A Chapter by Makel Pearce

“Stand up” She watched as Trapper struggled to her feet. “I will be taking you all with me to Dr.Yumi, he says that he hadn’t finished his experiment.” Smoke begins to release a black, thick smog, slowly covering the ground as Blade continues to lay there, still dumbfounded at her broken and distorted arm.

            “Just die already.” Trapper, exhaustedly laughed as needles erupted from the ground, planting themselves into the veiled woman’s arms, tethering her down.

            “Nice Trapper” He praises her as the smog raises up the woman’s torso.

            “Is this all you two have to offer” She shook her head, unfazed by the encroaching danger. “Sorry about this” Her kick cuts the air with such force that the entirety of the smog follows, wrapping around her leg like a snake attempting to suffocate its prey. “I’ll keep playing for a bit longer, just until Limpid gathers the data.”

            Below base, a path of sneaker prints are leading into Fang’s tech room.

“What do you mean by gather the da-” Trapper questions before Smoke cuts her off.

“Fang! Get over to your room pronto,” Smoke called out to her. “one of the zodiacs are trying to gather our info off your computer!”

“ON IT!” She screamed as she dashed out the woodwork and directly into base.

“…where did she.” The women watched astonished at Fang’s mad dash across the field.

“It’s what she does in her free time,” Smoke smirked, “You may not want to keep that smoke on you for so long.” The smoke eats away at her right leg, slowly eroding and decaying her skin.

“Oh yea,” She performs a hook kick, sending the smog out into the distance without much effort. “Thanks for that.” She smiles as Smoke begins to cower a bit.

Blade finally calms down and jumps back to her feet, cleaving into the women’s shoulder blade. “Revenge B***h.”

“…Didn’t think you were still living.”  She sighed, retreating somewhat before immediately doubling back, slamming her left leg into Blade’s abdomen.

“Why are you this powerful,” Blade begins to cough up blood as the Virgo sign appeared onto the woman's forehead.

“That’s because I have the power of God on my side.” her own mask shatters under the overwhelming pressure. She smiles as her body emits a Purplish glow. “All of you, attack me at once.”

“None of you take a step forward,” Screech watches from above “I’ll take it from here.”

“Oh, are you the leader? It’s time for you to come back to the lab. They need to test a new thing on you.” She took a deep breath before launching herself towards him.

“Yea… no,” He aims his palm at her just as she’s about to make contact. “We’re not your toys.” He sends out a devastating wave of vibration, sending her into the ground like a meteorite into the Earth’s crust.

“You… think that alone,” She struggles back to her feet “will help yo-” She is struck with three more blasts.


“GIVE ME EVERYTHING YOU GOT!” She screamed at the top of her lungs.

“Fine.” Screech appears behind her and grips her by the hair. “Leave this place or die here. This is your one chance of surviv-” She spat in his face.

“You can’t scare me!” She acts as a small dog, trying her hardest to look big in the face of death… but to no avail. He gripped her by the throat, let go of her hair and raised her into the air.

She felt only fear in her final moments. Tears had filled her eyes and traveled down her cheeks, the world began to look dark and bleak, the only things she could see were Screech and the Demon rising from his shoulders. She watched as it whispered into his ear.

“End her.” It laughed. Screech held his other palm over her heart.

“I’m sorry, you deserve an actual fight.” He smirked as the demon sighed and dispersed. “So, would you like to have a fair fight, or would you rather like to die on the spot.”

“I’ll come back to take your head.” She smiled while bawling like a child who had just been beaten. Screech released her, made it look like she broke free.

“If you ever come back and you’re not strong enough to take my head, then I’ll be taking yours, now leave before my teammates get pissed off at me.” He blasts a vibration into the ground, causing a dirt cloud to surround them.

“…Thank you.” She fled the scene. As the dirt settled the three other combatants were on guard waiting for her to strike again. At this moment, Screech was brought into his mindscape.

“You figured it out didn’t you.” The demon sighed.

“Yup,” Screech smirked, “You want me to kill people to make myself more vulnerable, so you could take over my body, right.”

“Hmm, close but not quite. We’ll discuss another time though, you have work to do” He yawned while sending Screech back out of his mindscape.

Below the base, Fang walked into the computer room to see someone struggling to download information from the hard drive.

“Hey, could you not touch my computer.” Fang had become enraged at that moment. 

© 2018 Makel Pearce

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Added on July 2, 2018
Last Updated on July 2, 2018
Tags: Action, Genetics, Mutation, Protection, Family, Union, Zodiac, Demise


Makel Pearce
Makel Pearce

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