Tides of Twilight - Chapter 19#1: Imminence

Tides of Twilight - Chapter 19#1: Imminence

A Chapter by Jobyn

Thus begins an extreme turn of events on all fronts...

Author's Lengthy Stupid Silly Apology Note: Gosh, there has been a serious delay between this chapter and the last, and for that I sincerely apologize. 

The main reason I've put this chapter off the last few days is because I had previously written about 70% of it, as well as a large part of the bonus chapter, all in one sitting until I practically wrote myself to sleep. 

Now, I had been working on this thing for hours, so by the time I decided to call it a day, I totally forgot to save it and plopped down on my bed to sleep...

Know what happened next? Any of you who are victims of Windows Update will know. 

For those unfamiliar, Windows Update has this really annoying tendency to randomly apply updates to your computer, and at times requires a restart. It'll prompt you about this and give you a TIMED option to delay the restart... However, if you have fallen asleep and have forgotten to save your work, you're pretty much SOL. (I know a guy who almost lost his job over this, no joke!) 

In the end, it's my own fault, yes for being so forgetful... But does that god damn prompt REALLY need to be timed? Oh well. 
Anyway, PLEASE FORGIVE ME SENPAIIIIS~ crying2 onion head  I hope you enjoy this chapter!

Hope you all had a great New Year's! My resolution? To finish this story! 

After heading into the forest with Claire and the rest of your group, it doesn't take long before you run into enemy resistance. Upon her orders, you and everybody else take cover behind the trees. You are surprised to see some Exodus soldiers throwing a few sphere-shaped objects into the middle of the clearing, which cut what appeared to be "mini" rifts into the air above them. 

From these rifts, a number of those obscure creatures you confronted in the Coliseum and in your vision of Einhera emerge. They immediately engage everyone in sight, including the Exodus soldiers that summoned them. 

You: It's those creatures again...!

Brigade Apprentice: What the hell are they!?

Brigade Elite: Who cares, they're hostiles! 

Claire: Those with any and all gun-- me and the other close-quarter fighters are going to need cover fire! Magic users, flank right and left and provide elemental support. Rook, Taly, this means you! Do not go out into the open unless I say so!

You: Y-Yes, ma'am!

Taly: Understood!

Claire: Everybody else, with me! 

Your anxiety begins to pick up as you and Taly join separate flanks, moving around the perimeter of the firefight. It was one thing fighting creatures, but it was also another taking on human enemies. You couldn't help but shift into the middle of the flank for fear of being shot at, all the while reassuring yourself that it was okay because you were still new to this. 

Taly didn't seem nervous at all. Upon getting into position with her group, she began heedlessly doing as Claire ordered via her frigicite powers. This inspired you if only a bit to do the same, engaging the incoming creatures with your group of magic users, even if those creepy shrieks of their still chilled you to the bone. 

The melee fighters that charged into the open with Claire were holding their own just fine, with the support of everyone else of course. Claire herself was unleashing a flurry of blows with her sword, and a portable shield that appeared to have contracted out of her advanced bracer via multiple solid plates that folded in and out of it. It was actually an intriguing fighting style, reminiscent to that of an elegant knight. It reminded you somewhat of Lady Emelline-- during your vision of Einhera. 

Well into the fight, you catch a glimpse of a shady character walking carelessly through the trees without so much as giving all the action an entertained glance. As he notices your alert towards his presence, he simply smirks at you and gives an acknowledging nod before pressing on. 

You realize that it was the same man whom Stiff had been fighting with in one of your dreams-- in other words, General Grau! With everyone's hands full, it's up to you to make a choice...

Please avoid using the "previous chapter" and "next chapter" buttons for this section, otherwise you run the risk of confusing yourself!

What will you do?

There is no right or wrong choice. These options are purely made for the preference of each reader, though nothing stops you from going back to choose a different option. 

© 2013 Jobyn

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Added on January 2, 2013
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