Oh God Please!

Oh God Please!

A Poem by Manda

Just when I think I have found everything, God has to go and change things. I dont know what I want or even what I need. All I know is that I'm confused and supposedly falling in love

Oh God please
Dont do this to me

Just when I think
I have found the one

You have to go and
Change things around

I thought I knew
What exactly I wanted

What I needed
And loved most

But now...
Its all just a blur

Oh God please
Dont do this

I beg of you
Please dont

I cant have you
Playing with my heart

I am not capable
Of loving everyone

I especially cant be falling in love
With my very best friend

God its not possible
It just isnt

God please
I beg of you

I cant love him
Not when I already have

© 2010 Manda

Author's Note

I have to vent. I have to write this out. I just dont know what to do! I cant be feeling this way! Especially with HIM! Oh dear lord! Well I hope you like this piece! And if you dont I am so sorry. I dont feel like this is one of my best pieces but I just needed to let it out... I dont know about the ending. It seems ok for now but I want to know what you think bout it. If you dont like it then dont rate! Please...! Just give your advice or comments! I am trying to raise my status! Thanks =)

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Well it's always good to let ur feelings out on paper i always say. Some things in life just happen right and at times we can't control how we feel. Especially when it comes to infatuation. I don;t get the last line, but it;s still good. :)

Posted 10 Years Ago

Ventt, hah. don't you love that?
it works. i like it.
don't doubt your work, you're so talented. :)
Niice. :

Posted 10 Years Ago

The way this is written, your paper practically bleeds with emotions, I loved reading this whole thing and obviously your writing from the heart, the soul and that makes this all the more gorgeous. Your talent and feelings mixed together make the words jump off the page. Beautifully done.

Posted 10 Years Ago

The strong compusvive feelings on young childhood, the lack of understanding of love, and almost primitive innocence, a nice piece honest and flowing x

Posted 10 Years Ago

I know exactly how you feel, and it left my head hurting when I realized it. This is wonderful, I understand it comppletely.

Posted 10 Years Ago

this is good... and i know exactly how you feel...

Posted 10 Years Ago

i'm going through this right now if you figuerd out how to deal with it help me ! i love your writeing you get another 100 of course

Posted 10 Years Ago

Another fine piece. Good job.

Posted 10 Years Ago

i really liked this piece...

Posted 10 Years Ago

Vents and bursts of passion are always good poems. The emotion flows through them like an electric charge and it the reader feels it instantly. Thats what you've done here. As one who tends to write in the heat of emotion (be it good or bad), I can relate. Very good poem.

Posted 10 Years Ago

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