Jamie and the Fairies

Jamie and the Fairies

A Story by Mary Katherine

made this up as i typed it


Jamie walked down to the water's edge. She had followed the golden path with the silver threads of moonlight shinging all around her. But, she thought, it couldn't be the moon. She could see the sky was dark through the tops of the trees. What could it be? She could not explain it. Just like she could not explain the golden glow leading her deeper into the forest.

   With every small noise the surrounding darkness echoed, Jamie's heart stopped. She would go very still and listen until a distance voice would sing and becken for her to follow the light again.  Her fears of the forest were quieted by her belief in the magic that was encouraging her on.  She had no idea what had called her out of her slumber and onto this strange illuminated path, but she believed in it. She believed it was the answer to everything she had hoped for.

  She breathed deeply when the lowing path led no further. She could see the way she had come, but there was no where else for her to go. She looked around. Whatever the path had been leading to, it must be there somewhere. Then she spotted it. She did not know how she did not hear the steady babbling of the small stream through the soft silence of the forest.

  She moved closer, stepping into the cool water, giggling as the moss tickled her bare feet. The whole forest seemed to come alive with the sound of her laughter. Everything was ablaze in colors radiating from the small forms flying about her.

   Jamie could fell the soft breezes coming for the beating of their wings. She could hear their ringing laughter and splashes in the water around her. She felt at peace in the haven and did not leave until the gentle beams of the sun began reflect into the water. Faces started to fade and the path behind her glowed more brilliantly as the magic around the stream faded as well. She turned home, knowing they would call her again when the moon was dark and the forest danced.

© 2008 Mary Katherine

Author's Note

Mary Katherine
i didn't pay that much attention to the grammer while i was doing this...

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This is a good short, but the description was a little bit jumbled. I found it really hard to form a solid image of what you were describing.

Other than that I think you have solid elements here and with a little editing you really do have a good idea and amazing potential. Nice work =]

Posted 14 Years Ago

Good write! Inever judge writing. the only way it can be bad is if the person re4ading it doesnt like it.

Posted 14 Years Ago

Nice little short story, with a bit more work you could make this into a really great one. I liked your imagery

Posted 14 Years Ago

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Mary Katherine
Mary Katherine


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