's face into the dirt, smirking.

Vero: That a threat, b***h?

Jedrek: Gurgh... (Rasply) No, it's a warning. (Coughs out more dirt) You dicks think you're the only ones lookin' for me!? You think I wasn't expecting something like this? Don't be-rmmphgh!

Vero keeps the young man's face pressed against the ground, not letting him finish. Jedrek kicks his feet against the dirt in protest. 

Vero: Uh-huh. We know. That's why we came to claim you first. 

Annie: Oh, so he does know about Exodus... 

Vero: Seems like it. (Raises Jedrek's head) Keep going. We need to know more about Exodus. 

Jedrek: (Cough) Who? That's not who I'm talking about...

Vero: Oh, really? (Sarcastic) Then who? 

As Vero turns Jedrek's head to face him, he's caught off guard as the bound machinist uses his own tongue to flick the cigarette that was still in his mouth at Vero's eye. This causes his captor to flinch and pull back hard, bringing the back of his wrist to his eye. 

Vero: You son of a b***h!

Jedrek: F**k you!

Jedrek rolls onto his own back and kicks Vero hard in the face, despite his compromised position. Vero growls in anger, pouncing on the machinist and punching him across the face a couple of times. Even then, Jedrek continued to resist, kneeing Vero in the spine. 

Stiff and Flint quickly jumped in to separate the two enraged men. 

Lion: (Whistles) I've never seen someone resist Vero so much before!

Okina: Yeah... Except me. 

Taly turns around and suddenly begins to scan the sky. You turn to her and raise a brow in surprise. 

You: Hey, uh... What's up? 

Taly: There. 

She points up at a distant area above, where the air begins to distort and form a pitch black flying object shaped in a pointed arch, sort of like a thick boomerang. 

You: Um, guys? 

Vero: What do you want!?

You: What is that?

You point up at the UFO as it begins to zap down some very odd darkened lightning bolts down at the ground. 

Jedrek: See!? I told you fuckers! 

As if having been transported straight down from the dark bolts, a large number of people began to appear. They lined up in formation and drew various types of weapons, looking at all the Brigadiers. 

You: Is that... Exodus? 

Vero shoves you out of the way and draws his great axe, completely forgetting about Jedrek. 

Vero: No, that's not Exodus you fool! 

The other Elites quickly form up as well, drawing their weapons. 

Okina: That's Legion!

Annie: The ones who started this war in the first place...

Steffan draws his double-bladed sword and separates the two weapons, narrowing his eyes as he steps ahead of everyone, pointing the tip of Seiryu at the new hostiles.

Steffan: So these guys are still around? Good, now I can get some payback for back then...

This particular group of "Legion" was led by a young woman with long, light brown hair tied up in a single lengthy pony tail with bangs over part of her face. She held two silver-plated katanas in both hands, like some kind of ninja. 

Okina: That looks like Kyrie... 

Kyrie: Warriors of the Brigade, you have a man of value to us. Hand him over, and we will consider being swift!


To be continued...

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© 2012 Jobyn

Author's Note

No choice this time, sorry! But I hope you liked the interaction between your choice of group!

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I find it amazing that despite having so many chars interacting at the same time you manage so well to keep their personalities in check. No character is the same as the other and it would probably be easy to tell who says what just by the way they speak! We had to wait a while for this, but man was the wait worth it!

Posted 11 Years Ago

I was a little confused at the beginning because I forgot why they were looking for this Jedrek guy but despite that it was a fun chapter! Reading about how Vero kept beating up everyone was pretty funny xD
And man you ended this chapter right when the real fights going to begin!!

Posted 11 Years Ago

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