The Strongest Bonds

The Strongest Bonds

A Poem by Mason

All that glitters is not gold,
But that same magnificence,
Does it not still exist in those?
So, what difference,
Would it make,
To have a different material?
Who cares if it's fake?
What's so incomparable?

What shines, shines,
What's dull, is dull.
Don't feel so inclined,
To ignore what's null.
It contains more luster,
Than finely cut diamonds.
You must delve deeper for,
What forges strongest bonds.

You need not what shines,
Not even what's tangible,
Find meaning in these lines,
You're certainly capable.
Gold is all and good,
Diamonds are often nice,
Corrupt, unlike the wood,
That lives like gneiss.

The gneiss, though rough,
Is far purer, still,
Diamonds, more tough,
Kills life, breaks will.
Return, Oh desires,
Regress, Regress,
To simpler pleasures,
I assure, this is best.

Within the mound of flesh,
Greatest treasure of all,
Not a glorious mesh,
Not even tangible.
The source of our being,
Of all our interactions,
Everything we're feeling,
Make pleasurable reactions.

Many of us, self-fulfilling,
The best of us, selfless,
Encompass all beings,
All, connected, no less.
These are the bonds,
Of which, I've spoken.
The strongest bonds,
Of which, never are broken.

© 2014 Mason

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I like the first one...and the second was as the say there is no place for second best...the first verse was more thought out and the second seemed rushed to be completed...I believe there is room for improvement in the second one to be a twin of the first...

I'd challenge your mind to make them mirror image of each other...I have done this with my verses...and still give the same out put...and have the defining moment for both...

I understand you want to use the style of two authors...yet similarities are there...but in the light of it all...they are still two different minds...and you are one...

Posted 7 Years Ago

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Added on April 24, 2010
Last Updated on May 5, 2014
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