A Story by Dave

and be out of breath, but she was calm, but she was complete calm

                                                           Mindy  (Part 1)

     She came as a swirling gust of wind, bright as the sunlight, her hair aglow and cheeks a blushing red.  One would think she had been running, but she was completely calm, a complete contrast to the vigor she displayed to those about her.
     I had only seen her once or twice before, I'm pretty sure she is in one or two of my classes.  Since I usually sit in the back of the classroom I remember only seeing her briefly when I entered.  I did notice that she was one of the few students that spoke up or asked questions.  I was struck that she always seemed to have something worthwhile to question or comment on.
     Sitting at my table in the cafeteria I was mesmerized as I watched her literally sweep through the entrance to the lunch room. I was totally taken by surprise when  despite her beauty and grace she simply plopped herself down on my bench right next to me.  This was a bit of a shock, granted a very pleasant one, but still, it wasn't everyday that a beautiful girl, that I honestly hadn't met comes and sits with me.
     "Hi, I'm Mindy. You're new here at Regional aren't you?  I've seen you in a few of my classes, but I notice that you tend to eat alone.  Do you mind if I join you?"
     To say the least I was totally taken aback, but I was about to let this golden opportunity pass me by.  I was just barely able to speak.
     "It's very nice to meet you Mindy.  I'm Robert, well all my friends call me Bob."
     "Can I call you Bob?" she asked blinking her blues.
     She has piercing deep blue eyes that sparkled when she spoke.  She entranced me.  Though she spoke softly she was very easy to hear and listen to I couldn't help looking more and more deeply into her amazing eyes as she spoke.
     "Mindy, could call me anything you want."
     "It'll be Bob," she laughed.  "What year are you, junior or senior?  I'm a junior."
      "I'm a junior too.  My dad just got a new job so we just moved here from Philadelphia."
     "Philadelphia! Wow that is some big difference from a big city to a small town like Meckleton.  I hope you don't find it to hard to adjust."
     "Oh I don't know, sure there is a lot to be said about all the stuff available in a city.  We aren't that far away though, it's only about an hour by car or bus.  Besides I've already gotten used to the peace and quiet here.  No sirens or whistles all hours of the day or especially at night.  Mindy, I'm pretty sure I like it here already."
     "That's great to know.  I don't really know how it is in the city, but the folks here are pretty friendly.
     "You're right.  City people are so uptight, it seems.  Here everyone I've met seems to go out of their way to make you feel welcome.  In my old high school I couldn't imagine a beautiful girl, that I didn't even know, coming up to me, introducing herself and being so extraordinarily nice."
      "Bob, you say the sweetest things.  I have to tell you that I don't normally introduce myself to handsome young guys, but you struck me as someone special."
     "I don't know about being special, but if I am I'm glad.  The only thing that might be special about me is that I love to play tennis, chess and sing."
     "I knew it! I knew it!  Bob we're kindred spirits."
     "What do you mean?'

© 2019 Dave

Author's Note

Eventually I hope to finish this as a short story or novel.

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Young romance--you know I love this subject. That Bob, I tell ya--he's a lucky one. No pretty girls ever came and plopped themselves down next to me. A good beginning, Dave. I think a word is missing--"Mindy, could call..." And here, do you mean Bob?- "Mindy, I'm pretty sure I like it..."

Posted 6 Days Ago

Samuel Dickens

6 Days Ago

???? I hope you get that sorted out.

6 Days Ago

Me too. I'm gonna try again later.

6 Days Ago

SAM - figured out what I was doing wrong.
Take care - Dave

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David B. Pincus I am a retired teacher. I have taught in grades 5th-8th in New Jersey. I am married and have two grown daughters and four grandsons. I enjoy playing tennis and traveling. With m.. more..


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