A Story by M.airaD

A girl makes an import decision.

Sitting down gently in the seat of her battered old car, she closed the door with only a sharp click to be heard in the stifling silence if mother nature's still air. She fidgeted her hands in her lap, a decision still itching at her brain waiting to be made. Taking a deep breath she pulled out her car keys and started the ignition, still unsure on what she was going to do, and started to drive.

It seemed like only moments, but an eternity slipped behind the redhead's eyes, dancing over and over in a wave of pastel love and haunting discoveries. Filling her with nothing but hope for the future, hope that one day all would be the perfect fulfilled life she always dreamed she'd have. Happy kids, happy job, happy family. But now? She wasn't so sure.

Finally stopping in front of an old, two-story, grey house, she took a moment to admire the lush foliage that brought the house to life, clinging to the edges as rusted blooming began around it in beautiful patches, even glowing in the setting sun.

The car sat in park, engine still purring in a gas scented nostalgia of road trip summers as a kid, when problems were nothing more than dad taking a wrong turn or not fitting in with other kids, for she spent too many times taking in abnormal hobbies and reading instead of interacting like normal childeren her age. Taking one last look at her self, she stared deep into the dusty reflection of her own intense chrome green eyes, her decision was finally made. She cut the car off and took one last deep breath before getting out and locking it behind herself. Slowly, she made the long walk up the cracked concrete path to the dull, faded blue door, chipping away to show its previous color of a ghastly bright red.

Finally finding herself standing in front of the door's chilled surface, she pressed the door bell twice before anxiously waiting for a response.

You can do this Kai

Just breathe

A muffled set of steps signaled behind the door and then a lock turned over, opened to view a young man no older than 19, short shaggy black hair making crystal blue eyes look like sea's washing over black sand beaches, pale complexion adding an innocent contrast to his strong jaw and soft pink lips. Oh how he had her smitten with the grin that dusted his cheeks pink.

"I've missed you."

An airy laugh pushed it's way through her own pastel smile, feeling in her chest just how much she's missed him as well, almost regretting all the weeks she forced herself to sit alone to think and ponder about all the ways she needed to come clean with herself and others. But now that she was finally ready, she regretted nothing.

Once inside, he sat them down, obviously wanting to get close, but only wanting to make her comfortable and give her space how ever she needed it.

"I'm sorry"
She finally choked out. "I've been thinking alot about you and i, knowing that I love you as you love me."
She paused, a tremble running through her bottom lip, eyes misting as she tried to push herself on. "But I have to tell you something very important, and I fear it will make you angry or disgusted with me. Believe me when I say I want anything but."
Her eyes glistened with absolute sincerity as she stared deep into the intense focus of her partners own blue gaze.

"Please let me help."
He begged, a slight turn of the head inclined to stare deeper into her, as if trying to look at her soul, discover it's secerets and store them away in his own memory. "I have hid this for a long time, scared to tell you, to lose you," her breathing sped and her hands trembled, "but I love you too much to hide."

A tear fell and his hand was there in an instant, wiping away a tormented life's drop of anguish, hoping to leave nothing but kindness in its path.

"I-i am trans."

Everything was silent and her eyes squeezed shut, feeling and hearing nothing but the buzzing silence within her own mind. The hand was gone and her heart sank, more of anguish' syrum welled up. More silence was met and fear finally set in. Eyes snapping open she stared into his own eyes, stuck open wide from shock, unwavering in their gaze.

"You were born a guy?"

A silent stare answered the question without words. "I- I'm sorry."
The girl jumped to her feet, making her way quickly to the door, a hand stopping her half way. Tears fell even faster as she struggled against the strong grip, refusing to face the person that she thought was her world. "Kai stop!"

The growl was sharp and rumbled in the small living room, making the sobbing girl stop dead in her tracks, shuddered breaths being the only thing breaking the silence that followed. A gently hand found its way under her chin, moving her eyesight to his, stopping her tears immediately.

"Please talk to me. This doesn't make my feelings change for you. You still have my heart "
A tear of his own fell down his face as he stood begging the tremblong girl back into the room, embracing her against soft push pillows and seat cushions.

"I'm sorry, I didn't know how to tell you. I felt like you would think our whole relationship was a lie," She stared down at her fidgeting hands, "That you'd rather find a 'real girl' instead of be with me."

He gave her a light peck on her lips, staring deep into her once again.
"You are the only girl for me."

A small smile graced her lips as life's fortunate happiness graced one of earth's many souls with astonishing acceptance


© 2017 M.airaD

Author's Note

This is slightly lighter than my first publication, but It was a very interesting spur of the moment inspired writing that im actually pretty proud of.

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Its really gud . . . i liked d story . . its having a soul. . but d weak part was d overdiscription of each n every detail. . which mde it a bit monotonous . anyways. It was a great cmpilation

Posted 4 Years Ago

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