A Story by Amanda-Bodanda

everyday i wonder this..i ask and like i say he tells what he only want to tell.



I wake up everyday thinking about him, i grab my phone and text him "hello im finaly awake". 10mins later he responce with, "finaly babe!" We say I love you to eachother...and talk about whatever is in our heads at the moment. Some go unanswered and some take awhile before he responces.

You think i should be happy right? think again please. did i mention "I" text him, "I" wake up thinking about him. what about him....?

i have no clue what goes on in that mind of his. he tells me only what he wants to tell me!

maybe i get an i love you, when i mention it first.

maybe i get a text back, when i text first.

does realy care if i even text him or say i love you at all?

hes the sweetest guy i have ever met in my life...what about the times when i dont do the talking, what will happen then?

I say..let your feelings out, or i will be out.

what do you say?

I love you babe...love me too?

© 2009 Amanda-Bodanda

Author's Note

ignore grammar...what do you think i should do?

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In regards to the poem, it needs to be fixed up a bit, you should form it a little better, i'm not sure whether it would work better with rhyme. Maybe not as it sounds grand the way it is, only for the structure.

Posted 15 Years Ago

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Added on January 13, 2009
Last Updated on January 13, 2009



odessa, TX

Hi, My name is Amanda...i wright small poems....i dont like reading long ones unless it captures me! so i wont wright long ones for you! but enjoy my small wrightings!! more..

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A Story by Amanda-Bodanda

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