Hymns & Each chorus

Hymns & Each chorus

A Poem by Jay

Because I haven't shared my thoughts in a while...


From the voices of angels to the ones we love the most,

those lovely moments in which we often take for granted

resonates in our hearts our own chorus of unrequited love.

Each melody forever entwined with the one's there after,

giving rise to an incomparable beauty
that sight alone could never hope to fully capture,

and words alone could never truly hope to understand.

Like a painter and his muse ,

hopes of his canvas,

this hymn is your brush and this world as your stage,

while the rivers of unending love that stream across the landscape of your own beautiful mind serve as your palate.

To mix and meander,

and to mold as you see fit.

This life is your ever-changing canvas in a moment set center stage for the world to see,

all who watch are left mesmerized and speechless

Stuck in awe at the sheer gravity that such a melodic and awe inspiring work of art can capture. These are the notes,that reside in the hymns of our Angels

and the hearts of those who believe in their true beauty

Calm and yet consoling endearing to the point of eternal bliss

A beauty that neither let's the beholder choose

nor become complacent with the choices they've made

Or to simply become content with the unknown possibilities that lie in its wake.

A path that meanders along the valley of souls ,

both in emotions and heartache ones that will never subside

And the choices they give us in whether or not we choose to listen

or close our hearts and minds to the possibility of a beauty beyond our reach.

Angels so sweet in the moments like this

And  the souls that illuminate the night sky.

© 2019 Jay

Author's Note

I hope you can hear it too. The ever changing melody that plays in the hearts of the many through each hymn and their chorus.


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Added on February 16, 2019
Last Updated on February 16, 2019



I just write what comes to mind whether sadness or joy, pain or relative understanding. It all depends on the matter at hand. I just want for my words to be able to mean something. more..

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