Tides of Twilight - Chapter 3: Settling In

Tides of Twilight - Chapter 3: Settling In

A Chapter by Jobyn

Never did I expect to encounter such diverse and so wealthy a people! So short and tall!

Deciding it would be best to keep a low profile while you find a job here in Eden, your instincts tell you to accept Nael's offer and stay with him. At least for now.

Nael: Sounds good to me. Good choice, buddy. (Gives you an 'OK' sign with his fingers) 

You: Yeah, well, it's only until I get a job... which won't take long. 

Nael: (Turning around and holding his hand up) Uh-huh. Comprendido, my amigo. You know what? I'm starving. Let's go get some food, grub, nourishment.

You: (Stomach growling upon the mention of food) Oh... that sounds nice but- 

Nael: I'll put it in your tab, Fledge. (Walking down Victorious March with his hands in his pockets, suddenly becoming extra casual as he murmurs from the corner of his mouth) Be cool, we got company.

You: Fledge? What's Fledge? (You blink and look at the guards walking towards you two down the road) Not these guys again...

Nael: Shhhhush. 

Guard #1: (Face lights up as he sees Nael) Oh! Hello there, Mr. Nael! Haha, I should have known you'd have this place covered by now! 

Nael: (Forces a smile as he attempts to walk past the guards) Yeah, well, you know me.  

Guard #1: (Chuckling for no reason, really) Yep, always at the scene! Can't wait to see the new article. 

Nael: Oh, yeah. Sooner I get home the sooner I can get started on it, yeah? 

Guard #1: Oh! Of course! Well, we'll be going then. You have a nice day, Mr. Nael! 

Nael: Why, thank you good sir. (Giving a slight wave) 

Guard #2: (Watching you closely, a narrow look in his eyes.)

You: (Smile)

Guard #2: (Stops) HOLD IT RIGHT THERE! 

Nael: (Jumps and turns to you) I told you to be cool!

You: I didn't even do anything!

Nael: Forget it, just run! (Suddenly takes off down the road) 

You: What? Wait! (You follow quickly behind, looking back once at the guards who just stand there)

Guard #1: (Dumbfounded) What the hell was that, man? (Looking at his partner) 

Guard #2: (Standing there, frozen, holding up your Entry Permit from earlier) I didn't mean to scare them, sheesh. I just wanted to give the new resident their Entry Permit... 

Guard #1: (Rubbing the bridge of his nose) Did you really have to yell like that? You need to cool it with the attitude. 

Guard #2: (Glaring) Well, maybe if you weren't such a kiss a*s you wouldn't have scared them off! (Suddenly stopping and looking down at the Permit) Hm... what was that newcomer doing with Mr. Nael, I wonder.

Guard #1: What!? (Shaking his head and waving his hands in the air) No. You're done. Let's get back to work. (Continues walking) 

Guard #2: Fine... I'll just give it back some other time. 


You find yourself in the West wing of town, in a place known as Windward District. Upon reaching this area, you and Nael stop to catch your breath. 

Nael: (Hunched over) Hoo, that was a close one... Though I can't help but feel like I made us look more suspicious by running away like that so suddenly. 

You: And you didn't think of that before?? What's the matter with you...?

Nael: (Smile) Sorry about that. I tend to think first before... No, I tend to act first before  I think. 

You: (Acknowledging his own correction) There you go. 

Nael: Yeah :} Anyway, about the name. That's what I'm going to refer to you as in my articles from now on. And to protect the integrity of that "fledgling" alias, I'd rather not hear your real name. So whatever it is-

You: It's- 

Nael: Nope. (Shakes head) 

You: But I'm- 

Nael: Shush. 

You: Nael! (Irritated) 

Nael: That's my name, Fledge. 

You: I was just-

Nael: Don't. 


Nael: Oh! (Smile) Why didn't you say so? 

You: BUT I- (Stopping, not wanting to get more fed up) Forget it. Just tell me. 

Nael: Fledge? Walk with me.  


Nael leads you across a small wooden bridge to a path leading into a residential area of Windward, following a stone path. The area is much different than the rest of Eden. Or at least, different than what you've seen so far. It breaks away from the city-like appearance and fades into a lush community of trees and streams that flow out of a pristine lake in the center. 

The houses, as well as the walkways are made either entirely of wood and any borders whatsoever made of earth and stone. You see a variety of hybrid people in this area, as well as small child-like folk who dress in the manner of adults. That is because they are in fact, adults. Most of them, anyway.

Nael: This is the Windward District, the greener and more prominant part of Eden. This area caters to the people who prefer a more peaceful and closed-in lifestyle; fishermen, scholars, farmers... even people like me who find it easier to write in such places. The list goes on. You'll find most schools that teach magicks centered here in Windward. And all the best places for food, as well. 

You: (Looking around at all the interesting people who appeared to be conversing about the mayhem back at the Square) Never seen so many kind of people in one area before that weren't adventurers. (A slew of cat-eared and rabbit-eared hybrid children run between the two of you, giggling and tossing an animated ball around) 

Nael: (Making way for the kids) Ah, cardian ball! I used to be a beast at that game when I was a kid. (Proceeding) Anyway, you got that right. While Eden was built around the concept of the Three Nations, many outlanders from foreign nations were quite intrigued with the prospect and were lured here by the smell of opportunity. This brought a lot of folk that had nary made contact with outsiders open up to us. So you see, Eden holds a very diplomatic position in the world now. 

You: That's quite an accomplishment. 

Nael: Uh-huh. It ain't easy grouping up people of various cultures. But somehow, the mayor and his team were able to do it. And he managed to stay under the radar the entire time. Gotta' give him props for that. Which brings me to the beak of Eden, and also the East wing. 

You: Eh? Beak? You make this city sound like some kind of bird. 

Nael: (Grin) Well, Fledge. If you were to fly up into the sky and look at Eden from above, you'd see a giant bird spanning its wings across the land. 

You: You mean...? 

Nael: (Nod) Yep. Eden was made in the shape of an eagle. Same as the city's banner. I gotta' say, that's pretty clever. 

You: Wow. 

Nael: Mhm. I wager it wasn't too hard for the combined ideas and intellect of the Three Nations to put such a city together in only two years. Anyway, I digress. The "beak" of the city; Eden's industrial section known as the Machina District, pecks our way into the future. 

You: (Snicker) Peck, huh? 

Nael: What I mean is that with all its wealth and refined technology, they allow Eden and the rest of the world to expand in ways never thought possible. Magicks can only get you so far. It was because of the people who run Machina(which is also where the mayor resides) that Eden was built in such a short time frame. The more they advance their technology, the higher in demand it becomes in the outlands... and the wealthier Eden gets. They got some really neat stuff up in Machina. You should check it out sometime. 

You: "Machina, pecking our way into the future" (Laugh) Just kidding, that's cool. I'll have to see it myself.

Nael: Psht. Then you have Eden's West wing, Juno. This section of the city is home to most of the royals or important people of Eden, with its fine architectural standards and provided security of the military branches, including the Brigade Headquarters. Juno was built and named in tribute to my old hometown which was nearly destroyed two years ago in an enemy invasion. It was that event in particular that spurred the beginnings of Eden. 

You: How so? 

Nael: Well, you've heard of the Great Crystal War that happened many years ago, right? It happened before we were born, but everyone knows of it. There was talk two years ago that a second war was in the midst. Some underground, highly-skilled terrorist group was plotting to "cleanse the world of evil and restore peace." They nearly succeeded, as well. My hometown, despite our elite military strength and the presence of the Brigade, fell to the enemy's dark power. Were it not for the undying efforts of the Brigade and support from the other nations, the people would have also fallen. 

You: That's terrible... sounds like it was a living nightmare. 

Nael: It was. I... prefer not to talk about it, but it was an important chapter in our history. It is what brought the Three Nations to set aside their differences and join together as one, just as they had banded together to win the Great Crystal War. The war against darkness. Eden provided us all with that new start.  

You: Sounds like you had it rough, Nael. (You assume he lost friends and family, but decide not to prod any further) I'm glad it's all over with. 

Nael: (Shaking his head) I doubt it's over with. Far from it. 

You: Huh? 

Nael: (Quickly shakes his head and smirks) Anyway, about Juno. It's the base of Eden, as you can imagine. All the estates over there are of the highest quality. Won't find any better in the city. A lot of memorials, too. I go there a lot to meet up with some Brigade members every now and then and conduct interviews. Sometimes involuntary ones. Heh. 

You: The Brigade, huh... they seem like an interesting bunch. Very helpful, it seems. 

Nael: Yep. (Nods as you two walk into a large building) They're among the most colorful people here in Eden. They used to operate in a mere inn that the leader owned, but now they have the works thanks to their military standing. (Turns to you and smiles, raising a brow) You know, I can introduce you to them if you'd like? 

You: (Surprised) Eh? Me? What for? 

Nael: (Pats you hard on the back) I can tell you're interested. You're like a kid when I tell you about them. 

You: That's... not true. 

Nael: Come on, Fledge, you can't hide words from a guy like me. Not possible. But now it's time to EAT! (Slams his own bag against a free table and heads over to a young cat woman behind the counter)  Yo! 


Upon treating you to lunch, Nael also introduces you to a pretty cat girl that goes by the name of Nanaa who used to be in the Brigade. She retired not long after Eden opened in order to pursue a new business goal that got her a lot of money. She tells you that while she enjoyed the treasures and pay she got from being a Brigade member, she rarely ever had the time to enjoy them.

Still, she keeps her bonds with the group and especially with her friends tied, acting out as an external consultant. When you run a few restaurants in town, information is easy to come by. On rare occasions, she'll recommend any worthwhile prospects to the Brigade. Being a highly skilled veteran, her words don't go unheeded.

You are well fed.

Nael: (Grabbing the last stray piece of his melon pie and dropping it into his mouth) Amnhh. (Wiping his hands together) Alright, I am full. (Looking over at Nanaa and snapping his fingers to point at her) That... was really good. 

Nanaa: (Purrs as she leans over the table with a smile) Don't thank me, sweetness, the chefs arrrre the ones responsible. I make money by standing herrre and looking pretty. 

Nael: (Smiles playfully) I wasn't aware this was one of those restaurants. Just kidding. You're doing great. 

Nanaa: How mean~ 

The two of them laugh, but Nanaa gives him a playful smack on the back of the head that was hard enough to make him stop for a brief moment. You had already finished your meal way before Nael. He was just taking his sweet time with that slice of melon pie.

Nael: (Ow... that kinda hurt)  

You: (Smile) Thanks for the meal, Nanaa. It was nice meeting you. This is a nice place you got. 

Nanaa: Thank you for the business, dearrrr. I'll be surrre to let the Brigade know you're a polite one. 

You: (Blinking) Wait, what? The Brigade? Um, I...  (Looking over at Nael) 

Nael: (Winks while rubbing the back of his head) 

Nanaa: (Giggles as she ruffles your hair) 

You: Uh...? 

Nanaa: Ee hee, I'm sorrrry, you just remind me of anotherrr fledgling that wanted to join nearly three years ago... 

You: (Tilting your head curiously) Oh, really? 

Nanaa: (Pulling her hand away with wink) Mhm. He had no idea what he was getting himself into, that's all. 

You: (o_o) 

Nael: Hey, come on Nanaa! Don't scare Fledge like that. I haven't been this interested in someone for a while now... Imagine how many people will be tuning in to read about the hell Fledge will-- Er I mean... this is going to be very interesting. It's always fun to see how a newbie will turn out. Especially an outsider, like he was. (referring to the one Nanaa spoke of) 

Nanaa: That's cerrrtainly true. I'll be tuning in for surrre. 

You: (Raising a brow) Like who?

Nanaa and Nael only smile at each other.


The sky had settled well into the evening by the time you and Nael left the restaurant. Making your way back through the Windward residential area, you come across a cozy little manor that was big enough for a decently-sized family. However, it was only occupied by Nael. 

Well, you and Nael. 

Nael: Here we are. Welcome to my little villa. (Walking up the steps)

You: This is a nice house... (Following behind)

Nael: Yeah, well, it may or may not be a little messy in there. (Chuckling nervously as he fumbles with the door) I like to bring some friends of mine from the Brigade over every now and then to do stupid stuff... (Opens the door and sighs in relief) Oh good, I remembered to clean this time. 

You: Okay. 

Walking inside, Nael activates some illuminating crystals along the walls that light up the place as if it were day time. Immediately upon walking in and looking around, you see that this place was made for comfort. A neat little fireplace at the end, countless settees and bean bags, various tables and counters, many portraits along the walls depicting a lot of the wild areas around the world and the like. There is also a big fishing tank at the far wall that appeared decorated as though it was set up for fish, but was empty. 

On the wall opposite of you, you see countless papers plastered along it with what appeared to be self-made sketches of people. 

Nael: Ah! (Hurries over to the wall and pulls on a small lever that "unlocks" it, allowing him to turn the wall around so that the blank side locks into place instead) You weren't supposed to see those! They're, uh... sacred. 

You: (Snicker) So you're a writer and an artist? 

Nael: NO! I mean... nah. They're just people I work with every now and then. It helps to write about them when I'm actually looking at them. (Knocks on the wall with a shrug) I have a hard time writing when I'm just looking at the piece of paper in front of me... 

You: I see... no wonder you kept pulling your journal out at the most inopportune time earlier. 

Nael: (Grin) So sue me, Fledge. Come on, I'm gonna show you to your room so I can get to work already on this article. 

He leads you up the stairs and into a room that was about as cozy as any other in his home.

Nael: There we go, the fledgling suite. There's more blankets and pillows in the closet, bathroom is self-explanatory, need anything else just let me know. (About to leave the room when he comes back and points at you with narrow eyes) ...Please don't pee on my bed. (Leaves and closes the door) 

You: What the... (Shaking your head) As if I was six years old. 

You hop onto the bed and think about getting some much needed sleep, but contemplate thanking Nael properly.  So you get up and decided to do so. 

Walking halfway down the steps, you spot him working on his article rather diligently. He holds his pen in one hand, writing with it and holds his journal up with the other. You watch him continuously eyeing the hot cup of tea beside the paper he's working on, but he doesn't stop to take a sip. No, he's gotten far too into the groove of his writing to stop now. 

So instead, Nael leans forward and clamps his teeth down on the rim of the cup, very slowly leaning back up and lifting his chin. All the while he continues to write while raising his head until the tea pours down into his mouth. You watch as the unexpectedly hot liquid causes him to flinch hard and drop the tea cup on the desk, spilling hot tea everywhere while he pats his burning mouth and looks at his soiled work. 

Nael: Ahhh! DAMN! 

You: (I'll just thank him tomorrow... el oh el) 


You are met with a strange dream that night. 

In the dream, you find yourself surrounded by darkness... though you can't see yourself. Everything is pitch black. 

What you do see, however, is two little boys running around merrily, giggling and fighting each other with wooden daggers that are like swords to their little grasps. One boy has brown hair while the other has a head of blonde hair. They play and have fun as if nothing is wrong, despite being shrouded in darkness. Like they're happy just being able to play together.

You attempt to call out to them, wondering where you are... but your voice does not come out. All you can do, is see and hear. You watch the two boys play fight for a while, then get bored and decide you want out now. Plus, this place is kind of creepy. However, when you turn away to look for a way out, you hear the sound of a brandishing blade and a gasp. 

Looking back at the two boys, you see the brown haired one giving a grim and surprised look at his blonde friend. The other looks just as shocked- if not, mortified at what had just happened. You look at the dagger in his hand, now a real dagger, driven straight through the brown haired boy's gut. The blonde boy continues to look down at the dagger, and then at his friend, confused. 

What are you doing!? You try to shout, but again, nothing comes out. 

Eventually, the brown haired boy falls back with the knife stuck into him. He remains there in silence as the color in his eyes fade out, leaving his traumatized friend who had somehow stabbed him with the wooden dagger that had become real standing there. He breathes heavily, stepping away from his friend's corpse and begins to run. However, he runs in place, not moving. 

Just then, a light begins to rise over what appeared to be a darkened hill in the distance. Bathed in that light, the hooded visage of a man appears. Standing beside him, was the shape of a little girl who's shoulder he held almost comfortingly. She stuck to his side like a daughter would to her father. They appeared to be looking at the little blonde boy, who now stopped to look at them with widened eyes. 

The hooded visage held its free hand out, beckoning the boy to come to him. The boy followed. And this time, he began moving slowly across the darkness no longer just running in place. The boy went to the man whole-heartedly, not once looking back. Upon reaching him, the three of them disappeared leaving only the light. 

It wasn't a mere light, however. Getting a good look at it now, you see that it is some sort of glowing glyph in the shape of an eye. It watches you, never once pulling its gaze away. Even as you move forward to aid the little brown haired boy, the twilight-colored eye follows you.

As you lean down and attempt to reach forward, the little boy's body vanishes. The twilight eye closes, leaving you only in darkness once again. 

You wake up the next morning to the sound of Nael's voice...


Nael: Yo! (Knocking on your room's door) You awake, Fledge? Rise and shine. (He walks in after the warning) Today's the Brig day. Heh, you saw what I did there. :} 

You: Ah! (You spring out of bed after coming to) A nightmare...? 

Nael: Eh? (Blinks and leans forward) You look like hell, Fledge. Wanna talk about it? 

You: I... 

 Nael tells you to get up and get ready for today. But he notices you are rather disturbed about your nightmare. You don't ever recall having such vivid dreams before. 

Will you tell Nael about it, or ignore it and move on? 

1). I get nightmares all the time! I'll be getting ready now. (0 votes)

2). I'd feel better if I talked about it. That was way too weird. (3 votes)

**Results have been tallied.


To be continued...

(Leave your choice in the Comment/Review section below)

© 2012 Jobyn

Author's Note

Anyone new to this story, please don't be afraid to participate! It is open to any and all. The more variety in choices multiple people make, the more diverse the tale :)

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I pick 2
That dream seemed like it held important meanings and i really want to figure out what happened :o although i might have a pretty good idea of what it was about

really great story! I love the comedic scenes you have in this chapter. it was fun to read :)

Posted 11 Years Ago

3 of 3 people found this review constructive.


picking 2

that was weird lol story was all funny up until that dream that was just creepy

you do a good job of describing the scenes in the story but you only detail whats important and not boring stuff. good job mike

Posted 11 Years Ago

2 of 2 people found this review constructive.

2 :S

Posted 11 Years Ago

3 of 3 people found this review constructive.

I pick 2
That dream seemed like it held important meanings and i really want to figure out what happened :o although i might have a pretty good idea of what it was about

really great story! I love the comedic scenes you have in this chapter. it was fun to read :)

Posted 11 Years Ago

3 of 3 people found this review constructive.

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