Tides of Twilight - Chapter 19#1: B

Tides of Twilight - Chapter 19#1: B

A Chapter by Jobyn

You decide to ignore Grau and remain in your group.


You remember Claire's orders and remain within your flank, providing both frigicite support and cover fire when necessary. 

Meanwhile, Vero's group finds themselves engaging Exodus soldiers towards the north western end of the forest. 

Vero: You Exodus punks don't have s**t on me! 

Without bothering to use his great axe, Vero lunges towards two soldiers and grabs them both by the neck. Lifting them up off the ground, he knocks their helmets together hard and then spins once on his heel in order to hurl them towards another set of soldiers. They fall over like pins. 

Lion: Looks like someone's having fun. Oh? 

Lion looks up to see two net-bombs and one tranquilizer bomb flying towards her. She reaches into her throwing knife pack and tucks two of the handles between her fingers, tugging them out. Being quick, she throws them towards the incoming projectiles and manages to throw two of them off course. But the third one posed a risk. 

Flint: I gotcha'! 

Flint aims and shoots a single bullet at the third projectile with quick and accurate precision, destroying it with that one shot. Afterwards he winks at Lion, trying to act cool. 

Lion: Not bad! 

Flint: Thanks. It was nothing, really!  

Lion: You know what would be even better? 

Flint: No, what? confused onion head

 Lion: If you worried about your own rear. By the way, heads up. 

Flint: Wha-- WHOA! whaaat2 onion head

He ducks back under cover as some enemy fire comes extremely close to nailing him.

 Lion: Dummy. I guess now I can return the favor! 

She picks up one of the net-bombs that hadn't been activated yet and hurls it towards the soldier shooting at Flint, who was completely unaware until he was caught in the net. 

Annie and Salnar were zipping past each other in a synchronized fashion, using their katanas to cut down some of the rift-summoned creatures that these Exodus soldiers had brought out. They quickly made short work of most of them, but just at the far end of the battlefield opposite to them stood a bulky armored soldier who was launching net-bombs and tranquilizer bombs all over the place. 

A few of them flew towards Annie and Salnar, who were quick to slash them away thanks to the range of their lengthy blades. 

Annie: Quit knocking them towards me! You're supposed to slice outward, dumb a*s! 

Salnar: Eh? What was that? I can't hear ye' over these blastin' bombs o' theirs! 

Annie: I said quit--!!

As Salnar slashed another towards his right; where Annie was, it managed to activate as it bounced towards her and entangled her into one of those energy nets. 

Annie: GOD D****T, SALNAR! desperate1 onion head

He turns and does a double take as he realizes she was caught in one of the nets. 

Salnar: What in the name of the seven-- Now what do ye' suppose yer doin' in that net there, lass!? 

Annie: You bounced the freaking thing towards me, idiot! 

Salnar: Ahh, shite. Don't ye' worry yer pretty face, I'll make sure that bleedin' son of an octopus pays extra fer this! 

Annie: Untie me from this thing first!

It was too late, he was already charging towards the heavy armored soldier. 

Salnar: Brace yerself, ye' basterd! Fer this next flurry o' sword attacks misses no single corner! Prepare yerself fer my Storm of the Seven Sea--

Annie: Shut UP! 

Salnar proceeds with his "special" attack, defining the name of it with a speedy array of seven slashes against the bulky soldier's armor. 

What's left afterwards, is a naked man in boxers trying to cover his middle area with his helmet before promptly retreating hastily into the forest screaming. 

Salnar: Arr, humiliation. innocent onion head

Vero finishes off what's left of the enemy resistance and points forward. 

Vero: We're moving on, you lousy fools! 

As everyone begins to press on, Salnar unties Annie, soon after receiving a hard kick to his rear. 

Salnar: cruch onion head Yeowch! 

Annie: Imbecile! 

Salnar: Fergive me, lass! 

She chases him back to the front of the group, all the while both of them shouting at one another. 

© 2013 Jobyn

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Added on January 2, 2013
Last Updated on January 2, 2013
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