Mindy - (Part 2)

Mindy - (Part 2)

A Story by Dave

                                Mindy - (Part 2)

     "For starters I'm on the school tennis team.  I sing soprano in our glee club and choir.  By the way, if you're interested ,choir counts as a course here at Regional.  I love to play chess, but I'm not very good at it."
     "This is really extraordinary in so many ways.  I was on the tennis team at my old high school.  We had a glee club that I was in and sang tenor.  My whole family loves to sing, when we go on cruises we all like to sing karaoke.  Though I play, I'm not very good at chess.
     "I know we just met, but I have to ask.  Do you or did you have a girlfriend?"
     "Last year I had one, but it just didn't work out.  I think its' because I was concentrating more on my studies than on her."
     "I don't want to scare you off but my GPA is a 3.8, you see I want to go to law school, preferably Princeton.  What about you?"
     I've always found guys interesting, but never enough to let them interfere with my studies.  Could be I just haven't found the right guy.  Lately though I've been thinking that if I do it doesn't necessarily mean it would interrupt my studies.  You see my own GPA is a 4.3"
     "Wow!  How did you do that?"
     "Well first, I study a lot.  I've taken more than a few AP courses and you get extra GPA points for those."
      Their lunch time was just about over and the two of them gathered their things together for their next class.
     "What's your next class, maybe i could walk you, if you don't mind?"
     "That would be nice, Bob.  Of course I wouldn't mind.  I have AP chemistry right down the hall in 104."
     "Neat!  I'm right next door in 105, AP physics with Mr. Barnard."
     "I had him last year.  He's good, but he's tough.  Don't try to fake it with him."
     Tempted though I was, I didn't walk hand in hand with her.  I figured it was too soon.  Figuring that there were only a few more classes to the end of the day I asked,
     "What bus do you ride home on?"
     "I usually ride on #23.  
     "You must be kidding me!  I'm on the same bus, I'm sure I would have noticed you the last couple of days."
     "My mother has been bringing me to school and taking me home for the last few days.  I've had some doctors' appointments, but everything is fine now. I'll be riding the bus regularly."
     "Great!  I'll wait for you outside and we could sit together."
     She looked at me with a quizzical look on her face that I thought at first was a frown.
     "Is something wrong, am I trying to rush things?" I asked.
     "Oh no!  It's just that this is a small school.  Though most of the kids are friendly there are some who are rumor and gossip mongers that love to stir up trouble.  I think you're a good looking guy, I've already seen some of the other girls giving you the eye.  I wouldn't want you to feel tied down to a nerd."
     "A nerd!  You can't be serious!  Mindy in the short time I've known you I've found you to be the most beautiful, caring and intelligent girls I've ever met.  As for being a nerd, hey, I don't know of too many other guys with a 3.8 GPA, who loves to sing and play chess."
     She laughed and gave me the grandest of smiles.
     "I'll see you after school then," she said.


© 2019 Dave

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These two sure sound compatible. Will love flourish, or fizzle? In my day, the majority of potential sweethearts would have moved much slower. (Though the young would've loved a fast-moving romance)

Posted 5 Days Ago


5 Days Ago

I'm glad you like it, so far. I have an idea of where it is going and how it will end - but you'll .. read more

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David B. Pincus I am a retired teacher. I have taught in grades 5th-8th in New Jersey. I am married and have two grown daughters and four grandsons. I enjoy playing tennis and traveling. With m.. more..


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