Endless (pt. 1)

Endless (pt. 1)

A Poem by Ezra Akiloye

One of my more...introspective adventures I wrote a while back. Although there are a few faults in regards to the structural layout, these poems are dear to me.


An event I always wanted to partake

A further depth into myself and reality

Meditating should help, I enter a lake

A lake of serenity and equanimity

This is what is required to enjoy

The enchanted journey “It” employs

Two tiny squares on the tongue, that’s all it takes

To be hit by a countless wave of thoughts

How long will it take for it to kick, seeing my mistakes?

“Take one, wait for an hour” is what was taught

But young passion took control of my actions

Now I await this mind-expanding reaction

          How long will it take? What must I feel?

I giggle at the constant worry; what is real?

Colors, colors, colors, that's what’s talking to me

Shapes and shapes and shapes, now I quench for tea

Tea? As in the letter T? The thalamus thoroughly thinks

Such energy, like a pen with too much ink

Maybe I should listen to Kendrick to bring ease

    Is there an equation to solve the world’s mysteries?

    Grounded, like the Earth; I’m connected

  To the infinite continuum of the unfathomable cosmos

“Hahahaha” slips out my mouth, utter ecstasy

Maybe if I wanted to, I can spread my wings and fly

Music? I can’t listen to that. It’s too calm

Twelve thousand miles per second is the pace

The pace of my seemingly endless mind

Endless? Infinity? Eternity? I glance and see him

The honored poster of The Awakened One

His sly smile, expression of ultimate compassion

I’m blasted by a wave; a tidal wave?

“Samsara” that cursed word breaks into chamber of thought

Fear, fear, confusion, fear, denial, fear, fear

I can’t, I can’t, I can’t stop myself from visualizing

The incomprehensible, the cyclic state of reality

Overdrive, that’s what my cluttered mind says

“Samsara,” I’m sucker punched with realization

Fear, fear, confusion, fear, denial, fear, fear

Our world is one of many; who and what am I?

What is “I”? What is “Me”? A cruel, sinister trick

The eyes are closed, shielding the painful truth

Once it’s peaked, reached, there’s no going back

An energy that cannot be explained by words alone

A human brain will find insanity exploring it sane

“Samsara”  desperately trying to rest its cognitive chops

The knees give in; facing the great above, anger, hatred arise

Possessed, this creature restricted to a concept of “I” shouts

A divine shout of defiance to the confined self

She checks on a lump of self-aware flesh, a being known as “Mom”

What an interesting word, “Mom”. Is she addled such as this?

She is loved, assured all is good; she leaves

Overwhelmed by the oblivion that is the cage of adolescence and life

A force picks The “I”  up, stepping towards the bathroom

Where a reflective wall mimics an epitome of the astray

© 2017 Ezra Akiloye

Author's Note

Ezra Akiloye
Do excuse the occasional cheesiness.

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Added on July 25, 2017
Last Updated on July 25, 2017
Tags: Delirium, self-discovery, experimental, psychedelia


Ezra Akiloye
Ezra Akiloye

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A Poem by Ezra Akiloye