The Apple

The Apple

A Chapter by marod

Chapter 1


chapter 1

         The memory of it is still not faint to me. It was midsummer and I couldn’t of had been happier. She was either the purest of white roses or the most beautiful carnation I have ever seen in my entire existence. She was there standing next to my tree holding a yellow kite. She had never looked so beautiful; the wind caressed her brown hair which made her dress dance. She tried communicating with me but after lost attemps, she got upset. To no longer bother her and especially because of my anti-social attitude, I left her alone.
Having a disability slows you down when it comes to being with other humans and being part of them. So you have to be faster at other things that you are capable of doing. Yet being fast sometimes isn’t enough. Now however, I’m faster than ever and am not as much as an outcast as I was before. I can now understand people. The only problem is that they have problems understanding me. Where I’m trying to get to is that when I met her I was fast but not as I am now so I made her upset. In clearer words, she was trying to communicate while I was trying to calculate things in my head. Asking myself, “Who is she?” or “Why is she here?” Unfortunately, she was frustrated with me by the time I turned to look at her pale face so, she pointed me away.
Damn! I should have been faster! She would have maybe understood me! And things wouldn’t be the way they are now! And here I am, rotting myself away!
Year after year I would be there, at my favorite tree. Not until she found it and claimed it. Father works for her father, Mr. Rüter. Father is the helper of her family’s chef. And according to father, the land where my wonderful tree stands belongs to Mr. Rüter. So I assume that she was indeed in all her power to claim the tree and certainly point me away.
It’s really not hard to know if you’re trespassing into Rüter property. If you walk through the tiny woods right next to town and pass some hills you’re trespassing. Basically, what separate the property from the tiny woods are the hills. And since most of the hills only have trees and grass, my tree happens to be located on one of them. It is the best of trees, because it gets the coolest of winds and the most refreshing of shades.
The day after she sent me away, I went again to find her already there. So I stayed there behind a small bush, being as quiet as I possibly could, and waited for her to leave. Day after day this kept happening, I either hid in a small bush on the hill next to her and if I was there earlier than her it was in another tree that happened to be further but had a better view. This obviously, became a routine. I never gave up and kept on going. Truth is I was there no longer for the tree; I was there instead for the girl.
Day after day I would see her but she would never see me. I would examine her, watch her, and learn form her. I saw her grow up and change into the young lady she is now. Everyday she would bring a basket with her and when it was almost time to leave, she would finally eat the perfectly prepared lunch that happened to be in the basket. Watching what she ate and how she ate was fascinating! Nothing has ever been so perfect and beautiful. Everything she does, everything that is her is like fine art. Something you want to share yet keep it to yourself because of its beauty.
I can sense vibrations and they’re getting harsher. They’re so easy to sense underground. This makes me happy. It’s been two days since I’ve been in this horrid ditch. All I’ve done is laid on the cold mud.
I’m here because yesterday was a special Friday night. Most balls in this town are on Fridays, at least for the Rüter Family. Normally when the Rüter host a party, she would come at the time she always does in normal Fridays but leaves very early. But this was different from all those other types of Fridays. She actually didn’t come at the correct time. As time passed i finally gave up figuring that she is now a young lady and her interests now are more related to balls rather than trees and picnics, and when I was about to head home in disappointment I saw her figure approaching. She came up the hill dressed in a sophisticated purple dress, that she could now where due to her spectacular figure, sulking. And as soon as she reached the tree, she hugged it and sulked even harder. I’ve seen her cry before, which pains me, but never like this. What was also different was that she wasn’t holding a basket; instead she had a white handkerchief that rapped something round in her left hand. She turned her body around to rest her back against the tree while slowly slithering down to the cold dirt and grass.
Minutes passed, the moon was now up and lighting her in a cold shade of blue, and I was in the bush where I could get a closer view doing nothing but constantly check up on her to see if her crying seized. Which didn't at the moment. I felt hopeless there, so without thinking I was going to take a step out of the bush to go help. What made me stop was another approaching figure. But this one seemed lost and confused. This brought me relief for I thought it was one of her parents to bring aid towards her suffering not knowing where they're daughter lay crying. As it got closer I noticed it was a young man a couple years older than me, probably 19. He had a darker shade of skin that made him look exotic his hair was black and he had a strinke of blue light to reveal it. He and was also dressed in fine sophisticated clothes suited for  the ball, and as soon as he spotted my melting carnation, he walked faster. When he reached her, he said something to her while she ignored him. He knelt down, noticed what she was holding, then grabbed her right hand and her left wrist, while slowy lifting her up, and said something else to her. My carnation only looking down. He spoke some more, still holding her, and she turned away. After a few moments of no speaking, he pulled up her right hand gave her a gentle kiss with his eyes clothes, and said one more thing… but out of all the other things he said, this one was shorter, and much more meaningful. This was so meaningful that when he said it, he looked vulnerable. She turned to look at him.... Then he tugged her…and…kissed her. Her eyes wide open, and as his lips caressed her, she slowly closed them. Her left hand stretched, and the object she was holding fell. The handkerchief unfolded and out came to the moonlight's light, a bright red apple that rolled as they kissed. When it stopped, it was a foot or two away from me. They stopped kissing and then she turned away. i felt the pain carrying a million rocks inside of me. I was burning up with jealousy. Due to my madness i could only think of myself and to stop my pain of watching her being taken away i was about to turn around and leave. But while i decided to give one last look, i spotted the apple. So without thinking, I secretly stretched my hand out to grab a hold of the apple.
I felt consecutive vibrations, walking, and as my eyes escape the apple to reveal a pair of black shiny shoes. My hand was open, an inch above the apple. I knew I had to run away. So why do it without the apple? I grabbed the apple and began to run as far as my legs could take me. I decided to run into the place I knew anyone would give up on looking for me, which was not my brightest of ideas, the cemetery.
I could no longer sense the young man's vibrations after me as I entered the cemetery, but I kept on running. Adrenaline rushed throughout my body. And if I could laugh I’d be laughing like a so-called-mad-man! I looked at the apple in excitement, and before I knew it I was falling. I could feel the coolness of the air in my face that rapidly ended with a large pain in my leg and another on my arm soon after that. I unfortunately fell in some dead man's soon to be crypt hole and on the way I broke both my arm and leg. It hurt liked hecked hell! If I could scream I’d wake everybody in town especially the dead around me! I cursed and sulked in true pain. Pain that engulfed me and if I could kill the world in order for it to go away I would kill the entire universe in order to make sure! My head was screaming yet if someone was there they probably wouldn’t of had even noticed. And I cursed my disabilities, my life, and existence itself! So there I lay, withering and curling myself in pain while i coughed blood.
Then when I got a hold of myself I stayed there just looking at the moon and sulking myself. Under the moon which lit me, a pathetic guy, and my carnation who was out and in love.
I'm starving, I could eat the apple, but it's too far away, and moving was the last thing I have on my mind. And to pain myself I tried to remember why I was here. And there she is, kissing him... Oh god! Why do I do this to myself? It i look up and see a black shadow peek into the ditch, since it night yet again. The shadow began to wave then left. After a few moments of repetitive peeking more shadows gathered. Until one got in the ditch. And now that I look at it, I could have easily climbed my way out. Nonetheless I had both my leg and my arm broken.
The man who jumped in looked at me in pain; he looked tired and sleepless but awoken to see me. He called out something but I couldn’t tell what by the dim light the moon gave tonight. After a few minutes Dr. Smith, the town's doctor, and three more men were in the ditch with me. All on the tip of their toes due to the lack of space and of course me. They slowly launched me on a white canvas held by two large poles that was unnoticeably in the ditch too. The doctor nervously and impatiently gave out instructions, or so I believe, while the men tied ropes to the poles that began to gently pull me up.
I could soon feel the pain decrease to nothing. I turn around to find the Dr. Smith inject something in me that made me feel numb dizzy. The moon got bigger and blurrier as they pulled me up. There in the back of relieved spectators was my father who wiped his face with a dirty rag and breath in relief while the master chef of the Rüter Family patted him on the back.
I guess I really had everyone worried. I feel awful I shouldn’t of had done this to all these people, especially not my father.
Everything is looking weary, and I feel dizzier. The nothingness and numbness are eating me now…

© 2008 marod

Author's Note

in need of editing

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its very short.
I know.

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salute jimapel marod! become interested~ more..

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