Chapter 2

Chapter 2

A Chapter by Marceline Abadeer

Vannessa whimpered in pain for they beat on her and tortured her for nearly five hours straight, suddenly her Master came in "WHAT ARE YOU DOING TO MY SLAVE?" She looked to him in pain, he approached her. Many guards came in to see what was going on and laughed at her pain, she rested her head near her Master's feet and closed her eyes. Her Master knelt down and picked her up "Make sure these two are dealt with" Then he left.

Vannessa looked to her Master and whimpered, he took her to his room and laid her down on his bed. "Rest pet" She looked at him and whimpered again but he only stroked her now scarred face with a finger. He covered her up and walked over to another of his servants. "Keep her in bed unless she needs to get up, tend to her wounds and be me in if there are any problems" He walked back to his slave and kissed her forehead. "I expect you to be resting when I return, no straining yourself" She nodded and relaxed, then her Master left them.

An hour later Vannessa was asleep, all her wounds were bandaged and she looked peaceful. When she woke up there was food on a table next to her and so was the servant who had helped her. The servant smiled "Hello Vannessa I am Micheal" Vannessa smiled weakly, then coughed. Micheal helped her to sit up and leaned her against a propped up pillow. "Master wishes you to eat, I'll feed you" Vannessa relaxed as Micheal fed her, when he was done he held her hand. "Rest, Master will be here to check on you and might stay for awhile" Micheal smiled and Vannessa relaxed.

A few moments later Micheal left and her Master walked in, he approached her and touched her hand "How do you feel?" He looked concerned for her and stroked her cheek. She coughed and leaned into his touch the best she could.

"I'm feeling a little better just hurts..." He nodded and smiled to her.

"It'll be'll be alright." She relaxed more and smiled at her Master, he smiled back.

© 2013 Marceline Abadeer

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Marceline Abadeer

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