Anti-bourgeois Babies

Anti-bourgeois Babies

A Poem by Marina

Playing with the surreal. Sadly, the babies question is too real. Disclaimer: I have nothing against accountants.

Don't waste your time
Your age is the ripest for babies
What are you waiting for?
Well I'm waiting for the stork to deliver it
The what? 
I've called the b*****d so many times
It's always on hold, probably busy season
Goodness me, just get pregnant already
You must have babies!
I can already tell you that I can't deliver babies as fast as the stork
That's a no-brainer
So don't grind me 
Find yourself a good man and settle down
I'm broke as f**k and I live in a town with psychos
A psycho is better than being alone
You would know for sure
Excuse me? 
Well you married a limping accountant
Even if he had all the money he wouldn't be able to run with it 
How dare you! 
So then, should I put you down for one baby? Or you prefer two?
Twins? Don't ask for triplets, that's too much.
Oh never mind
I can see the bloody stork
Ready to shoot some babies right in your face
Have you ever heard the expression death by babies? 

And the stork was seen flying above the sky, holding babies with shotguns who started shooting at all the bourgeois cretins.

And all was well. And women were free. 
The end.

© 2017 Marina

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Bloody accountants. Sure their relationships never add up. I must admit, if i was a woman. I would be phoning the stork too. It would always be at the back of my mind, if I got pregnant. I might go back to the day of conceivement. That day might have been a boring sex day. Not worthy of my body storing this
baby for nine months. If you had a baby with a
psycho accountant though. I'm sure he could shave six months off your time. That's a plus. lol

Posted 2 Years Ago


2 Years Ago

What if you could have the stork take you back to the day of your conceivement. Or is this too sick .. read more
Paul Bell

2 Years Ago

Sick is my second name. Just imagine if the stork took you back to that time of conceivement. But he.. read more

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Added on November 2, 2017
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