A Walk With God

A Walk With God

A Story by Manny77

Short story about what happens to many of us Christians.

A man was once walking along a path called Life. He walked along this path with God at his side. As they walked God would talk to this man and tell him about the great wonders of Heaven.  The man was filled with anxiety and excitement.  He would ask the Lord how long it would take till they reached Heaven.  He also asked if there would be any obstacles along the way.  The Lord simply replied "You will reach heaven safely in due time my son, just remain along this path and walk by my side and I will never leave you."  As the man continued to hear about the wonders of Heaven and how great of a place it was he began to walk faster and faster not realizing that he was leaving God behind.  Completely involved in his thoughts he began to run as fast as he could in hopes of reaching Heaven as soon as he could.  But then as he ran he heard the snap of a branch and then an instant later he was caught in a net.  Thoughts of death raced through his mind.  He began to call out to God in hopes that he would rescue him in that exact moment.  He soon fell asleep with tears still in his eyes for he realized what had happened.  He realized that he had left God behind.
When he awoke he saw God and his eyes glistened with joy.  God was walking towards him to free him from the net that had him trapped.  When the man was freed he asked the Lord, "God you told me that If I stayed on this path nothing would impede me from reaching heaven.  But I was trapped in this net all day yesterday and you didn't come to free me."  The Lord simply replied, "My son, I told you that if you stayed on this path, and walked with me, nothing would ever impede you from reaching heaven.  You are the one who decided to run ahead of me"

I wrote this because it is based on the lives of many of us Christians.  We tend to think that we can get ahead of God.  And that we know what were doing, and where were going.  So we run. We leave God behind.  We become self-sufficient.  Then when the unexpected happens and we find ourselves trapped we shout for God.  We may think that He does not hear us but He does.  And He is ready to rescue you but now ask yourself.  Why did you leave Him in the first place? So now we are forced to wait.  Wait for the Lord until he arrives.  In the Bible we see that Jesus never ran anywhere.  He always walked.  He was never in a hurry because He had, and has, everything under control. So why do we run? If he has everything under control and you're walking with him, why run?

© 2010 Manny77

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Added on July 23, 2010
Last Updated on July 23, 2010
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I'm a Pentecostal Christian. I Love to hear music fro Casting Crowns and Mark Schultz. I like to write because I feel as though I can express myself better through it, rather than talking. My favor.. more..

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