Tides of Twilight - Chapter 6: Decisions, Decisions

Tides of Twilight - Chapter 6: Decisions, Decisions

A Chapter by Jobyn

These people make it really easy for me to feel lost...

$: 500G
In the midst of your rumble against the spriggans, you and Nael watch in horror as they turn into a larger one bearing limbs. And so, the real fight begins... 
 The Spriggard readies: Smog

The Spriggard uses Smog! Your vision becomes poor. 

You: (Coughing, holding your arms up) Gah! What's with all this black stuff!? 

Nael: (Cough) Wheeze! Well that's just great! Now how am I supposed to see what I'm writing? 

You: I think we have bigger problems... (Wincing as you look through the smog at a pair of incoming, small red eyes) Um... LOOK OUT! 

The Spriggard swipes its arm at you and Nael, easily landing the blow due to your poor perception. Both of you are thrown off to the side.

Nael: Agh!

You: Guh...! 

Nael takes 100 points of damage. (200/350HP) 

You take 89 points of damage. (211/300HP)

Nael: Owowow... that hurts! (Rubbing his side) 

You: (Scrambling to pick up your sword) How am I supposed to fight this thing...!?

Nael: (Pointing at your bag as he jumps up to his feet) Use the bark!

You: Bark? Oh yeah! (Fumbling inside your pack and pulling out a piece) I've got it! Haha! Now then, you damn ball of soot! MSN Onion Icons Prepare to-

 Before you can even see it, the Spriggard swipes at the bark right from your hand, leaving only a tiny chip of the wood left in your grasp. 

You:  MSN Onion Emoticon Set Wh-What the!? I thought these things were scared of sacred bark! Onion Icons OOF!

The Spriggard lands another blow on you.

You take 73 points of damage. (138/300HP)

Nael: Hey, Fledge! Catch! (Throws a Fire Crystal at you, which you see clearly through the black smog due to its fiery tone) Try it with a lit piece of bark, I'll distract him! (Runs into the smog and out of sight) 

You: (Catching the Fire Crystal) Ugh... I doubt this is going to work but... here goes nothing! 

You make haste to light another piece of bark with the crystal, not liking the crashing sounds coming from within the smog followed by Nael's goofy yelps. To your surprise, the smog appears to pull away from the embers of the lit bark. Being quick so as to not burn your hand, you make your way through the clearing smog and are faced with the Spriggard's backside. 

You: Hey, you! 

The Spriggard turns to look at you, dropping Nael to the floor and roaring right in your face, ready to attack once again. 

However, you throw the smoking sacred bark into its mouth mid-roar, causing it to stop and pull back with a confused grunt. Moments later, it starts to panic and run around in a frenzy as a bunch of smoke rises from the inside of its mouth. It manages to stumble on the floor and thrash about, trying to cough up the bark. 

Nael: (Rolling out of the way, groaning) Ugh... Fledge, don't let it cough the bark out... get the b*****d! (He tosses you another Fire Crystal) 

You: Okay, I'm on it! (Catching the crystal as you hurry over to the thrashing Spriggard, pulling out your Onion Sword) It's payback time! 

Timing it right, you light some more sacred bark with the Fire Crystal and chuck it inside the frenzied soot-monster's mouth. Soon after, you follow that with a clumsy flurry of attacks with your dull blade. 

You used fiery sacred bark! The Spriggard's health decreases. (-10HP/s)

The Spriggard takes a total of 564 damage. (436/1000HP)

You: How do you like that, fat spriggan? Onion Emoticons Bwahahaha! 

Nael: (Although beat up, still writing in his journal) Cocky... 

The Spriggard finally manages to cough out the bark. Disoriented, it swings at you once again but misses. Taking the opportunity of drawing you away from its attack, it quickly bolts for the door leading into Mrs. Medina's house and breaks it down rather easily with its large size. 

You can hear Mrs. Medina scream in fright from inside.

Nael: Oh shi- Fledge! Hurry after it! 

You: Crap! I didn't think it would get back up! (Running in after it) 


Both you and Nael quickly make it inside, but can only find the front door leading outside of the home broken down, with a frightened Mrs. Medina staring in shock. 

Nael: Are you alright, ma'am!? 

Mrs. Medina: (Hands over her mouth, wide-eyed. She answers only with a nod)

You: Where is it? It looks like it ran away... 

Mrs. Medina: (Takes a deep breath) Yes... It suddenly burst into my home but didn't even come after me. It just tore down my front door and ran towards Eden Forest in a hurry! You must have scared it off. It was so big, though! I was quite scared... 

You: I'm going after it! (You start to run outside, but Nael stops you)

Nael: Hang on, Fledge. It's too late now... that thing is way too fast. You'll never catch it in a place like Eden Forest! 

You: But... but I had it! 

Nael: That you did! But there was only so much damage that dull Onion Sword could do. Oh well, the important thing is that it's gone, and Mrs. Medina is safe. I don't think that thing is going to be craving windmill anytime soon. 

You: Sigh... I guess. 

Mrs. Medina: Yes, as long as it leaves us alone, I'm happy. Though, it would have been nice to know it wasn't going to bother anyone else for sure again. I would have gladly increased your reward for that. 

Nael: Yep! But, a deal's a deal. Guess you're getting minimum wage this time, Fledge. Tough luck. 

You: Darn. I still can't believe it got away from me. 

Mrs. Medina: (Smiles consolingly) Here you go! As promised. Thank you very much for your help. I can't wait to read about it after the article is published. 

You have received 1,000 gil! 
(Total: 1,500G)

*Trivia: Gil is the currency that will be used in this story. Depending on everyone's votes, you may use it to buy items that become available for you to purchase as the story progresses, such as better equipment that will aid in full completion of quests like this one. However, nothing good comes from spending your money all at once! You may find yourself unable to buy an item you might want later on due to a previous purchase. 

The current total amount of gil you have will be shown at the upper left of each chapter.

You: Thank you. Sorry about the mess...

Mrs. Medina: It's quite alright! My husband like putting things together, so I'm sure he won't mind replacing our doors. (Giggle) Well then, now I know who to call during a Spriggan emergency!

Nael: You hear that Fledge? Good for you. No, really. Didn't even need my help, right?  MSN Onion Emoticons You sure handled that all by yourself. Cuz' I totally just sat back and watched and not, like, grab that thing's attention for you.

You: (Laugh) Okay, I'll admit. I couldn't do it without your help. Listen, if you want me to pay you back for those crystals... 

Nael: (Grin) Aw, I'm just kidding! I don't need your pocket money, it's all yours buddy. (Closing up his journal) Believe me, I'll make my money's worth through that article. 

You: Okay, if you insist! 

The two of you bid farewell to Mrs. Medina and make your way out of Machina District. Your next destination is Juno; the Brigade Headquarters. 


Nael: So, how'd you like getting your butt nearly handed to ya by a giant spriggan for a nice lady like Mrs. Medina? The pay was nice, right? 

Question 1:
Nael asks for your thoughts on the everyday questing career of a typical adventurer, as opposed to the life of a Brigade member which you have yet to experience for yourself.
1). It's pretty fun, I guess. The pay is okay. It appears to do wonders for my reputation. (1 vote)
2). I think I could be making way more as a Brigadier. Considering they fight some crazy beasties... (1 vote + Author's vote)

**Results have been tallied

Nael: Oh? Well, well, looks like we have some company!

As you two enter Juno, you are met with the familiar monkey-hybrid girl from before who lured the King Behemoth away, as well as two people that seem to be her friends.

Okina: Hihi Nael! Free Animal Smileys  Where have you been!? Writing again, I bet! Huuuuuuh? (Tilts her head curiously, poking Nael on the chest)

Lillian: (Smiles and waves) Hi there, Nael and person I don't know! th mimio 22 Mimio Girl Emoticons

Ben: (Smoking a cigarette, looking half-interested)  Onion Icons  Sup.

Nael: Onion Icon Okina, my love! Where hast I been, you ask? You've been looking for me!? Did you want to ask me something? Maybe something intimate?? MSN Onion Icon

You: Onion Emoticon Set (Wtf, Nael?)

Okina: Eh!? Free Animal Smileys That's not what I meant! I was just- 

Lillian: th mimio 6 Mimio Girl Emoticons  Okay, okay, break it up Nael. You know Okina has a man she's waiting for already...

Nael: Onion Emoticon Set Ah, yes... that man. My arch-nemesis... But! But- Onion Emoticon Set  Argghhh! He's been gone for over two years now! What kinda man leaves such a cute girl for that long!? MSN Onion Emoticon Set This is an outrage, I tell you!

Okina: Nuh uh! He didn't leave-leave me... Free Animal Smileys He just needs to focus real hard on his training! 
Ben: Onion Emoticon Set

Lillian: Calm doooown~ Just take a deep breath and introduce us to your friend, okay? (Hoping to take his mind off of Okina's boyfriend)

Nael: Oh, I suppose you're right... I apologize for talking bad about Mr. Hero. OooOOoo look at me, I'm going to save the wooOooOorld~ Onion Icons (/sarcasm) Anyway, this here is a possible new prospect to the Brigade! If you've been tuning into the articles I've been submitting via pearl to the Tribune, you'll know that this is... Fledge! (Pulling you over to everyone) Fledge, this is Okina, Lillian, and Ben! 

Okina: Hiya, Fledgie! (Waving at you) It's nice to meet you! Are you going to be joining the Brigade? You'll be the new newbie if you do! Lillian and Ben joined last year, so they're still kind of new too...

Lillian: Hi! It's a pleasure to meet you. Yep, we haven't been here long but... I think we fit right in with our l33t skeelz! th mimio 19 Mimio Girl Emoticons Plus, my fingernails ROCK! (Shoves the back of her hand in your face) Look how pretty they are! 

You: (Pulling your head back in surprise) Oh... yeah, they're really nice, heh. And I'm not sure quite yet if I'm joining or not, but I'd like to look into it. You said all you guys are in it? That's cool... ("Hm, they look like regular people to me. Must be easy to get in.")

Ben: Onion Icon Uhhhh... I don't feel so good... 

Nael: That's right! You're looking at some of the most elite members in the Brigade. Surprised? You shouldn't be! Although they're pretty young, they are rather skilled in combat. In fact, the majority of the Brigade's brightest and strongest members are among the youngest. 

Lillian: Oh, come on, that's not true~ th mimio 3 Mimio Girl Emoticons Me and Ben are still a few ranks lower than Okina... 

Okina: You two are on your way, though! (Smiles) 

Ben: MSN Onion Icon

You: (Blink) Really? I guess it makes sense, considering Okina mounted that King Behemoth yesterday like a mule... 

Okina: (Tilts head curiously) Eh? King Behemoth? OH! The one that escaped... we're not 'sposed to talk about it. It's... (Whispers) classified. Free Animal Smileys

You: O-Oh... okay. I was just remembering is all. 

Nael: Where are you guys headed, anyway? 

Okina: Oh, that's right! Lady Claire sent us on a mission to the Atlus Coast... we were just heading there, actually. But that's also... (Whispers) classified. Gotta' go now, bye Nael! (Hurries off) 

Lillian: See ya! th mimio 7 Mimio Girl Emoticons

Ben: (Starts crawling away) Later. Onion Emoticon

You: (Wave) That was interesting. 

Nael: Ughuhuh... they're going to Atlus Coast. That means they're going to the beach. I bet my Okina-chan is going to go swimming in a cute swimsuit.... Okina-chaaaan! Onion Icons

You: You can be such a big dork, you know that? Come on, get up... 

Nael: (Gets up and sighs) Alright. Let's get this show on the road, Fledge. 


You arrive at the Brigade Headquarters. It is a large, reinforced building with a design akin to the Machina District. It has three floors in total, with its large roof top acting as a garden and airship landing station. Each floor has a passageway that leads to a specific district of the city.

As you approach the entrance, Nael is suddenly taken hold of from behind by what appears to be a woman wielding a great katana. She had appeared out of nowhere! 

Nael: Agh! MSN Onion Icons Let go!

Annie: (Holding Nael's hands behind his back, sword's edge to his throat) What brings you to our headquarters now, writer? Didn't you and your friend here cause us enough trouble yesterday? (Narrows her eyes at you) 

You: (Blink) Oh... you're that woman. 

Nael: Come on, Annie! I have a meeting with Lady Claire! No Joke!

Annie: Oh yeah? (Raises a brow suspiciously) About what? 

Nael: Fledge over here might apply to join the Brigade! (Looks desperately at you) 

Annie: (Scoffs, looking you over before giving a smirk) This? You're kidding, right? This is the same loser who scurried away from that King Behemoth with you, yesterday... You expect me to believe they would have any sort of chance of joining, even if that were true? 

You: I wasn't running! I was... uh... 

Nael: Fledge was being tactical! 

You: Yeah... Yeah! I was. 

Annie: Uh-huh. I call bull. 

Suddenly, you hear a woman's voice calling out from the entrance of the building.

???: It's fine, Annie. They're telling the truth. 

Turning to look, you see a tall woman who appeared to be in her mid-20's with long silky black hair and lengthy, pointed ears. Her features were elegant and beautiful, though sharpened by a firm stature and expression that easily defines her status. 

Nael: Ah! Lady Claire! Thank goodness you're here... 

Annie: Tch. (Releases Nael) You got lucky this time, punk. 

You: ("Huh, so that's the leader of the Brigade?") 

Claire: This must be the fledgling from the Tribune, then? Nanaa told me about you. (Sizing you up as she makes her way to you and Nael) How... ordinary. 

Nael: Oh, Fledge doesn't look like anything special but believe me, I can tell a good prospect when I see one! And Fledge over here is ready to take on the world. Ain't that right? (Turns to you with a smirk) 

You: Hey, I'm just looking for work... right? 

Nael: My dear Fledge, MSN Onion Emoticons you are far too modest!

Claire: Hm. What exactly have you two been up to? You are quite dirty and bruised. 

You: Oh, um... well-

Nael: Ah! Well, fair Lady Clair, we have just returned from a small quest that Fledge here had embarked upon! 

Claire: A quest?

Nael: Mhm! You know Mrs. Medina who lives at the windmill in Machina's second plate with her husband? She's been having a spriggan problem as of late... and- 

Claire: (Interrupts) Well, I can just read about it in your next article, yes? I'm sure there is plenty to tell. I apologize for being so brief, but we are quite booked at the moment with missions, applications, and collaboration with the coliseum event starting tomorrow. While I haven't heard much of you, fledgling, I am quite sure that you are about as able to try out for initiation into the Brigade ranks as any of the other little boys and girls who think they have what it takes. 

You: Oh, uh... yeah?

Claire: One thing we absolutely do not tolerate here, is a waste of our time. If you truly think yourself able, then you will be put through a series of non-traditional tests as of tomorrow. 

Nael: (Blink) Non-traditional?

Claire: (Nod) That is correct. We have been working with the EPC to form a new matter of employing recruits once a year, through the Coliseum. It is effective, and I believe, quite safer than our previous methods... Although, that isn't saying much. 

Nael: Whoa! That sounds very entertaining! I can see how the EPC benefits from it, what with all the people who will want to see that. I smell potential writing material, hehe. "Fledge takes on the Coliseum!" 

You: Hey... I-I don't know, Nael... 

Nael: Heh, you don't have to if you really don't want. But it appears that's the only way you'll be joining the Brigade. 

Claire: Yes. Choose what you will, but the decision must be made now. There is next to no time left to decide, as the Coliseum begins tomorrow. Should you decide to try out, we will offer you a temporary stay here at the headquarters, as well as company-issued equipment specifically for the event. 

You: Hmmm...

Question 2:
Lady Claire, the leader of the Brigade has agreed to allow you to try out for Brigade initiation. All that is left is for you to decide. Based on the events leading up until now, you contemplate what you will do... 
1). I don't think I'm ready for this. It sounds dangerous. 
2). I guess I can give it a try. Nothing ventured, nothing gained! (2 votes)

**Results have been tallied.

To be continued...

(Leave your choices in the Comment/Review section below)

© 2012 Jobyn

Author's Note

About the two questions:

Simply answer them like you would any other, only number your answers this time! :)

That way you have an answer for Q.1) and an answer for Q.2)

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Q1). I pick answer 1
Q2). I pick answer 2

man those smileys were funnier than sh!t lol feel like im reading a manga or something

damn sucks that the boss got away though... we should have chose to pick up the weapon before. kinda confused about the second question though. if we choose to try out for the brigade does that mean we wont be doing quests like the spriggan one with nael anymore?

Posted 10 Years Ago

1 of 1 people found this review constructive.


Q1). I pick answer 1
Q2). I pick answer 2

man those smileys were funnier than sh!t lol feel like im reading a manga or something

damn sucks that the boss got away though... we should have chose to pick up the weapon before. kinda confused about the second question though. if we choose to try out for the brigade does that mean we wont be doing quests like the spriggan one with nael anymore?

Posted 10 Years Ago

1 of 1 people found this review constructive.

Q.1) 2
Q.2) 2 - I don't think I'm quite ready but I still want to give it a try. Who doesn't want to be in the Brigade?

Btw I LOVE these emoticons xD They really brought life and comedy to this chapter. So much fun to read this way too!

Posted 10 Years Ago

2 of 2 people found this review constructive.

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