Tides of Twilight - Chapter 19#2: B

Tides of Twilight - Chapter 19#2: B

A Chapter by Jobyn

I think I'll catch up with Nael for a bit.


You walk towards one of the passenger beds, where Nael sat watching over an unconscious Okina.

You: Still out cold, huh? 

Nael: Uh-huh. She's been stirring a bit, though. I think she'll be waking up soon. 

You: So, uh...

Nael: Sup? 

You: No breaking story on the Catalyst? 

Nael: Nah. He's gonna drive people crazy looking like that. Besides, Claire asked me not to mention this to anyone. She thinks it'd be best if the Brigade kept him under wraps for now. 

You: Oh, I see. Wow, for a journalist, you're pretty understanding! 

Nael: Hey, come onnn, we're not all that bad! Besides, you guys are mah buds! I'm not gonna betray mah buds! 

You: So what's your story? You working with the Brigade now? 

Nael: For the time being, yes. With everything happening as it is, I've been asked to archive a lot of important stuff, as well as serve as a guide for various locations. 

You: Oh, that's right. I forgot you did a lot of traveling for your work. 

Nael: Exactly. I've been to places you couldn't even pay someone to go to! 

You: Uh... I don't think I even want to know. 

Nael: Eh!? I don't mean it like that, ya jerk! Oh? 

Okina tosses and turns a few times before finally opening her eyes. She blinks at both you and Nael, then slowly sits up. 

Okina: Hnnn... Nael? Where am I?

Nael smiles. 

Nael: You're safe. We're flying back to headquarters. How're ya feeling? 

She rubs her head and winces, glancing down at her bandaged shoulder.

Okina: I have a huuuge headache... and my shoulder's on fire. 

You: You should probably take it easy. You took quite a hit there earlier.

Okina: No, I'm fine... Where's--

She starts to get up, getting a short look out the window at the Catalyst standing outside on the deck before Nael stands up and leans over in front of her, placing his hands on her shoulders. 

Nael: Take it easy, Okina. You were amazing out there, but I think you might have over-exerted yourself after taking on so many soldiers. You weren't in any shape to fight to begin with! 

You: Yeah, really...

Okina: Aw, fine... But only because this bed is so comfy. That man outside... Who was that? 

Nael: Looks like we got some time to kill. I suggest you guys take a nap or something, you must be exhausted after such a drawn out mission. 

You: I'm only a little tired, but thanks for your concern!

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© 2013 Jobyn

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Added on January 2, 2013
Last Updated on January 2, 2013
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